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Expanded Universe

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What Jedi lived with the Sand People (before ANH)?

Sharrad Hett (Source - Star Wars Ongoing #7 (Dark Horse))

What is the name of the alien race invading the Star Wars galaxy in the New Jedi Order story?

Yuuzhan Vong (Source - Vector Prime)

What new model of X-Wing debuted in Vector Prime and who was first seen piloting it?

The new XJ Starfighter flown by Jedi Knight Wurth Skidder (Source - Vector Prime)

What is the name of the ship that Luke built for Mara Jade?

Jade Sabre (Source - Vector Prime)

What was Mara Jade's alias in Jabba's palace and what was her profession?

Her name was Arica and she was a dancer (Source - Source: Tales from Jabba's Palace, sent by Jennifer Ekstrom)

What two Jedi Knights helped Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon find the missing Jedi Council memberAdi Gallia?

Jedi Knights Noro Zak and Vel Ardox (Source - Episode 1 Adventures: Search For The Lost Jedi)

Who, over time, has owned Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber?

Anakin Skywalker gave it to Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Obi-Wan Kenobi gave it to Luke Skywalker. (Sources - A New Hope)
Luke lost it in Bespin and it was recovered by the Emperor.
The Emperor put it in Mount Taniss where it was taken by Joruus C'Baoth.
Joruus C'Baoth gave it to the clone Luuke Skywalker.
Mara Jade took it from Luuke Skywalker.(Sources - The Last Command)
(Thanks to Rusty Innards for the question)

What is the name Jedi call the state where they sleep but keep a corner of the mind alert?

Restful-sleep-in-danger. (Source - Jedi Apprentice #3 - The Hidden Past)

What did Qui-Gon give Obi-Wan for his 13th birthday?

A smooth, Force sensitive rock he found as a boy in the River of Light on his home planet. (Source - Jedi Apprentice #3 - The Hidden Past)

Where did Anakin hear about the Sith from first?

Anakin first heard about the Sith from a recording he found in an old battledroidfrom Watto's junkyard. (Source - Episode I Journal - Anakin Skywalker)

What was Queen Amidala's father's profession?

He is a farmer. (Source - Episode I Journal - QueenAmidala)

Who is Amidala's grandmother, what was her profession, where did she live, and where is she during Episode I?

Her name was Winama, she was a weaver in Theed, and she died the year before TPM. (Source: Episode I Journal - Queen Amidala)

Who was Queen Amidala's predecessor and what happened to them?

Her predecessor was King Veruna who ruled for 13 years, then became embroiled in off world politics.He abdicated the throne and went into hiding, then was assasinated (unknown to Amidala). (Source: Episode I Visual Dictionary)

Where was Queen Amidala raised?

By humble parents from a small mountain village. (Source: Episode I Visual Dictionary)

What caused the broken circle scar on Qui-Gon's former Padawan's face?

Qui-Gon killed the father of his former Padawan by striking him down with a lightsaber,slicing his ring in the process. Xanatos took the hot ring and branded his face with it, thus making the broken circle scar. (Source: Jedi Apprentice #2 - Dark Apprentice by Jude Watson)

Who was Qui-Gon Jinn's Padawan before Obi-Wan?

Xanatos. (Source: Jedi Apprentice #1 - The Rising Force by Dave Wolverton)

At what age are potential Jedi taken for training to the Jedi Temple?

Generally 6 months old (for humans). (Source: Jedi Apprentice #1 - The Rising Force by Dave Wolverton)

Anakin got one of his Pod's engines from the Jawas. Where did they get it from?

Regga the Hammerhead's wrecked pod. (Source: Anakin's Fate)

What animal is frequently used to guard Gungan waste yards?

The Veermok. (Source: Gungan Frontier Video Game)

What is unique about the Peko-Peko's blood?

The Gungan use it as an anti-venom. (Source: Gungan Frontier Video Game)

What animal do Gungans eat at holiday feasts due to the sweet taste of its meat?

The Nuna. (Source: Gungan Frontier Video Game)

In the Marvel Comic movie adaptation of ANH (and the third draft of thescript), C-3PO called R2-D2 a "half-sized" what?

"I should have known better than to trust the logic of a half-sized thermo-capsulary dehousing assister...!" (Thanks to Elak Swindell for the question)

What religious group lives on Maryx Minor?

According to the comic "Enemy of the Empire", the "Ancient Order of Pessimists"live there.

