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Marvel Star Wars #55
Published: January 1982

On Arbra, or "Salvation," Leia, Chewie, 3PO, and others scout a possible base site, watched by the native rabbit-like Hoojibs, who like to cuddle on them. As the caravan builds plastents, the orbiting Rebel fleet, including Nebulon-B frigates, transports, and X-Wings, awaits their signal. Aboard a frigate, Bosun tells Luke that Leia is calling. She says to move the fleet around the system in elliptical orbit to make detection unlikely. Promising to return in three days, he finds Lando readying the Falcon to return to Cloud City. Luke is frustrated at missing action, but he and R2 must file a de-briefing about Shiva IV and The Tarkin . That night, as the Rebels sleep, Hoojibs drain their machinery's power. When one drains 3PO, his wails alert the others. Burtt finds their equipment and weapons drained, but as the Hoojibs flee, Chewie grabs one, who shocks them by revealing his race to be sentient telepaths who feed on energy. Named Plif, he apologizes for his people, explaining they live in a cave of geothermal power rods but were forced to flee when a wandering slivilth fell into Arbra's gravity well and took over the cave. Desperate, they resorted to stealing energy. Suddenly, the slivilth attacks, but only Gemmer and Burtt's blasters work, since they were on guard when the Hoojibs arrived. Leia grab's Gemmer's gun as the beast captures a Rebel, and shoots it, releasing him. It flees, but they later visit the cave, where Hoojibs lure the slivilth out by screeching and Rebels attack it with spears. Leia, Chewie, and Gemmer run to the cave to charge blasters with the power rods, but as the slivilth tries to eat Plif, Leia shoots it, angering it to chase her into the cave. Inside, she and Gemmer distract it as Chewie grabs its tentacles and swings it into power rods, killing it. Gemmer suggests they make the cave their new base since it has power, warmth, and seclusion, but the Hoojibs protest this intrusion in their home. Some want to take the cave anyway, but Leia reminds them how the Empire stole their homes. However, the Hoojibs let the Rebels share their home with them as guests, and when the fleet returns days later, a new base is built in the cave. Meanwhile, Lando arrives at Cloud City, to find it deserted of people and cloud cars. Puzzled, he fails to see Lobot stalking him. EnsViews Comic Review

Review not yet available. Please check back again soon.

Cover Image

"EnsViews" are copyright ? 1997-8 by Paul Ens. They are posted to rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc, emailed to Dark Horse Comics and archived on theForce.net. Cover scans are courtesy of Mark Lookabaugh.

Titles, Cover images, Marvel Comics, and the Marvel logo are trademarks of Marvel Comic Group and its respective Licensors.

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