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Fan Fiction: Recovery

Posted By Anthony on May 18, 2005

Here's the final story from the most recent Fan Fiction Archive update.

If you've got a story you'd like to submit, or you're interested in reviewing stories, check out the Fan Fiction Archive FAQs for more info.

Recovery by Jedi Trace


A MedStar trauma team takes part in events that change the fate of the galaxy forever. (Contains speculation about events in Revenge of the Sith. No spoilers.)


Soothing vibrations aboard the hospital-class MedStar ship, Recovery, had finally lured Commanding Medical Officer Ellyn Camden into much-needed sleep when the comm sounded. Rolling out of her bunk, she glared at the flashing red light that signaled a priority transmission from the medlifter and keyed to receive:

***Incoming: Human male. Identity unknown. Age estimated between twenty and twenty-five standard years. Multiple fractures and lacerations. Multiple limb amputations. Third degree burns, seventy percent body surface area. Probable smoke inhalation. Possible skull fracture. Probable spinal cord injury.***

She rubbed the grit from her eyes and thought, a transport wreck, the occupational jargon for a medical disaster. Great. Her trauma team had not slept for more than two consecutive hours in the past three days. She wondered for the thousandth time if any of the leaders in this war ever paused to consider who had to clean up their mess.

Pausing only for a cup of stimcaf, Ellyn greeted the staff congregated around the central communications desk. "This sounds fun," she said wearily.

Jared, a respiratory intensivist freshly graduated from Coruscant Med, smirked, "And why are they calling us instead of the morgue? No human can survive that."

The charge nurse, an older Corellian woman named Henil, pulled a flimisplast report sheet from the comm station. "It gets better. We've just received orders from the office of the Supreme Chancellor himself to keep this patient alive…at all costs."

Read more here.

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SDCC: Random House Audio's Fan Fiction Audio Book Contest
Posted By Mike on July 3, 2012:
Submit your best story for consideration!

Fan Comic Defective Now Online
Posted By Dustin on December 8, 2011:
Check out Jason Loo's creation!

Weekly ForceCast: May 27, 2011
Posted By Dustin on May 29, 2011:
Fangirl, Star Tours, Wicked lasers & more!

James Cameron's Avatar And Star Wars
Posted By Paul on January 1, 2010:
Updated! An odd coincidence with the EU...?

Fan Fiction: The Wilderness Of Death
Posted By Mike on October 28, 2009:
Featuring Ahsoka, Separatists & Ghosts!

Star Wars: In The Shadows Audio Drama
Posted By Mike on September 20, 2009:
Trailer now online, episodes to follow soon!

The Han Solo Adventures Game
Posted By Mike on August 30, 2009:
A new fan-made adventure game

Star Wars Fan Fiction At Aint It Cool News
Posted By Mike on April 25, 2009:
Re-writing the Anakin/Obi Wan ROTS duel

Simon Pegg's Fan Fiction
Posted By Mike on November 15, 2008:
Highlighted at the Official SW.com Blog

Happy 30th Anniversary Star Wars!
Posted By Dustin on May 25, 2007:
Stephen Hayford's latest tribute to that galaxy far, far away...

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