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Fantasy Flight Release Info On New RPG

Posted By JF on August 20, 2012

Announced a year ago, Fantasy Flight Games released details about their new Star Wars RPG last Friday on their website, as well as during a seminar at Gen Con. They also released the first rulebook Star Wars Roleplaying Game: Edge of the Empire for $29.95 available from their online store (and free copies were given away for all attendants of the Gen Con seminar). This book is a "beta" version, and they you to Join the Beta and Be Among the First to Play, meaning that they are looking for players to playtest the rules and send suggestions and ideas before the final version is released. Click on the link to find out how to order the book, how to submit feedback, and info for retailers on how to get special Retail Kit.

Fantasy Flight also posted a Description page for their new RPG line, which explains that Star Wars: Edge of the Empire is the first of three core rulebooks which can be used independently, or combined together to form a vast interlocking system covering the classic Rebellion era. Each presents the Star Wars galaxy from a different point of view: the first one (final version to be released 2013) covers the Fringe (smugglers, scouts, bounty hunters, etc...) and the frontiers of the Outer Rim; Star Wars: Age of Rebellion covers the soldiers and officers from the Rebel Alliance and the Empire and is planned for 2014 release; and 2015 should see Star Wars: Force and Destiny, which covers the Force-user and Jedi aspects of the game.

Finally, the information seminar from the second day of Gen Con (Aug.18, 2012) has posted as a YouTube video where you can get all the info if you were not lucky enough to attend!

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Fantasy Flight Games Releases The Search For Skywalker Expansion
Posted By Dustin on April 26, 2013:
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Posted By Chris on April 19, 2013:
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More Details About Edge Of The Empire RPG
Posted By JF on February 26, 2013:
Jam-packed hardcover book and GM screen

Edge Of Darkness Deluxe Expansion Announced For Star Wars: The Card Game
Posted By Dustin on February 23, 2013:
Two new faction decks!

Star Wars: Edge Of The Empire
Posted By Dustin on December 17, 2012:
New from Fantasy Flight Games!

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