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Fan Fiction: Mad World

Posted By Britany on March 23, 2005

Here's the first story from the most recent Fan Fiction Archive update.

If you've got a story you'd like to submit, or you're interested in reviewing stories, check out the Fan Fiction Archive FAQs for more info.

Mad World by obaona


An encounter with a Jedi that isn't so pleasant or heroic.


He's finally quieted.

We've been quiet for a while now, hoping to escape attention. Lan is hardly breathing next to me, sitting very still in a tight position with his eyes squeezed shut. I don't blame him, and I would almost join him, but I can't keep my eyes off the Jedi. I doubt the Jedi can see Lan or me from where we're sitting, behind this shattered control panel that he blasted with his Force powers; but I also have no doubt that he knows we're here, regardless of whether Lan's eyes are shut or not.

I wonder if the Jedi knows this isn't our idea.

He's standing still, wavering a bit as if he's exhausted.

Did we sign the bill? No, the Senate did. Did we want to hunt Jedi? No, the Chancellor said it was a 'sad necessity'. I guess it's Emperor now, which seems a bit odd for a man claiming to love democracy, but no one really dares to argue with him at this point. Certainly not me. And I know the Jedi don't have a choice; Palpatine picked their side for them.

The Jedi turns to face in my direction, and I stop breathing.

A young man. Definitely an adult I had been able to tell that before when the Hunter dragged him half-drugged aboard this picket ship but . . . young. He's younger than me, with power like that. But those eyes, that glow in them, that's not normal. He blinks at me, looking almost ordinary for a moment, then brushes his hand through his brown hair.

He looks puzzled when he finds his hand smeared with blood, and I shudder.

Read more here.

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Star Wars: In The Shadows Audio Drama
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Simon Pegg's Fan Fiction
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Happy 30th Anniversary Star Wars!
Posted By Dustin on May 25, 2007:
Stephen Hayford's latest tribute to that galaxy far, far away...

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