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Letters to Jaxxon

Please send correspondence (which we may very well re-print here, and which we may edit for clarity where needed) to jaxxon@theforce.net. Newest letters are at the top of the page; occasional editorial responses will appear in italics beneath the letters they address.

From: Mike, a fan from Holland

As a hard-core SW fan and a webcomic addict, I was over the moon to see the two combined -- especially in such a side-splittingly hilarious way. I remember owning all of the Marvel comics, and I was pretty bummed when some !@#^* broke open our storage room and stole them. So it's great to see all the forgotten characters in action again (especially Dani ;)).

I guess I just wanted to thank you for making me laugh my ass off every few weeks. It's costing me a fortune in glue to keep having to stick it back on. Keep it up, please.

You guys must have read all of those old comics way back when. Personally, I liked the final few editions best -- the ones where the Nagai started showing up. They had a very different, interesting drawing and writing style. Just can't remember who did the drawing...

P.S. I have one more thing to say: Hoojibs and Hiromi!!! Can't wait to see what's in store for the Hoojibs and any other characters. Those wacky Lashbees sure have potential as a diversionary tactic for Jax and Han to use when they try to slip into Bib's casino...

MIKE RUSSELL RESPONDS: Hoojibs will be turning up, no question. And the Hiromi have ALREADY showed up ? look in the background of Scene 5, right after Han and Jax walk into Watto's Junk n' Java; you'll see a Hiromi doing some "beat poetry" onstage in the background. Here's a detail from that panel....

From: Jeremy

I just discovered your strip today. It was awesome. I grew up with "Star Wars," and think that I still have some of the Marvel books you've referenced so far. I remember Jaxxon and the other characters that Han had recruited in the very early days.

I always thought that Dani and her gang were great. Any chance of seeing her old friends? Like Ric (or whatever his name was?) Was Jabba the Hut ever shown in comic book form? I don't remember him...no big surprise, I only read bits & pieces of the comics. My favorite period was during the "Search For Han Solo", where we met Dani, and Leia met the last of the Mandalorians.

I look forward to reading more...thanks for bringing back (and enhancing) some memories!

MIKE RUSSELL RESPONDS: In answer to your queries: (1) Yes, Rik Duel and Chihdo will show up in J11. Oh, yes. They should be in the next scene, actually — and the years have not been kind. (2) The humanoid-seal "Jabba the Hut" that we feature in J11 was in fact "Jabba" in the original Marvel SW movie adaptation, and appeared one more time in a stand-alone story before "Empire Strikes Back" came out.

From: Kerk Korpil

You guys are great!!! I love the dedication you have for this excellent comic; I'm always waiting for the next release! I was amazed at the "Star Wars Kid" reference in Scene 6, I was laughing at the top of my lungs... my co-workers already know I'm crazy and that did not improve my image at all, thanks!!!!!!!

MIKE RUSSELL RESPONDS: I write it in a basement office and David draws it at work, so you can imagine what OUR image is like.... Glad you liked the "Star Wars Kid" reference; that was all Stroup's idea, and brilliantly executed on his part. (See, the way he and I work is this: I write the script; David re-writes the script when he draws it; and then I do a final dialogue polish when I letter it — only keeping all his good jokes — and then I take credit for the whole thing.)

From: JM

I remember the Zeltrons!

I have the "Return of the Jedi Annual," which had three stories in it. The second was Lando and Chewie tricking some space pirates (fun line from one of them was, "Is this what smiling is supposed to feel like? It hurts") into giving information on Han's location; the third was Luke and Leia finally tracking down the Rebel they were looking for and finding him in a secret cell just staring into nothing; his mind broken by Darth Vader's kind hospitality.

The first story, though, was Luke and Leia going to a diplomatic space station; and Luke gets pursued by lots of Zeltron women. Two of them pursue him and he runs but cannot hide, as eventually when he comes out of a cabin (where he'd found the message), he finds that there were now four after him! He tries to demur, but seeing some Stormtroopers, he decides to use the Zeltrons for cover; much to the surprise and jealousy of the Stormies, who cannot believe their helmet lenses! A short guy like that with four Zeltron women?

