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*Coruscant Underworld

LORE: The underground regions of Coruscant are home to many pathetic and forgotten sentients in the galaxy. Many are there because of the Empire. It is not a place to get lost in or traverse alone.

Use 2 Force to deploy on Imperial Center: Lower Regions. If either player has a lone character here (except a character of abilty>4), draw destiny. If destiny>1, that player loses 2 Force and that character is missing or lost (your choice). (Immune to Alter.)

*Obi-Wan's Prophecy
Immediate Effect-Dest.6

LORE: "If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine."

If Obi-Wan was just 'hit,' or lost a duel, place him out of play and deploy on Luke. Adds 2 to training destiny. Also (unless Vader or the Emperor present), Luke may use this card as a destiny once during each player's turn. (Immune to Control.)

*Astromech Replacement

LORE: "This R2 unit of yours seems a bit beat-up. Do you want a new one?"

Deploy on your side of table. During your deploy phase, you may use 1 Force to cancel an astromech icon on one of your X-Wings or Y-Wings.

Corellian Bloodstripes
Immediate Effect-Dest.4

LORE: Corellian award for selfless acts of courage, bravery, and/or honor. Occasionlly awarded to non-Corellians.

If you just won a battle where you freed a Rebel captive or you destroyed a Death Star, deploy on one of your Corellians (4 Force on any other Rebel) involved in that battle or Attack Run. Character is forfeit +2 and may add one battle destiny. (Immune to Control.)

*Rebel Patrol

LORE: When building a new base, the Alliance often sends out scouts both as trailblazers and reconaissance.

Use 2 Force to deploy on any system. During your deploy phase, if your scout present, you may deploy one site related to that system directly from your Reserve Deck, reshuffle. (Immune to Alter.)

Mobile Effect-Dest.3

LORE: Gas giants, such as Bespin, are well-known for churning up tremendous storms in the atmosphere. Cloudspouts spell certain doom for unsuspecting pilots.

Deploy on an unoccupied cloud sector. Specify starting direction. Moves during your control phase to next adjacent sector. When present at same sector as a vehicle or starfighter, draw destiny. If destiny > pilot's ability, vehicle or starfighter is immediately lost. Mobile Effect lost when moved to innermost or outermost sector.

*No Love For The Empire
Immediate Effect-Dest.7

LORE: Among the questions and rumors concerning Lando, loyalty to the Empire was not one of them.

If you just cancelled Dark Deal and your Lando is at a Cloud City site, use 1 Force to deploy on Cloud City. Civil Disorder may not be cancelled. At Cloud City locations where opponent has no presence, opponent may not activate Force or use gametext. (Immune to Control.)

*Jodo Kast
Mobile Effect-Dest.2

LORE: Well-known bounty hunter. Hates Boba Fett for unknown reasons. Uses Boba Fett's identity and reputation to his advantage. The famous bounty hunter does not appreciate this kind of emulation.

Deploy at an opponent's site. Moves like a character. If Boba Fett on table at the beginning of opponent's turn, opponent loses 2 Force. May use 1 Force to place here any device, effect, or interrupt, just played or deployed, with "Boba Fett" in the game text. Effect cancelled if Boba Fett moves to this site.

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