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Marvel Star Wars #65
Published: November 1982

Leia, Rieekan, and General Veertag try Luke for murder, theft, desertion and treason on Arbra, but reviewing the Shira, Shalyvane, and Krake's Planet evidence, acquit. Watching the trial, Thorben, Gemmer, and others are relieved, but Milo Fourstar suspects a set-up. Gemmer says he can't sleep since his Golrath paperweight flashes images all night; alarmed, Thorben investigates. As Luke and Leia share a moment of relief, he calls them to an analytic lab, to view images, stored in the rock, of FX-7 curing Luke of Crimson Forever. Apparently, rocks on Golrath absorb light while hot and release it while cool, so their time there is stored in its walls. Leia sends Red and Blue Squadrons to destroy the magma-smelting plant, but Leftenant Giel and Sergeant Malka have already arrived, alerted by Shira's message. Vader punished him with simple duties, but Giel vows to regain his rank. Carli and Scraper, Stormtroopers napping on the job, see an army of Rebels and open fire, leveling a wall. Giel rushes in, sees images of the Rebel base, and tells Malka to summon Vader. X-Wings and Y-Wings arrive to destroy the evidence, but TIEs attack, so Alternate Plan Epsilon -- luring them away while Leia parabelts to the base -- is initiated. Giel sees her land, sends Bens Figg and Tabbins Vee to guard the reactor room, and goes after her. Dispatching the guards, Leia runs to the master console, but Giel fires at her. He reveals her identity, but offers to help, willing to destroy himself and the rocks in order to kill her and wound Rebel morale. As he starts the self-destruction, she ties her parabelt to a loading dolly and launches it at him, then escapes. Self-destruction is irreversible, and Giel accepts defeat. Lando rescues Leia in a Y-Wing. Giel fires at Luke's X-wing, then boards a TIE Bomber to meet with Executor . The base explodes as ships evacuate, but when the Rebels jump to hyperspace, Luke remains, damaged by Giel's shot. Surrounded by TIEs, he feels doomed. EnsViews Comic Review

Review not yet available. Please check back again soon.

Cover Image

"EnsViews" are copyright ? 1997-8 by Paul Ens. They are posted to rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc, emailed to Dark Horse Comics and archived on theForce.net. Cover scans are courtesy of Mark Lookabaugh.

Titles, Cover images, Marvel Comics, and the Marvel logo are trademarks of Marvel Comic Group and its respective Licensors.

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