Luke waits for the assassination attempt he has learned about; to be attempted against the Imperial Governor; so he can prevent it and thus prevent any widespread reprisals, and his group has grown to six Zeltrons, and then he decides, "I have no choice, I have to act now and accept the consequences!" One of the Zeltrons decides that, "Well! It is about time!"; but fortunately for Luke, he gets a diversion to let him spill the poisoned soup?

Leia has been mistaken for the singer, and is performing her song, watched by members of a race called the Lahsbee. These small, Ewok-size people seem to have an interesting life-cycle; as one of them suddenly goes through puberty and grows within a few seconds to about 12 feet tall and very heavily muscled, looking rather like the sort of giant a Viking hero would be worried about having to fight. Apparently, this sudden passage through puberty could be put down to his having been over-stimulated by Leia; a concept familiar to some Star Wars fans.

... so Luke spills the soup, the Stormtroopers prove they aren't clones (as, when they find their blasters aren't working, one wanted his mother), and Leia continues singing, which saves Luke, as the pubertal Lahsbee decides to come and sit and listen to her song (with a dreamy look on his face) rather than finish ripping Luke and the pair of Stormies apart. Luke, meanwhile, has gone back to his table; where he wonders how many verses of the song Leia knows; and the eight Zeltron women wonder when he is going to take them all back to his quarters. (Is it "Use the Force, Luke," or is it "Run Luke, RUN!"?)

From: Jean

Greetings, O Creators of Graphic Mirth;

Scene 6, page 2, top panel, lower right-hand corner (I haven't even finished reading the rest of this yet)--


... I have just spent at least five minutes laughing my head off! How do I know it was five minutes? Because my SETI screensaver kicks on after five minutes. You just furthered the search for extraterrestrial intelligence by a few radio emissions.... Way to go!!

From: David Wilensky

AWESOME! Dani and the Pantless Kid are cute together. An appearance of Dan-Wan Kihotay will be awesome.

From: Jason, a former intern at Russell and Stroup's "day job"

As a fellow "Star Wars" fan, I knew we had a lot in common; but lo and behold, what did I find on theforce.net humor section but an online comic about "Star Wars," created by Mike Russell and David Stroup?

I really enjoy your comic (and must admit I am completely spoiled for "Episode III"); but here in good ole Alabama, I didn't expect to see anymore of your work.... It was a pleasant surprise to see your work online, and I hope we can keep in contact in the future.

From: Kitsune-Chan, a.k.a. The Trickster Fox

Hello and Konbanwa (good evening), I've really been enjoying the "Jaxxon's 11" strips; especially the in-jokes and gentle (sort of) poking at the Star Wars Empire. Your story is great and the artwork is wonderful. My only complaint is that the new episodes arrive so slowly, and when they do, they leave me waiting for the next one! Even if it's the last episode, I'll still be waiting for the next one!

I'm a fan of "Usagi Yojimbo," a comic by Stan Sakai. "Usagi Yojimbo" is about a "long-eared" samurai (Usagi), and his misadventures in 1600s Japan. Sakai also did a spinoff, "Space Usagi," that took place in a distant future that resembles a certain galaxy far, far away. When I first saw the "Jaxxon's 11" strips, I could not help but notice the resemblence between "Jaxxon" and "Space Usagi" ... or is it "Space Usagi"'s resemblence to "Jaxxon"? (I'm no longer sure; "Space Usagi" came out in 1998, but has many, many refrences to Star Wars, the planet Tattooine in particular) Er, anyhow, I'd like to know is if either of you has seen either "Usagi Yojimbo" or "Space Usagi," because the resemblence to Stan Sakai's style of drawing and supurb writing is uncanny. Looking forward to more.

MIKE RUSSELL RESPONDS: On the last long gap between Scenes 4 and 5, that was totally my fault. Both David and I have ?day jobs? as journalists, and yours truly got a little overwhelmed with freelance stuff and let my scriptwriting discipline go to seed. I myself have never read ?Usago Yojimbo,? believe it or not; but I know David?s a fan. It sounds to me like Sakai was making some very specific references to Jaxxon in his comic, God bless ?im. Dang! And I thought we were the first people to bring Jax back to comics!



