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Marvel Star Wars #95
Published: May 1985

Lumiya tortures Faron, sole survivor of twenty Rebels captured on Kinooine. She and a Nagai aide, Den Siva, threaten to kill him unless he leads them to Leia, but he cannot, for he dealt only with Luke. On Sanctuary Moon, Leia is horrified when Ackbar assigns her four young Zeltron Bahb, Jahn, Marruc, and Rahuhl, who shower her with compliments and hero worship. The assignment, he says, is vital to relations with Zeltros. Han basks in their idolization of him until he realizes they think he's Lando Calrissian. Han, Leia, and the boys are sent to a conference on Kabray to allay fears that the Rebels are too rough to run the new government. Luke, Dani, and Kiro visit Kinooine, a barren world on the fringe of the galactic perimeter, to learn why communications with that base ended. R2 and 3PO coordinate the gear for both missions. The Kinooine base was established to scan unknown life-signals there. While Luke sets up camp, Dani and Kiro go for a romantic stroll alone, but Lumiya attacks them with an energy whip, severely hurting both. Leia discovers that 3PO mixed her gear and Luke's, for instead of gowns she has cold weather gear. Stressed, she naps, awakening to find that the boys have "fixed" her only dress to make it more revealing, (practically non-existent). They enter the conference, Leia the center of attention, but find that the Twi'lek, human, and other guests are captives of the Nagai, led by Knife. As Luke views holograms of the Kinooine team, he sees Kiro dragging himself to the camp, suffocating. He hurries Kiro to the ocean and goes to find Dani. Han, Leia, and the boys are placed in a cell, and as they consider escape options, they wonder how the slavers and Imperials on Kashyyyk and Herdessa are connected to this situation. Luke and Lumiya face-off. Jahn climbs above the cell door, then Leia demands to see Knife, and when he enters, Jahn jumps him from above. Springing into action, the boys beat the Nagai guards and Leia and Han free the delegates, re-proving their worth to all assembled. Meanwhile, on Kinooine, Lumiya bests Luke, who lies in the sand, near death. EnsViews Comic Review

Review not yet available. Please check back again soon.

Cover Image

"EnsViews" are copyright ? 1997-8 by Paul Ens. They are posted to rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc, emailed to Dark Horse Comics and archived on theForce.net. Cover scans are courtesy of Mark Lookabaugh.

Titles, Cover images, Marvel Comics, and the Marvel logo are trademarks of Marvel Comic Group and its respective Licensors.

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