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Marvel Star Wars #45
Published: March 1981

As a battered Blockade Runner limps to the Rebel fleet, Special Probe Droid 13-K, modified for independent action, rams it and shoots all hull breach survivors. Rad Torlent, a junior officer who joined the Rebels when the Empire seized Neutra IV, shoots it but is killed trying to reach a communications terminal. Admiral Damon Krell views the attack from his Star Destroyer, sure he'll be praised for his initiative. On X-Wing patrol with R2, Luke considers Yoda and Vader's words and wonders if Kenobi misled him. The Blockade Runner approaches, ignoring hails, and destroys his ship. Thrown free, he uses the Force to draw R2 to him and his blaster to fire them out of the way. R2 magnetizes himself to the ship's hull and Luke cuts through a repair conduit with his 'saber. Dodging welding beams repairing the hole, they hear an Imperial code transmission and realize the ship is under Empire control. They climb to a cargo hold, where a mechanized hold-tender hurls cargo at them and tries to impale Luke R2 rams it and Luke shoots its motor controls, flames igniting liquid propellant in the hold. They try to escape but R2 can't access the door controls, so Luke shorts them with his 'saber. Krell's tracking officer reports their presence and the probot's success, and Krell orders the droid to final cycle. As it nears Rebel space, Luke runs to the main computer chamber, where the probot coordinates control. R2 stops him from shooting it, for it's linked to the main reactor and would destroy them, too. He realizes the droid plans to detonate the Fleet and tries to stop it, but is hit by a power overload that leaves him comatose. The probot registers his identity, ignores Krell's order, and turns to a new course as per Vader's standing orders to take Luke alive. As Rebels attack the probot, Luke awakens, uses the Force to make the probot think him unconscious, and damages guidance circuits. In the chaos, he and R2 dodge lasers and escape in a lifepod. The probot jumps to lightspeed, primed to explode, and returns to Krell, its logic capacitors overloaded. Evasive maneuvers fail, the ships explode on impact, and Luke and R2 are rescued by an X-Wing. EnsViews Comic Review

Review not yet available. Please check back again soon.

Cover Image

"EnsViews" are copyright ? 1997-8 by Paul Ens. They are posted to rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc, emailed to Dark Horse Comics and archived on theForce.net. Cover scans are courtesy of Mark Lookabaugh.

Titles, Cover images, Marvel Comics, and the Marvel logo are trademarks of Marvel Comic Group and its respective Licensors.

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