Who was the first person Darth Vader hired Boba Fett to hunt?

According to the comic "Enemy of the Empire", it was Abal Karda, Colonel of the Imperial 'Lightning Battalion'.

From whom did Darth Vader find out it was Luke Skywalker who blew up the Death Star?

According to the comic "Vader's Quest", he found out from a captured, and tortured, Rebel Pilot.

What was the name of the most powerful Dark Trooper armor and who manned it?

"Phase III" was manned by Moch in Dark Forces.

Where did Ben and Luke meet for the first time (After he left Luke with UncleOwen)?

Before ANH, Ben saved Luke and his friend, Windy, from Krayt Dragons in Beggar'sCanyon.

What planet is Crystal Reef located on?

It's at the polar ice cap of Mon Calamari.

Who is "Lord Hoth"?

He was a Jedi Master who lived thousands of years ago and led the Army of Light against the Brotherhood of Darkness on Ruusan (see Dark Forces: Jedi Knight).

What color is Zekk's custom lightsaber?

Flame-Orange (from Crisis at Crystal Reef).

What is the name of the renegade stormtrooper who stole an Imperial Star Destroyer?

Voss'on't (from Slave Ship by K. W. Jeter).

Who built Slave 1?

Kuat Systems Engineering.

Which of Jabba's dancers was once a slave of Prince Xizor, then had their freedom won by Lando in a game of Sabaac?

Rystall, the red headed dancer from ROTJ: SE.

Which character has never been in "The Cave" on Dagobah? Boba Fett, Anakin Solo, Tahiri, Uldir, Zak or Luke Skywalker?

Actually, this was a trick question. They all have been in it. Zak and Boba Fett entered in "The Hunger", Luke entered in ESB, and the rest entered in "Anakin's Quest".

What Star Destroyer did Thrawn take on a "mapping expedition" of the Unknown Regions and who was it's original captain?

The Admonitor and Captain Niriz.

Uncle Hoole, one of the main characters in the "Galaxy of Fear" kid's horror series, appeared in another Star Wars book. What was it?

Hoole, the shape changing Shi'ido, was the anthropologist who explored Tatooine in The Illustrated Star Wars Universe by Kevin J. Anderson and Ralph McQuarrie.

What is the name of Prince Xizor's skyhook above Coruscant?

Falleen's Fist

What were Grand Admiral Thrawn's dying words?

"But....it was so artistically done."

From Wraith Squadron, what is Runt's real name and species?

Hohass Ekwesh, a Thakbb7waash male from Thakwaa.

Who is Lieutenant Kettch and what is his famous line?

Kettch was a fictitious Ewok X-Wing fighter pilot that was a joke used repeatedly on Wedge by Wraith Squadron. "Yub Yub, Commander."

What is the name of the Gamorrean pilot in Wraith Squadron? What's his nickname?

Voort "Piggy" saBinring

Who brought Thrawn back from Unknown Space to the Emperor?

Captain Parck.

Who lives on Dagobah besides Yoda?

According to Star Wars Galaxy of Fear: The Hunger, the cannibalistic"Children" live on Dagobah. They were the decendants of the doomed scientificexpedition from The Illustrated SW Universe.

What was Kyp Durron's older brother's name?

Zeth Durron.

Where did Princess Leia get her lightsaber?

Jedi Vima-Da-Boda gave it to her.

What was the name of the book Palpatine began writing that contained suchcompelling chapters as "The Book of Anger", "The Weakness of Inferiors",and "The Creation of Monsters"?

Dark Side Compendium

Lando's droid copilot. (Smith trilogy)

Vuffi Raa

The evil guy Lando really ticks off throughout theSmith trilogy, who is not what he seems.

Rokur Gepta, Sorcerer of Tund

Droid/computer combination put together by a band ofoutlaw-techs; joins up with Han and Chewie. (Daleytrilogy)

Bollux and Blue Max

The ultimate Corporate Sector Authority prison.(Daley trilogy)

Stars' End

Planet where above prison was located. (Daley trilogy)

Mytus VII

The Corporate Sector's toughest and best gunfighter. (Daley trilogy)


Boba Fett's first appearance was on...?

"3241", a short segment of the Star Wars Holiday Special, 8 p.m., Friday, November 17, 1978. Fett was popular, the special wasn't.

