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The Empire Strikes Back

*******Highlight the space below the question to reveal the answers!*******

What 3 Academy Award nominations did ESB get in 1980? Which did it win?

(ESB won the categories mar ked with a *) Art Direction, Sound*, Original Score. Dennis Muren, Brian Johnson, Richard Ed lund, and Bruce Nicholson also got a Special Achievement Award for visual effects.

What platform did the Falcon land on in Cloud City?

Platform Three-two-seven.

The creature which attacks Luke is called?


This general was in charge of the Rebel base.


Code name for Hoth base.

Echo Base

What changes Han's mind about staying with the Rebellion after Yavin?

"That bounty hunter we ran into on Ord Mantell." (Or Ord Mandell.)

What are the odds on Han and Luke's survival?


Luke heals with the help of this medicinal goo.


Scanners detect the probot where and going in which direction?

Zone twelve moving east

The probot is visually identified near what post?

Echo Station Three Eight

The probot sends pictures of...?

Rebel power generators

How long is a Super-Class Star Destroyer?

8000 meters/5 miles

What was the name of the Super Star Destroyer?


It will take quite a while to evacuate these things.


Luke's gunner is named...?

Dack (Dak) Ralter

Identify the on-screen pilots in Rogue Squadron by name and squadron number.

Rogue Leader (Luke), Rogue 2 (Zev Senesca), Rogue 3 (Wedge and Wes Janson), Rogue 4 ("Hobbie" Klivian)

Where were the X-wings stationed for evacuation?

South post

What do AT-AT and AT-ST stand for?

All-Terrain Armored Transport, All-Terrain Scout Transport

The asteroid field the Millenium Falcon hides in is located in this system.


Which Star Destroyer spotted the Falcon on its way out of the asteroid field?


What does Yoda wonder about Luke's dietary habits?

"How you get so big eating food of this kind?"

Luke wants to get his ship out of what he calls a...?

"Slimy mudhole"

How long has Yoda trained Jedi?

800 years

What are Yoda's stated reasons against training Luke?

No patience, anger, not ready, craves adventure (and he's also reckless), too old

What three things feed the Dark Side of the Force?

Anger, fear, aggression

Bespin is what kind of mine?

Tibanna gas

The Millennium Falcon lands here on Cloud City...?

Platform 327

Lando's aide is named...?


Boba's ship is parked on...?

East Platform

Boba's ship is named...?

Slave I

The bounty hunters hired by Darth Vader are named? And match the names with the faces.

Boba Fett (you know), Bossk (lizard), Dengar (bandaged, scarred human), 4-LOM (dark droid), IG-88 (tall droid), Zuckuss (gold-garbed alien)

What does Han say after being tortured?

"I feel terrible."

These aliens tend Cloud City's garbage disposal and the carbon-freezing chamber.


Number of TIEs that pursue the Falcon after it makes its escape.


What was the inspiration for the Slave 1 ship? (Hint: It was NOT a street lamp!)

This quote comes from the Annotated Screenplays by Laurent Bouzereau:

"Nilo Rodis-Jamero: 'Joe Johnston showed me some of the ideas he has for Boba Fett, and I remember asking myself what his spaceship would look like. I remember seeing a radar dish and stopping to sketch it very quickly to see if I could get something out of it. The original design I had was round, but when you looked at it from the side, it became elliptical. For some reason, when I drew it, George thought it was elliptical, so that's what it became. When we were building the ship at ILM, somebody looked at street lamps and pointed out that they looked like Boba's ship. So everyone began to think that was where I got the idea for the design.'"

How long had Yoda been training Jedi when Luke encountered him?

800 years

What three personality traits did Yoda warn "the dark side are they!"?

Anger, Fear, Aggression

What species is the Bounty Hunter Zuckuss?

Zuckuss is a Gand.

Who filled in for Jeremy Bulloch as Boba Fett during the 'He's no good to me dead' scene in ESB?

John Morton, who also played Dack, filled in for Jeremy while he had to be away.

During the lightsaber battle in ESB, who was in the Darth Vader costume for the swordfighting? (Hint: See Starlog #72)

"Bob Anderson was the man who actually did Vader's fighting." - Mark Hamill (Starlog #72)

How long is Darth Vader's ship, the EXECUTOR?

8000 meters

Michael Sheard, who played Admiral Ozzel, also played a villian in an Indiana Jones film. Who did he play?

Micheal Sheard also played Hitler in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade!

Which Cheers star appeared in The Empire Strikes Back?

Cliff Claven! (John Ratzenberger) was a Rebel Base Commander. The picture's hard to see, but if you don't believe us, check the credits

For proof click see image below

The bad guy from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Donovan, also played a bad guy in the Empire Strikes Back. Who did he play

Julian Glover played General Veers, the AT-AT commander.

Need proof? See image below

Jeremy Bulloch, who played Boba Fett, also played another character in ESB. Who did he play?

Jeremy Bulloch played the Imperial Officer who led Leia and the gang through Cloud City when they ran across Luke!

Need proof? See below

Does Boba Fett's costume have a sound effect that comes with it (not counting weapons sound effects)? (i.e. Like Vader with his breathing)

Yes, it does! It makes a radar beeping-like sound. You can hear it pretty well in the scene where Fett follows the Falcon out of the garbage in ESB.

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