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The Media Covers 30 Years Of Star Wars

Posted By Mike on May 31, 2007

Well, the official 30th anniversary of Star Wars is just about upon us and publications around the world are clamoring to pay tribute. (well, that's how I like to think of it) Instead of posting a news story for each article, I have started a bit of a list of links to numerous stories. Enjoy.

PotomacNews.com - "At a multiplex 30 years away... Star Wars"

FinancialExpress.com - "The Force Lives On"

LA Daily News - "'Star Wars' fans have a reason to celebrate" (Highlighting CIV)

BostonHerald.com - "Saluting our galactic, cinematic tour de Force - ?Star Wars?"

BostonHerald.com - "The force is still with them: On its 30th anniversary, ?Star Wars? resonates with fans"

Mail & Guardian.com - "A long time ago in a Hollywood era far, far away"

France24.com - "A long time ago ... 'Star Wars' hits 30th anniversary"

NorthJersey.com - "For these fans, 'Star Wars' is a way of life" (Fun breakdown of various "sects" within the Star Wars community...I would be an "Expanded Universalist")

QJ.net - "Star Wars Galaxies community celebrates" (Reminder of Sony Online Entertainment's Galaxies Meet and Greet and the Galaxies Summit)

In a related tidbit, friend of TFN, Oki from Japan, has sent us this link to his food carved Star Wars characters as part of his tribute to 30 years of Star Wars. Click here to check them out. Thanks Oki.

Updates to follow.


Sawfnews.com - "Star Wars cast: where are they now?"

7days.ae - "A long time ago..."

StarTribune.com - "Will the original 'Star Wars' ever be properly presented on DVD?"


StarTribune.com - "'Star Wars' at 30: Still a geek's paradise" (Thanks to Matt P. for the link)

The Salt Lake Tribune - "Movie of mythic proportions" (Thanks to Lady Kenobi for the link)

CNBC.com - "Star Wars: How The World Changed"

Los Angeles Times - "The drawing power of the Force is with them"

News.com.au - "The Force is still with you"

VOANews.com - "Star War Fans Celebrate Film's 30-Year Legacy"

rrstar.com - "How do you introduce Darth Vader to kids?"

InsideBayArea.com - "'Storm troopers' making the rounds in Bay Area"

Just for fun...

BBSpot.com - "Top 11 Signs You Have Too Much Star Wars Stuff"

Click here to go to lfgcomic.com for the web comic "Looking for Group" which has a fun Star Wars reference. Thanks to Graeme W. for the link.

And according to Ryan P..."This was on the "Late Show with David Letterman" on Friday night in a segment called "Late Show Fun Facts":



TwinCities.com - "'Star Wars' turns 30"

The Star Online - "Go Force and multiply: Star Wars turns 30"

AZCentral.com - "Valley 'Star Wars' fans heading to Calif. for new stamps"

Cincinnati.com - "Local man shares Star Wars memorabilia"

MTV.com - "Everything I Need To Know In Life I Learned From Watching 'Star Wars'"

PR-Inside.com - "Kick Off the Summer Season With Star Wars"


Excelsior - "La Reforma del Imperio" (Mexican newspaper Star Wars anniversary coverage to continue all week. Thanks to Francisco C. for the link.)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - "A world of commemorations coming to galaxy near you" (Thanks to "lukebloggs" for the link)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - "Hit blasted away '70s cinema" (Thanks to "lukebloggs" for the link)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - "Force is strong with fans" (Thanks to "lukebloggs" for the link)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - sketchy Star Wars quiz with its facts a bit off (Thanks to "lukebloggs" for the link)

BBC News - "30 pieces of trivia about Star Wars" (Thanks to Tom D. for the link)

DVDActive.com - "Confessions of a PT Apologist" (Thanks to Tom W. for the link)

DVDActive.com - "Star Wars: Top 20 Moments" (Thanks to Tom W. for the link)


CNN.com - "The Secrets of Star Wars" (Thanks to Kevin W. for the link)

Los Angeles Times - "SHOWBIZ 7's: Reasons to attend 'Star Wars' Celebration IV"

KNX1070.com - "All Six `Star Wars' Films To Be Screened At Convention Center"

The New Zealand Herald - "Happy Birthday Star Wars: The best and worst lines from the films"

MSNBC.com - "17 hours of ?Star Wars?? Super fans only, please"


bbc.co.uk - "Star Wars loved by generations"

The Olympian - "After 30 years, 'Star Wars' is still a Force to be reckoned with"

Wired.com - "Ultimate Star Wars Fanboy Stashes a Galaxy of Cool Collectibles"

The Naperville Sun - "May the force be with you"

Polo-shirts.co.uk - "Star Wars T-shirts and Other Movie Tie Ins"

abc.net.au - "Star Wars fans celebrate 30 year anniversary" (Thanks to Amy for the link)

wcbstv.com - "'Star Wars' At 30: Still An Intergalactic Marvel"


CNN.com - "Thirty years later, 'Star Wars' force still being felt" (Thanks to Don B. for the link)

Maxim Online - "The Unsing Heros of Star Wars" (Thanks to Cory for the link)

The Daily Telegraph - "New Star Wars film 'on cards'" (Thanks to Michael B. and Dave C. for looking out) Many questions this raises :) See here. Who know? We can always cross our fingers that Steve Sansweet was just protecting the secret.

