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SWCCG Holotable v0.8.0 (Base Program)

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SWCCG Holotable UPDATE: 0.8.1 (Patch)

SWCCG Holotable Large Images thru V12 (233MB)

SWCCG Virtual Card Set #12: Martyrs & Magistrates(.pdf): 1.09.07

SWCCG Rulings(.pdf) UPDATE: 11.03.05

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Imperial Palace: Senate Hall- Being that the Senate Hall is a peaceful place of debate for the issues of the universe, no battles or Force drains occur here.

Politician- A new term defined as any character who serves the public in some capacity (i.e. Senators, bureaucrats, diplomats, ambassadors).

Millennium Falcon Sites- These sites cumulatively add 1 passenger capacity to Millennium Falcon for each Millennium Falcon site on table. However, extra passenger capacity pertains to the Falcon sites only. Capacity of cockpit is still 4 (2 pilots, 2 passengers). For example, if you have 3 Falcon sites on the table, the Falocon's passenger capacity is now 5. You may have 2 passengers in the cockpit, and 3 at any of the related sites.

All Starship Site rules apply (see Dagobah Rule Supplement) except, opponent may not deploy to a Millennium Falcon site. Also, characters at system sites or aboard another starship may only move to a Millennium Falcon site when it is either landed or docking with that starship.

Rebel SpecForce Characters- Due to the covert operations of Special Forces, all SpecForce characters may deploy anywhere (except Dagobah) regardless of location deployment restrictions or Force icons.

Random Sabacc- After you initiate Random Sabacc, and the pile of Sabacc variants is formed, start playing by drawing the top card. When initiating this version of Sabacc only, ignore the Requirements portion of all Sabacc variants. The only requirement neccessary for playing this version of Sabacc, is that the character you target must be listed on at least one of your versions of Sabacc in the pile. When versions need to be changed, place the current version being played on the bottom and shuffle the Sabacc pile. Draw the top card and resume playing where you left off. DO NOT DISCARD CURRENT HAND AND CREATE A NEW HAND. All cards in Sabacc hands now follow the rules of the new version of Sabacc. This could mean that your hand is now totally worthless, extremely valuable, or didn't change at all. The very purpose of Random Sabacc. When Random Sabacc is fininshed, all versions of Sabacc return to the owners' Used Piles.

Lieutenant Han Solo- The Han Solo who was a part of the Imperial Navy was a different man than the Han Solo we know in the movies and novels. Thus any cards which target or involve Han Solo specifically cannot be used on this version of Han.

Released Prisoner- A new term wich is defined as any character released from a prison. A character retains this characteristic for the rest of the game (unless otherwise stated).

Destroyed- A new card (Base Delta Zero) allows the Dark Side to 'destroy' exterior sites. A 'destroyed' exterior site is treated the same way as a 'collapsed' interior site.

Rendezvous Point- You may move to this sector from any system.

Tactics- A new card type which enhances a battle. A Tactics card is picked up by the owner if 1) that player controls that location, 2) no longer has presence at that location, or 3) plays a new tactic to that location. Each side is allowed only one Tactic card per location. A Tactic card may be played at any time during a battle.

Hoth: South Slope- The South Slope was located at the back of Echo Base. For this reason, the starfighters and transports were moved here both to protect them from the Imperial invasion as well as buy more time for the base to evacuate. When deploying Hoth sites, this site will be deployed as follows:

Hoth System
Marker Sites
Echo Sites
Hoth: South Slope
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