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Fan Fiction: Business Is Business

Posted By Britany on January 7, 2005

Here's the first story from the most recent Fan Fiction Archive update.

If you've got a story you'd like to submit, or you're interested in reviewing stories, check out the Fan Fiction Archive FAQs for more info.

Business is Business? by Nevarion


A hunt saboteur transports a Rebel spy past the Empire, but Boba Fett proves much more difficult to elude.


"Your guest has arrived, sir."

"Thank you," Xandu Zuhel replied. "Please send him in." The Falleen was sitting in his favorite booth at The Rim, a posh restaurant near the Imperial Palace on Coruscant. Everything, from the dim lighting to the plush and private booths to the inconspicuously armed and well-dressed bodyguards hovering at the door, boasted the subtle but unmistakable power that characterized the rich and powerful of the galaxy’s capital. Xandu happened to be a personal friend of the owner, so he frequented The Rim. Because he had the booth's privacy field on, the maitre'd had spoken through the small speaker set in the control panel on the wall behind him.

Xandu stirred his drink as he waited, reflecting on the events that had led him there. A check of his messages that morning had revealed one message with an unknown origin. For normal people that may not be unusual, but every message he received was backtracked to its original source by his filters. In his line of work it was not only prudent, it was a necessity, and although he wasn’t a professional slicer, there still weren't many people who could elude his backtracking algorithms. The request was simple on the surface - the sender just wanted to join him for dinner at his table at The Rim. Underneath, however, it was much more troubling. Not only was the sender someone who could elude his filters, it was also someone who knew he already had dinner reservations at The Rim that night. There were even fewer people who could gather that knowledge about him, and that probably meant trouble. He was always ready for trouble, but it didn't pay to walk into it blindly. But, he was between jobs, and meeting the unknown sender here in his preferred surroundings helped to decrease his disadvantage into something he could live with. Besides, he was intrigued – one did not become a successful hunt saboteur without having a slight itch for danger and mystery.

Read more here.

[Fan Fiction - News Archives]
SDCC: Random House Audio's Fan Fiction Audio Book Contest
Posted By Mike on July 3, 2012:
Submit your best story for consideration!

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Posted By Dustin on December 8, 2011:
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Weekly ForceCast: May 27, 2011
Posted By Dustin on May 29, 2011:
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Fan Fiction: The Wilderness Of Death
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Star Wars: In The Shadows Audio Drama
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The Han Solo Adventures Game
Posted By Mike on August 30, 2009:
A new fan-made adventure game

Star Wars Fan Fiction At Aint It Cool News
Posted By Mike on April 25, 2009:
Re-writing the Anakin/Obi Wan ROTS duel

Simon Pegg's Fan Fiction
Posted By Mike on November 15, 2008:
Highlighted at the Official SW.com Blog

Happy 30th Anniversary Star Wars!
Posted By Dustin on May 25, 2007:
Stephen Hayford's latest tribute to that galaxy far, far away...

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