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Force Jumping
by Jeff Carroll

This is a tutorial for Ulead Media Studio Pro 6. I don't know if it will work on earlier versions but I think it does. The best thing I am good at is using things for stuff they're not supposed to be used for. You will need a little knowledge of the program and it's layout.

First you need to take a shot of the person jumping up and landing. So you can put them at the beginning and ending of the clip.

Know, to do a simple jump is quite easy. Take a shot of the person or object that you want your other character to jump over, making it a wide enough shot for a person to jump over the object. Then ounce you have that shot you need to get a hold of a green or blue screen. Know this is not as hard as it sounds. All you need is a fairly large amount of green or blue felt, it works perfect. When you set it up make sure that the person that is going to be jumping can stand on part of the fabric. This way when you take away the background it will take away the green or blue under his feet. Then set it up using rope or whatever else is available to you.

Then have the put the actor against the screen and set up the camera. Make sure that there are no areas around the person that are not covered by the screen. Then have the actor pretend like he was actually jumping, have him move his arms feet, whatever.

Finally bring it into the Video Edit part of Media Studio and put your shot of the actor jumping up in the Video A track. Next Bring in the wide shot of the object that is going to be jumped over and put it next to previous shot in the Video A track. Then bring in the green or blue screen shot and put it into the Video 1 track. Double click on it and go to Clip: overlay options on the menu bar. A dialog box will appear. Click on the type menu and select Color Key, if your blue or green screen is well lit and take the eye dropper that appears and hit the background color in the Overlay Clip window on the lift. Adjust the similarity until you get most are all of the green or blue gone. If you screen is not really well lit then choose blue screen from the Type menu. When you do this an eye dropper will appear now instead of just clicking like you do in Color Key you click and hold trying to cover the larges area of blue or green you can with the box it makes. Select OK and your done with that part.

Now to make him jump. Look at the clip decide were the exact center is and cut so you have two clips in one shot. Click on the fist clip and go to the Production Library menu on the right of the main window. Go to the Moving path menu and open the 2D folder. When that opens drag and drop the 2D Basic thumbnail onto the overlay track. A dialog box will appear. On the bottom you should see a box with green squares on the corners. Click and hold on each corner and bring it closer to the red square in the middle. This will make the clip smaller so size it for you particular shot. Once you have done that look at the Motion Control window. The black box is the clip you are moving and the light gray box is the edges of the screen, so when the black box is outside the gray one the clip you want to move is out of the shot. Click on the green square in the center of the gray box. The black square should move, that's ok. Move it up to the point were you want the climax of the jump to be. Note the X,Y position next to where you sized the shot you will need them later. Now click on the other green square at the left edge of the gray box. Move it to where you want the character to be when the shot starts. Play it in the Preview window and make sure it is in the right place. I know this only makes the character go up but that is way you wrote down the position and why you cut the clip on half. Click OK when you have are done.

Now double click on the other half of the blue or green screen shot. Go to the moving path options again and type in the size it like you did before. Then click on the green square in the middle of the Motion Control window and type in the position that you wrote down in the X,Y spaces. Then click on the other green square and put it where you want the end of the jump to be(make sure it is still in the air or it will look funny). Click OK and you are done with pretty much everything. All you need to do is add the landing shot of the person and you are finished.

There are two ways to make a person flip. One is to have a short shot of just the person doing a summersault on a blue or green screen and have the camera person move the camera down and then up so it looks like he is jumping and flipping. The other is a little different. You take a shot of a person on the blue screen and have them start out standing then go into a tuck and then come out to a standing position again, all on camera. Next bring it into Media Studio And do the same thing as you did for the jump but go to the 3D moving paths. Remember you still need to cut the clip in half. When in the Moving Path dialog box do the same thing as you did before with the position only also adjust the Z axis so it rotates, only go ? or ? way around the so you can do the rest in the other part of the clip.

That is it. Not complicated at all. The only things you need are a video camera, a way to get video onto your computer, Media Studio Pro 6.0 and a green or blue screen.

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