Lizardlike aliens who invade the Star Wars galaxy.(The Truce at Bakura)


Name for the Dark Side witches of Dathomir. (TheCourtship of Princess Leia)

The Nightsisters

These creatures serve as riding beasts on Dathomir. (The Courtship of Princess Leia)


Planet containing the Emperor's storehouse. (Zahntrilogy)


Leia's personal aide and confidant; has perfectmemory. (Zahn and following)


Short, gray-skinned alien assassins who oweallegiance to Darth Vader (and his various descendants).(Zahn trilogy)


Grand Admiral Thrawn's hobby and means of studyingopponents. (Zahn trilogy)


The Emperor's Hand. (Zahn trilogy)

Mara Jade

The Emperor's last command to above person. (Zahntrilogy)


Kills Grand Admiral Thrawn. (Zahn trilogy)

Rukh (his Noghri bodyguard)

Escapes from within the Sarlacc after beingswallowed by it. (Dark Empire)

Boba Fett

Huge automated weapons factories. (Dark Empire)

World Devastators

Planet named "glorious jewel" in Huttese. (DarkEmpire)

Nal Hutta

Old Jedi woman who gives Leia a lightsaber on aboveplanet. (Dark Empire)


Defeated by combined effort of Republic JediMasters; his Dark Side energy bound to Yavin temples.(Anderson trilogy)

Exar Kun

Craft capable of creating a supernova in a star.(Anderson trilogy)

Sun Crusher

Ackbar's starfighter mechanic; controlled by Empirevia brain implants. (Anderson trilogy)


Name the space station near the crystal star. (TheCrystal Star)


Where is Kyp Durron originally from?

Deyer Colony of Anoat.

What color is Kyp Durron's lightsaber?

Violet and White.

What is teras kasi?

It is a form of hand-to-hand combat. It translates to 'steel hands'.

Which star cluster and planet is Teras Kasi taught on? Who teaches it? Who is the master of it?

It is taught in Pacanth Reach, a remote star cluster in the Outer Rim. It is taught on the planet Bunduki by the hermits called the Followers of Palawa. Arden Lyn is the Master of the Teras Kasi.

Which Star Wars(TM) novel makes a referenceto Trix(TM) breakfast cereal?

Lando Calrissian and the Flamewind of Oseon by L. Neil Smith. Listen to this: "Outside, a braid of rasberry red, lemon yellow, and orange orange twisted through the heavens, across a constellation locals called the Silly Rabbit." What's next? Lucky Charms(TM)?

What planet did Chewbacca first meet thebounty hunter Bossk on?

Gandolo IV (Tales of the Bounty Hunters)

What is IG-88's ship named?


Where was IG-88 activated, how many models ofhim were there, and how many people did he/they kill escaping?

In Holowan Labratories, 5 IG models were activated, but only 4 were 88 models (one was an IG-72), and they killed 23 people escaping.

What is Chewbacca's Wife's name?

Mallatobuck (Malla)

What is Chewbacca's father's name, andnick-name?

Attichitcuk (Itchy)

What does the Kaiburr Crystal do?

It enhances the Force powers of those who posess it.

What is the name of the Temple it waslocated in? Which planet is it on?

It is located in the Temple of Pomojema on the planet Mimban.

What was Jabba the Hutt's father's name?

His father's name was Zorba the Hutt (from the David's young reader books)

A Star Wars talent had a cameo in Beverly Hills Cop 3. Who was it?

George Lucas had a cameo in BHC3!

George Lucas has appeared in a Star Wars production (T.V., film, game, etc.). What did he appear in and who did he play?

George Lucas played as an extra in the Star Tours film which is part of the ride at the Disney Theme parks. At the end of the film when the ship crashes, he plays one of the ground crew that scrambles out of the way of the ship!

Where did the armor plating on the Millennium Falcon come from?

Off of a derelict Imperial Star Destroyer from the Battle of Nar Shadda.

Who married Wedge Antilles sister?

Imperial Baron Fel, TIE fighter pilot

Who created Guri from SHADOWS OF THE EMPIRE?

Massad Thrumble.

What is the color of the stripe on Wraith Squardon's X-Wings?


What is Grand Admiral Thrawn's full real name?

Mitth'raw'nuruodo. Thrawn is his core name.

Who is the leader of the Diversity Alliance?

Nolaa Tarkona

What does the name 'Coruscant' mean?

Sparkling or gleaming, scintillating.

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