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Return of the Jedi

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What 4 Academy Award nominations did ROTJ get in 1983? Which did it win?

It was nominated for Best Sound, Best Original Score, Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Best Sound Effects Editing. It only won a Special Achievement Award for Visual Effects for Richard Edlund, Dennis Muren, Ken Ralston, and Phil Tippett.

What three characters did Tim Rose play in ROTJ?

He played Admiral Ackbar, Salacious Crumb, and Sy Snootles (not the SE version :) ).

What was Bib Fortuna's opening line is ROTJ?

Die Wanna Wanga!

Who said the following quote: "I think [Return of the Jedi] is the best Star Wars movie ever made, and it is definitely going to be the most successful."

Steven Spielberg, TIME Magazine, May 23, 1983.

Who wrote "Jedi Rocks" for the Return of the Jedi Special Edition?

Jerry Hey.

Who played Yoda in the ESB and ROTJ Radio Dramas?

John Lithgow from "Third Rock from the Sun".

What instrument does Max Rebo play?

A Red Ball Organ.

What instrument does Doda Bodonawieedo, the Rodian from the Max Rebo Band, play?

The slitherhorn.

What is the name of Jabba's drum master, and who did that person worship?

The drum master was Ak-rev and he grew up in a monastery devoted to Am-Shak, the god of thunder.

Who is considered the greatest dancer out of all the Twi'lek clans?

Lyn Me, the dancer from ROTJ: SE. Guess that's why Oola got fed to the Rancor instead of her. :)

What happened to the Ghosts of Ben, Anakin, and Yoda in rough drafts of Return of the Jedi?

They became flesh and blood and joined the ending celebrations. They were able to keep from becoming one with the Force.

Who played Boba Fett in Return of the Jedi: Special Edition?

Don Bies. (Source: Star Wars Insider)

This droid supervises all of Jabba's other droids.


Who sits at the base of Jabba's throne?

Salacious Crumb and Oola

How much does Boussh want for Chewbacca?

"Fifty thousand, no less"

How much did Jabba offer?


How much do they settle on?


Small spherical explosive device with a reputation.

Thermal detonator (!!!!!!!)

Name the three members of the original Max Rebo Band.

Sy Snootles, Max Rebo, Droopy McCool

Name the skiff guards.

Barada, the Weequays, Lando, one of the Niktos (and one unnamed human)

You can find the Sarlacc in this pit.

Pit of Carkoon

Darth Vader was once named...?

Anakin Skywalker

The Emperor's name is?


Who is the leader of the Rebel Alliance?

Mon Mothma

Many of them died to bring us this information.


Admiral Ackbar is a...?

Mon Calamari

What is the name of the shuttle stolen by the Rebels to infiltrate Endor?


Alleged cargo and destination of above shuttle.

Parts and technical crew for the forest moon

How do you activate the communications jammer on a speeder bike?

The center switch

The time Han wants to rendezvous with the strike team.

0300 hours

What is the Ewok chief's name?


What is the Ewok medicine man's name?


What does Han ask Threepio to request from the Ewoks after they are made members of the tribe?

They know the shortest distance to the generator, Han asks Threepio to find out and tell him; fresh supplies, and their weapons

Number of squads deployed when "the Rebels have been routed and are fleeing into the woods."


Name Lando's copilot in the Death Star assault.

Nien Nunb

Name of primary Rebel Calamari star cruiser.

Home One (Headquarters Frigate)

"Admiral! Enemy ships in sector..."?


Luke's weakness, according to the Emperor.

Faith in friends

The Emperor's weakness, according to Luke.


How does Admiral Piett die?

A-wing crashes into Executor's bridge

What does Wedge torpedo in the Death Star's reactor chamber?

Power regulator on north tower

The scene with the funeral pyre of Darth Vader was filmed at a special location. Where was it?

The scene was shot at Skywalker Ranch!

True or False? Revenge of the Jedi was the original title for what became Return of the Jedi.

False! Here's a quote from George Lucas in the Annotated Screenplays: "By the time we got down to doing the third film, we'd had so many difficulties with people trying to report stuff with the media and the press and everything that we called the film 'Revenge of the Jedi' to throw people off. The title was always intended to be 'Return of the Jedi', but we made the film under the code name 'Revenge of the Jedi'. Unfortunately, what happened is Fox started promoting the film before we could tell them not to use the title. We were lucky that they didn't start promoting the film under the title 'Blue Harvest', because we were also using that as a bogus title."

Whatever happened to the Jabba puppet used in filming ROTJ?

The Jabba puppet was made of latex which deteriorates and turns to goo over time. Jabba melted and all that is left of the puppet are the eyes. They are on tour (last we saw) with the SFX Special Effects exhibit.

How many band members are in the expanded Max Rebo Band from Return of the Jedi Special Edition? Name the four dancers, two lead singers, and three of the band members by their given names.

The Band Members are - Lead Singers: Sy Snootles, Joh Yowza (Yuzzem) -Band Players: Max Rebo, Droopy McCool, Rappertunie, 2 drummers, a Bith and a Rodian -Backup Singers/Dancers: Rystall, Greeta, Lyn-Me -And you can debate on whether or not Oola, the Twilek Dancer, was a member or not.

Who was Controller Jhoff and what was his job?

He served as traffic controller aboard the EXECUTOR orbiting the forest moon of Endor.

The director of Return of the Jedi, Richard Marquand (sp?), made a brief cameo in that film. Who did he play?

The late Richard Marquand (sp?) made a cameo as the AT-ST driver who was thrown out by Chewbacca in the battle on Endor.

Need proof? See below

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