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SWCCG Holotable v0.8.0 (Base Program)

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SWCCG Holotable UPDATE: 0.8.1 (Patch)

SWCCG Holotable Large Images thru V12 (233MB)

SWCCG Virtual Card Set #12: Martyrs & Magistrates(.pdf): 1.09.07

SWCCG Rulings(.pdf) UPDATE: 11.03.05

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*Point Blank

LORE: "At that close range we won't last long against those Star Destroyers." "We'll last longer than we will against that Death Star...and we might just take a few of them with us."

Place on a system. During a battle where your opponent outnumbers you in total power, you may add one battle destiny (two if your Lando is participating). Also, both sides starfighter maneuvers are cut in half, starship weapon destinies are doubled, and if the Superlaser 'hits' one of your capital starships, opponent randomly chooses one of his to be 'hit' as well.

Epic Events

*Star Destroyer Attack
Epic Event-Dest.0

During the weapons phase of a battle at a system, your starfighters with weapons may make an attack run on a Star Destroyer as follows:
Sir, We Just Lost Our Deflector Shields!: If opponent has Deflector Shield Generators, draw destiny. If destiny>2, Generators are lost.
Concentrate All Firepower: You draw one destiny for each of your starfighter weapons. Opponent draws one destiny for each of their capital starship weapons on target. If your total destiny +X-Y-Z>starship's armor, starship is immediately lost.
X=number of your starfighters participating.
Y=number of opponent's TIEs in the battle.
Z=opponent's total destiny.
If unsuccessful, you lose one starfighter. Epic Event goes to Used Pile

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