CNN.com - "Your e-mails: 'Childhood was filled with' 'Star Wars'"

New.com.au - "Star Wars turns 30"

Clarksville Online - "Not so long ago in a theater near you ? "

monroenews.com - "The Force remains strong"

journalnow.com - "30 years along the way, the toys tighten their hold"

The Wall Street Journal - "Make-It-Yourself 'Star Wars'" (Thanks to Eric F. for the link)


IT Wire - "Star Wars turns 30 and the merchandising continues"

The Hollywood Reporter - "Star Wars' fans celebrate 30 years"

- "Happy Birthday Star Wars"

The Age - "Best Star Wars games ever"

Herald & Review - "Thirty years after its release, 'Star Wars' appeal crosses generational lines"

Austin360.com - "30 years later, why is The Force is still with me?"

NewsOK.com - "The Force remains strong 30 years after first film"

Post-Gazette.com - "From movie to myth: After 30 years, The Force still guides many fans"

Norwich Bulletin - "30 years later, 'Star Wars' fan base still growing"

Brisbane Times - "Fans mark 'Star Wars' 30th anniversary"

The Baltimore Sun - "'Star Wars' finds expanded universe with today's kids"

freep.com - "FIVE THINGS: About 'Star Wars" at 30"

iol.co.za - "Force against Star Wars fan"

Sky News - "Why Star Wars Will Live Forever"

CNET News.com - "May the 'Star Wars' geek be with you"


Herald Sun - "Star Wars fans shocked by arrest" (THanks to DarthDownunder for the link)

Yahoo.com - "Force against Australian Star Wars fan" (Thanks to biggsaxxy and Chris B. for the link)

Black Voices Blogs - "Star Wars turns 30 - James Earl Jones Remembers Darth Vader" (Thanks to Wilson M. for the link)

The Age - "Star Wars fan faces charge over fake gun" (Thanks to JB for the link)

BBC News - "Losing my Star Wars virginity" (Thanks to Dan T. for the link)

The Telegraph - "You're 30, Star Wars" (Thanks to Chris J. for the link)

SCORP10N BOWL - "George Lucas, American Orwell" (Thanks to Richard S. for the link.)

Wikipedia - 5-25-07 "Featured Article" - "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope" (Thanks to Etka)


ABC "World News" webcast - Star Wars video...click here (Thanks to Natalie R. for the link)

MySA.com - "How 'Star Wars' transformed pop culture" (Thanks to Chris Q. for the link)

Cinemascope - lots of Star Wars goodies (Thanks to Alex for the link)

TIME - "How Star Wars Changed Everything" (Thanks to Cub B. for the link)

MSN - "How Star Wars Shook the World"

Yahoo Buzz - "The Party in Full Force"

Yahoo News - "What's "Star Wars" Again? This Guy Never Saw It"

Yahoo Movies - "Original 'Star Wars' reviews and more"

Yahoo News - "Star Wars cast: where are they now?"

Bothan Spynet - Lots of Star Wars coverage

Just for fun...A Clone Test...Click here. (Thanks to Michael A. for the link)


KTLA the CW - "Out in Force: Thousands Attend Star Wars Convention"

TheSun.co.uk - "Thirty years of Star Wars quiz"

Digital50.com - "Star Wars Stamps Bring the Force to Post Offices"

ABC7.com - "Thousands Attend 'Star Wars' Convention in L.A."

The Age - "Star Wars turns 30"

Star News Online - "'Star Wars': Beyond the big screen"

KGAN.com - "Thousands mark Star Wars' 30th anniversary"

ET Online - "'Star Wars' Fans Celebrate 30 Years in Style"

Star News Online - "'Star Wars': Faith & the Force"

Busniess Week - "Star Wars: May the Merch Be with You"

Masslive.com - "'Force' still strong for 'Star Wars' fans"

CNBC - "The Magic of Lucas and ILM" (Thanks to Peter L. for the link)

ReportonBusiness.com - "Lucas welcomes the Dark Side: Star Wars mash ups"

InsideBayArea.com - "Stamps rock Star Wars fans' world"

Great Falls Tribune Online - "'Star Wars' festival brings the Force to Great Falls"

Just for fun...Check out a 30th Anniversary Tribute from Fabrizio D. of Italy. Click here.


thestar.co.za - "Huge feast for followers of 30-year-old film series in Los Angeles"

Cinema Blend - "Star Wars 30th Anniversary: Toys And Gadgets From Celebration IV"

Radio New Zealand News - "Thousands feel the Force as Star Wars turns 30"

TampaBays10.com - "Star Wars stamp celebration"

laist.com - "Star Wars 30th Celebration: Day 1"

Sky News Online - "Star Wars Mecca"

Chicago Sun-Times - "Want to edit 'Star Wars'? Force is with you on Web"

TV3 - "Star Wars 101"

Billings Gazette - "'Star Wars' pervades post office"

Cinema Blend - "Star Wars: Force Unleashed, Xbox 360/PS3 Web-Doc 1"

Comingsoon.net - "Family Guy to Retell Star Wars: Episode IV" (Thanks to Kevin S. for the link)


Star-Telegram.com - "A long time ago . . ."