From: John Ostendorf

Just wanted to tell you how funny/cool this comic is. I saw these films in '77, and began reading the Marvel comics as they came out; tons of great refrences packed in there. Any plans down the line to have it in color, or possibly printed in book form???

MIKE RUSSELL RESPONDS: We may hold a reader "coloring contest" at some point in the future; but frankly our day jobs preclude the massive time investment involved in coloring J11. (And yes, we're perfectly and lucidly aware of how lame it is to have constant references to characters' skin/fur color in a black-and-white comic.) As far as printing the book goes, we can't make (or spend) one thin dime on this project -- but we do provide a link to downloadable high-rez PDFs of each scene at the bottom of each J11 page, so readers can print out and bind their own comics; which we'll be happy to sign, BTW.

From: Mr. Lizard

just let me say... Hoody hoo! I'm amazed you managed to dig up some of those older "Jabbas." You're doing a great job of bringing me back to my childhood, and in a good way. :)

Just as a side note, you may or may not be aware that many of the races created for Marvel's comic are now "official"; including, yes, Lepus Carnivorous, and are statted out in the WOTC "Alien Anthology" book for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game.

From: Syd

Salutations! First, I just wanted to say "Rock on!" to all the great folks working hard to keep me (and other people too, I suppose) entertained with Mr. Jaxxon's adventures.

Secondly, I'd like to add that, before reading the ever-useful FAQ page, I admit I did not know who Jaxxon was. The first time I saw him, though, I immediately remembered the guy I used to watch religiously every weekday morning on FOX when I was but a wee lass: Captain Bucky O'Hare (you know, the guy who would go where no ordinary rabbit would dare, and all that). Maybe a long-lost cousin? Check out the pic I sent and decide for youtselves:-)

Peace, Love, and Chocolate Monkeys.

Bucky and Jaxxon... seperated at birth?

From: Jedi Sanity Master

I've never seen the movie "Ocean's Eleven," either version, but I must say I am finding your creation quite entertaining! Having been a comic-book afficcionado ("graphic novel," whatever) for many years, and having been a "Star Wars" fan for equally as long (... yee gawds, I'm old!) I think you've got a classic on your hands. Please, keep it up! Keep it going! Keep it drawing, keep it funny, and keep it fuzzy! ...By the way, in Scene 4 page 6, I liked the scene of Chewie taking the twins for a pod-racer ride....

From: Brendon Wahlberg

Hi, guys; just wanted to say what a great job you are doing. I love "Jaxxon's 11," being the die-hard SW fan that I am. In fact, I also wrote a Jaxxon humor story a few years ago, called "The Big Snub." It shares many of the same ideas you are tapping into for your story. I guess great minds think alike. Here's a link to the story, which may amuse you.


From: David Wilensky

I'm one of those weird SW nerds who has read no more than 10 SW books in my life, but can recount the entire recorded history of the galaxy on request. Thus, I know of the sillines that was the Marvel comics and the oddities of a post-Imperial SW galaxy. I think it's about time Jaxxon and Amaiza and the rest of the Abuda gang made a comeback. "Jaxxon's 11" is very funny, and I can't wait for Scene Four!

Also, I thought this website might interest you: http://members.aol.com/heywood254/. It has bios on basically everybody from the whole Marvel run.

From: Mr. Lizard

Greetings! I just finished reading the Jaxxon strip on your site, and, what can I say other than "I love it! I want more!"

Jaxxon was a dim memory of my forgotten youth.... I recalled nothing of those early Marvel comics other than "Wasn't there some green rabbit, or something?" Recently, I acquired the compiled graphic novel, and, upon rereading, wondered mostly if they got Sergio Aragones' permission to cast him as a space pirate. :) But I was re-acquainted with Jaxxon, and now, your strip comes along, to take our favorite rabbit on all-new adventures.

Sure, it's a cynical look at the post-Empire universe, but, the sad fact is, I don't have much trouble believing in it. Good satire is damn hard to write, because it needs to be just close enough to reality to have a bite, while still being distant enough to be funny, and you've managed to achieve that. Congrats!

I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the old gang back in action!

My wife is wondering why I'm making those noises.

Abso-fragging-lutely wonderful. Please, keep it going!

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