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SWCCG Holotable UPDATE: 0.8.1 (Patch)

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*Home One
Capital:Calamari Cruiser-Dest.1
Power=8, Armor=7, Hyperspeed=3
Deploy=7, Forfeit=9
Scomp Link, Permanent Pilot, Nav Computer

LORE: Flagship of the Rebel Fleet. Used as Admiral Ackbar's personal command ship.

May add 5 pilots, 6 passengers, 1 vehicle, and 3 starfighters. Has ship-docking capability. Permanent pilot aboard provides ability of 2. All your Rebel starships may 'react' to same system and are power +1 here.

*Lady Luck
Starfighter:Modified Space Yacht-Dest.4
Power=1, Maneuver=1, Hyperspeed=4
Deploy=3, Forfeit=2
Independent, Scomp Link, Nav Computer

LORE: Modified space yacht owned by Lando Calrissian. Has many hidden weapons and defense mechanisms known only by Lando.

May add 2 pilot and 2 passengers. May deploy with Lando as a 'react' (for free). If Lando piloting, power and maneuver +2, forfeit +3, and immune to attrition< 4. Has ship-docking capability.

Starfighter: Modified Light Freighter Dest.2
Power=4, Maneuver=4, Hyperspeed=6
Deploy=4, Forfeit=6
Independent, Scomp Link, Nav Computer

LORE: Modified YT-2400 freighter. Among its special modifications are a .75 class hyperdrive and a highly illegal sensor stealth system.

May add 1 pilot and 2 passengers (pilot must be a smuggler). May move from a battle as a 'react' (for free). Immune to attrition< 5 if Dash piloting. Has ship-docking capability.

*Wild Karrde
Capital Starship: Modified Bulk Freighter-Dest.1
Power=4, Armor=5, Hyperspeed=5
Deploy=5, Forfeit=6
Independent, Scomp Link, Nav Computer

LORE: Modified Action VI Transport. Serves as Talon Karrde's mobile base of communications. Boasts a sophisticated sensor shroud system.

May add 3 pilots, 3 passengers, and 1 vehicle. May use 1 Force to hide from a battle. Immune to attrition< 4 if Talon Karrde or Mara Jade piloting. Deploys and moves like a starfighter. Has ship-docking capability.

***Rogue Squadron X-Wing
Starfighter: X-Wing-Dest.2
Power=3, Maneuver=4, Hyperspeed=5
Deploy=7, Forfeit=6
Scomp Link, Astromech

LORE: Rogue Squadron is made up of the best pilots in the Rebel Alliance. Formed after the battle of Yavin by Luke Skywalker and Commander Narra.

May deploy-2 to same system as Luke or Wedge. Permanent pilot aboard adds 3 to power and 2 to maneuver. Provides ability of 2. May add one destiny to power only. Adds 2 to weapon destiny draws.

**YT-1300 Freighter
Starfighter:Modified Light Freighter-Dest.3
Power=2, Maneuver=3, Hyperspeed=4
Deploy=2, Forfeit=4
Scomp Link, Nav Computer, Independent

LORE: Stock freighter made by Corellian Engineering Co.. Popular among smugglers. Easily modified.

May add 2 pilots and 1 passenger. May move away as a 'react' if pilot is a smuggler. Has ship-docking capability and you may deploy Quad Laser Cannon here.

Ghtroc Freighter
Starfighter:Modified Light Freighter-Dest.4
Power=2, Maneuver=3, Hyperspeed=4
Deploy=2, Forfeit=3
Scomp Link, Nav Computer, Independent

LORE: Designed by Ghtroc Industries. Popular in the Outer Rim. Durable.

May add 1 pilot and 1 passenger. Deploy -2 if deploying with an alien pilot. Has ship docking-capability.

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