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SWCCG Holotable UPDATE: 0.8.1 (Patch)

SWCCG Holotable Large Images thru V12 (233MB)

SWCCG Virtual Card Set #12: Martyrs & Magistrates(.pdf): 1.09.07

SWCCG Rulings(.pdf) UPDATE: 11.03.05

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Besieged Defense
Lost Interrupt-Dest.5

LORE: Rebel Fleet troopers are specially trained to defend against Imperial boarding parties.

Just after opponent initiates a Besieged battle, you may deploy (at normal use of the Force) any amount of cards to that battle (capacity permitting). Rebel troopers or Guards deploy for free.

Jawa Tag Sale
Used Interrupt-Dest.4

LORE: Jawas make frequent stops to the many moisture farms in order to sell their variety of wares.

If you have a Jawa on Tatooine, search your Lost Pile and use X Force to retrieve any or all droids or non-starship devices where X=the total of all deploy costs of droids or devices to be retrieved. (Add 1 to X for each card without a deploy cost.)

Arrogance of the Empire
Lost Interrupt-Dest.3

LORE: Many Imperial officers see the Rebel Alliance as hardly more than a pitiful band of traitors trying to do the impossible. "The Rebel Alliance...is more dangerous than you realize."

If opponent initiated a battle at a system where there is a Rebel and Imperial participating, you may 'react' by deploying cards -1. If Imperial is Tarkin, Motti, or Ozzel, your cards are deploy -2. Also, you may add one battle destiny and, if you win, opponent's battle damage is doubled.

**Starfighter Deflector Shields
Used Interrupt-Dest.6

LORE: Used by starfighters as a defense against weapons fire from starships.

If your starfighter was just targeted by an opponent's starship weapon, subtract up to 4 from opponent's total weapon destiny. (Once per starfighter/per turn.)

*Trap Maneuver
Used Interrupt-Dest.4

LORE: The oldest, simplest, yet most effective trick in the book. Fools most rookie TIE pilots. Veteran TIE pilots defend against this maneuver with a Tallon Roll.

Target two Rebel fighters and a TIE present at a system. Identify the lead Rebel fighter. Opponent draws destiny. If destiny>pilot's ability, TIE is lost. Otherwise, opponent may play Tallon Roll directly from Reserve Deck or hand against second fighter. If successful you lose both your fighters.

*Rebel Ceremony
Used or Lost Interrupt-Dest.6

LORE: After destroying the Death Star, the Rebel Alliance held one of the biggest award ceremonies in their history. It included remembering all those who had given the supreme sacrifice.

USED: If you just successfully destroyed a Death Star, retrieve X Force, where X= amount of Force opponent must lose. (Immune to Sense.) LOST: Use 2 Force to search your Lost Pile and take any one Rebel into your hand (4 Force if (*)).

*Prepare For Ground Assault
Lost Interrupt-Dest.4

LORE: "We've got to hold them until all transports are away."

Once per game, if opponent just deployed or moved an Imperial or walker to a Rebel Base site, you may search your Reserve Deck and take into hand up to 1 (*) character, 3 non-unique characters, 2 combat vehicles, 2 weapons or devices, and 2 effects or interrupts.

*Rogue Assault
Lost Interrupt-Dest.4

LORE: Containing the best pilots, Rogue Squadron is one of the most feared squadrons in the Alliance. Any assailt made by them will be costly.

If a battle is initiated at a location with two Rogues participating, you may add one battle destiny (two if Luke or Wedge are one of the Rogues.) Also, any combat vehicles or starfighters that they are piloting are immune to attrition.

*Would It Help If I Got Out And Pushed?
Used or Lost Interrupt-Dest.2

LORE: Princess Leia's confidence in Han's "bucket of bolts" hadn't grown much since she first saw it in the Death Star.

USED: Use 1 Force to search your Reserve Deck or Lost Pile and take into hand one non-character card with game text related to Millennium Falcon; reshuffle. LOST: If the Millennium Falcon is lost, use 2 Force to retrieve it.

*Clear Your Mind Of Questions
Used or Lost Interrupt-Dest. 4

LORE: During the course of his training, Luke had many questions concerning the Force. Yoda taught him another way.

