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central North Carolina
by Patrick Hines (Rebel Strike Team)

It's April 25, 2001, release day for Jedi Knights here in Central North Carolina, cities in the area include Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and Cary. Since Ed Tostanoski, Gold 3, has got our back covered in Chapel Hill my assistanant, Don Weinstein, a great guy who wants to be a Jedi Knights product champion in the worst way, and I will concentrate on the other three major areas. Our goal is to give those stores who've seen the product and are stocking it, a heads up and any assistance regarding the marketing of the game. This heads up would be to make sure that each person who buys a starter gets a playmat, each player who get an alliance starter should also try to get an empire starter so they can show a friend, explain the differences in the first day issue cards and answer any questions the store owners might have developed after our demos over the past few weeks. For the amibitious store owners we'll even play a game or two to sharpen their skills. If we encounter any stores that have decided not to stock the game we'll give them a little show I tell to try to up the excitement. We've got real cards to show and almost a complete set to show off, we'll get them all in sooner or later.

Don prepared an opening day newsletter customized for each store, the newsletter provides preliminary information and gives the new Jedi Knights players a person to call or e-mail for more information or a demo if needed. He did a great job with it, its a great way to bring new players into the support loop. Did I mention he really wants to be a product champion for Jedi Knights. He made 50 copies for each store and gave to the store owners to hand out. As time progresses, I'll let you all know how this idea worked out.

My strike agenda for the day included, Fan Fare all mall store in Durham with lots of exposure, Sports Cards Unlimited #1 & #2 two stores operated in Durham by the same guy but managed separately and Games Galore in Raleigh where I would meet up with Don and bust up, strike, a game night populated moslty by Magic and Doomtown players.

Don's agenda included, Foundations Edge a stgore next to NC State where Don has held SWCCG tournaments lately, Hobby Masters in Raleigh, a shop whos name escapes me at the moment and later Games Galore for our final strike.

Most of the day strikes involved our assisting the owners with any questions and promoting the Leagues for summer. All but two of the stores we worked with had Jedi Knights regular flavor (not first day) in stock and had sold some packs before we arrived so we were happy about that. Only one of the stores is stocking the first day stuff, but as of 10:00pm this evening, hadn't sold any packs or starters.

Our night strike was at Games Galore, we arrived about 7pm and the place was packed with gamers, we didn't have room to sit down so we spent part of the time talking to players who were waiting for tables. During that time, we held up the poster that is printed on the back of the playmat. A few guys came by to check out the look on Hans face, this gave us the in to start hyping the game. Someone would come by and say, "What's that you're holding up?", we'd respond, "Artwork from a new card game in the Star Wars universe", they'd respond, "Oh yea, I remember that scene in the movies..." We continued meeting people and finally a table freed up, by this time we've got about 8 people asking for demos, so we split them up and show them the game. I was demoing the game right next to some people who were playing Magic so it was interesting to hear the comments as I proceed with my demos.."What game are they playing over there?".."Oh, they're playing Jedi Knights a new game".."Oh yea, does it look any good?".."They call it rotating not tapping"..."Did you check out those 3d glasses, that's pretty cool".."How many cards in the set?"..."Is Vader the strongest Theme?"... Of the 12 players given demos, 4 went and bought some starters and boosters. For an impromptu demonstration I think this was a pretty fair catch.

Overall, I think we had a successful day. Our next big demo of the game will be up in Oxford at a store whos middle name should be Decipher, they sell only Decipher card games and host tournaments for Star Trek, Star Wars, Austin Powers and Young Jedi. The purpose of this demo will just be a how to play thing, by the time we get up there, he'll already be sold out of his starters.........

Thanks for listening!

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