ChronicleOnline - "Force is with originals - the new ones, not so much" (a fan's perspective)

Collider.com - "Star Wars Celebration 4 - Props from the Lucasfilm Vault"

ChronicleOnline - "30 Years of Star Wars"

Canada.com - "Stars Wars a modern McMyth"

Click here for a link to Austin360.com for their "Jedi Showdown". We also have a link in UPDATE #8 to another article at Austin360.com from a writer who is a bit disenchanted by the prequels...but who understands the fandom. He definately made sure he included the "fanboy" perspective which is reflected in a quote or two from yours truly. :) Click here for that article.


Austin360.com - "Suiting up for 'Star Wars'"

Newsday.com - "Stellar mythology of 'Star Wars'"

Electric News - "FANTASTIC!"

CNBC - "Behind the Scenes as "Star Wars" Turns 30"

News Blaze - "Star Wars Stamps Bring the Force to Post Offices"


SouthCoastToday.com - "History Channel looks at 'Star Wars' legacy"

recordonline.com - "History Channel presents 'Star Wars' 101"

ABC12.com - "Thousands Attend 'Star Wars' Convention in L.A."

IESB.net - "C4 Coverage: IESB Brings You Photos from Day Two of Star Wars C4!"

The Daily News - "Star Wars turns 30"

FortWayne.com - "?Star Wars? history, lasting legacy examined"

The Dominion Post - "In a galaxy not very far away ..."

BBC News - "Star Wars fans celebrate in LA" (Thanks to Tom D. for the link)

BBC News - "Fans mark 30 years of Star Wars" (Thanks to Tom D. for the link)

WBALTV.com - "'Star Wars' Celebrates 30th Anniversary"


Wired.com - "My First Star Wars Memory"

ShannonSmith.net - "...a day long remembered." (Thanks to Shannon for the link)

Panamanian group New Jedi Order Panama got some local press for a 30th Anniveresary party they threw in the apartment of one of their members. Check it out here. (Thanks to Vergilio for the link.)

Villagetheater.com - Weekly Poll asks what is your favorite top-grossing summer movie from the last 10 years. Scroll down to the middle of the page to vote for Episode I or Episode III...those are the only acceptable choices. (Thanks to Brian C. for the link)


Los Angeles Times - "'Star Wars' on TV: These are the clones you're looking for"

laist.com - "Star Wars 30th Anniversary Celebration: Wrap-Up"

Los Angeles Times - "Make your own 'Star Wars'"

TVPredictions.com - "Lucas Eyes Star Wars TV Series In HDTV"

EntertainmentWise.com - "The Force Celebrates 30 Years!"

Guardian Unlimited - "In brief: Celebrating Star Wars at 30"


Twichguru.com - "The Best of Star War Games, Part 1"

Twichguru.com - "The Best of Star War Games, Part 2"

Twichguru.com - "Star Wars: Resurrecting the Sith Lords"

Twichguru.com - "The Secrets of 'Star Wars'"

(Thanks to Travis M. for the Twichguru.com links)

Orlando Sentinel - "Star Wars fan films, now there's a place to post them"

todaysthv.com - "Create Your Own Star Wars"


The Tribune - "Star Wars a pervasive part of pop culture"

film.com - "30 Years of Star Wars, and I Feel Old, and Young"

UPDATE #19: I will most likely end this list at Update #20 as we are winding down in our 30th anniversary coverage. We will still be covering everything Star Wars, but will get back to highlighting individual stories and articles, as opposed to a massive list.

Switched.com - "The 'Star Wars' Tech Legacy"


toledoblade.com - "'Star Wars' at 30"


TV3 - New Zealand news channel CIV coverage (Thanks to Henry J. for the link)

Stuff.co.nz - "Star Wars leaves lifelong mark on fan" (Thanks agian to Henry J. for the link)

UnderGroundOnline - "Star Wars Celebration IV Report"

Cinematical.com - "Cinematical Visits Star Wars Celebration IV -- Yes, That's Boba Fett Actually Flying In!"

UK SF Book News - "FP London to host Star Wars 30th Anniversary Celebration, July 12th"

GreenBayPressGazette - "Rockets, 'Star Wars' stamps help Wilder students feel The Force"

The Journal Gazette - "?Star Wars? fans cheer CGI effort"

Friend of TFN, Alec U., sent us this link to his CIV pics. Click here.

movies.aol.com - "Where Are They Now? The Cast & Crew of 'Star Wars'" (Thanks to Andie for the link)

movies.aol.com - Why 'Pirates" is the New "Star Wars'" Blasphemy! (Thanks again to Andie for the link)

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Star Wars Island In Geoffrey's Jungle
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Catalog Details For New Essential Characters Guide
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Synopsis, quick facts, and rough release date

Synopsis Posted For Star Wars: Kenobi
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