USED: Add 1 to your training destiny for remainder of turn. OR If Yoda present, use 1 Force to glance at the top card of any Reserve Deck. LOST: Cancel the 'insert' card closest to the top of your Reserve Deck before it is revealed.

In My Favor
Used Interrupt-Dest.5

LORE: An expert gambler, Han was used to turning the odds around in his favor.

If 3,720 to 1 was just revealed, you use your three highest destiny characters on table. OR If you are playing Sabacc, add or subtract 1 from your total. (Immune to Sense.)

How Rude!
Used Interrupt-Dest.3

LORE: Threepio's interaction and data producing programs always seemed to be met with the same hostility. "After all, I'm only trying to do my job..."

If opponent just changed the outcome of a battle where Threepio is present by 'reacting,' modifying power, or modifying destiny, cancel the battle. (Immune to Sense.) OR Cancel Silence Is Golden, Oh, Switch Off, Shut Him Up Or Shut Him Down, or E Chu Ta.

Used Interrupt-Dest.3

LORE: "What if he doesn't survive. He's worth a lot to me." Bounty hunters don't like losing their quarry without being compensated.

If one of your captives was just lost or rescued with Vader or an Imperial leader at a related location, opponent must lose X Force, where X=captive's forfeit. OR If you just lost Force from a Force drain, opponent must lose half (round up) of the same amount.

*Delusions of Grandeur
Lost Interrupt-Dest.3

LORE: What somebody suffers from when willingly inserting themselves into an obviously risky situation without thinking about the consequences. Apparently droids are prone to such behavior as well.

In a battle where you have a lone character of ability< 6 and opponent has 3 or more characters at same site. Draw destiny (two if Luke or Artoo). All opponent's characters whose destiny number match either destiny go to opponent's Used Pile.

*Female Persuasion
Used or Lost Interrupt-Dest.4

LORE: Prince Xixor's feremones are known to have a tremendous influence. So is a woman's well-placed knee.

Use 2 Force if one of your females was just targeted by Xixor to be 'seduced': USED: Targeting is canceled and Xixor is power-2 and cannot use his gametext. LOST: If Leia, targeting is canceled and she cannot be 'seduced' for remainder of game. (Immune to Sense.)

*Boba Fett? Boba Fett!
Lost Interrupt-Dest.4

LORE: Han taught Boba Fett a lesson in blind justice.

If Han is in a battle with Boba Fett, add one battle destiny. OR If Han and Boba Fett are participating in a battle at same site, use 2 Force. Draw destiny. If destiny < 4, Boba Fett goes immediatley to the opponent's Used Pile or is 'eaten' by the Sarlacc.

Transmission Jamming
Used Interrupt-Dest.5

LORE: "Quick, jam their comlink--center switch!"

Cancel Holonet Transmission, Go For Help, Go, Emergency Deployment, Trooper Assault, Ghhhk, It's An Older Code, ComScan Detection, Probe Telemetry, Counter Surprise Assault, TIE Sentry Ships, or an opponent's 'react' or 'insert' card.

**Drawing The Line
Used Interrupt-Dest.4

LORE: Traveling at breakneck speed while pursuing Rebels and Ewoks, the Empire's biker scouts had little time to worry about a piece of rope between two trees. They should have.

If opponent just moved a speeder bike or swoop across a forest or jungle site draw two destiny. If your total destiny is>that vehicle's maneuver+pilot's ability, that vehicle and pilot are immediately lost.

Lost Interrupt-Dest.2

LORE: "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh..."

Lose 4 Force during a battle to 'crash' one unique starfighter with maneuver>4 and matching pilot into one of opponent's capital starships without Shield Generators. Opponent's starship is immediately lost. Your starfighter and pilot are placed out of play.

*Random Sabacc
Used Interrupt-Dest.1 or 6

LORE: Popular form of sabacc in many casinos. Combines the rules of over 10,000 official forms of sabacc. Rules change randomly.

Both players must place all versions of Sabacc from their hand, Lost Pile, and Life Force (face down) here, and reshuffle. If either player draws a clone card, Sabacc versions are immediatley changed, and play resumes. The winner wins double.

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