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Help Wanted Animation:Master is a very powerful 3D modeling and animation program that contains features only found in expensive programs costing thousands of dollars, without relying on expensive plug-ins. Animation:Master, or A:M as it's called, is used by employees at ILM, Digital Domain, Tippet Studios and many others. Hash Inc., the company behind A:M, can be found here: http://www.hash.com

"An elegant weapon, for a more civilized age:" Creating Lightsabre FX
No Jedi or Sith is complete without a lightsabre! Jedi Knight Toren Depor has put together this nice tutorial that shows you everything from modeling and texturing the blade, to animating a duel with pulsing blades that activate, swing and blur.

"Blast 'Em!:" Creating Blaster FX
Where would Stormtroopers be without blasters? Alive, probably. No bounty hunter, smuggler, or soldier is complete without realistic blaster bolts to fire. From muzzle flashes to impact explosions, Jedi Toren's tutorial covers it all.

"Travellin' through Hyperspace ain't like dustin' crops, boy!:" Creating Lightspeed and Hyperspace FX
None of the events in any of the Star Wars movies would have been possible without hyperdrives. This tutorial by Jedi Toren shows you how to put those awesome lightspeed starlines and whirling hyperspace tunnels in your fan films.

Animation:Master Resources
Sherwood's Forest Maintained by Jim Sherwood. This is THE site for Animation:Master tutorials. You should definitely visit this place.

Animation Pitstop Maintained by Mike Muncy. Here you can download lots of free A:M models and textures (including lots of Star Wars models), and buy A:M and training tapes at discount prices.

Animaster Mailing List Maintained by Hash Inc. An e-mail mailing list for Animation:Master users and the heart of the A:M community.

Animaster Mailing List Archive This is a searchable archive of the Animaster Mailing List.

Animation:Master Software Updates Stay up to date with the latest bug fixes and patches for A:M.

Fan Film Related Tutorials
The tutorials listed below are pulled from Sherwood's Forest and are relevant to Fan Filmmakers.

Mechanical Modeling Tips by Rodger Reynolds

Modeling Techniques for Spacecraft by Christian Cox

Advanced Techniques for Spacecraft Modeling by Christian Cox

More Spacecraft Techniques by Christian Cox

3D For Real: Explosions by Sami Salo
Need to have a spaceship explode into some debris? Sami Salo's tutorial will show you how.

3D For Real: Great Balls of Fire! Fireballs by Sami Salo
This tutorial shows you how to create photorealistic fireballs in A:M.

Flame Tutorial by Sine NG

Space Shockwave Explosion by Jeff Paries

Material Effectors by Jeff Paries
This tutorial demonstrates how to create a burning hole effect in a ships hull.

Death Star Laser by Aaron Gorga

Front Projection Mapping by Ed Lynch
Need to add a CG Alien that looks like he's really there? Ed Lynch's tutorial explains how to do this.

Starfield by Christian Cox

Nebula by Christian Cox

Billowing Smoke by Hiary Mark Nelson and J. Baker

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