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The Force Is Strong With This One
by Jeremy "Rogue 72" Oakes

Theme Pile
1x Luke Skywalker, Moisture Farmer
1x R2-D2
1x Red Five, Luke?s X-wing
1x Carbon Freezing Chamber
1x Lars' Moisture Farm
1x Back Door
1x Frozen Wastes
6x One each of Force Cards: 1-2, 4-6, 8
1x Force Card: 3 (uncommon version)
1x Force Card: 7 (uncommon version)

3x Luke Skywalker, Hero Of Yavin
3x Obi-Wan Kenobi, Old Ben
2x Yoda, The Mentor
2x Wedge Antilles, X-wing Ace
1x R2-D2
3x Private Alain, Unit Scrounge
2x Solomahal, Veteran Scout
2x Tiatha, Legendary Scavenger
1x Iasa, Jawa Merchant
1x Nabrun Leids, Morseerian Transport Expert

2x Red Five, Luke?s X-wing
2x Red Two
2x Gold Two
2x Gold Five
2x Rancor?s Tooth
3x Tantive IV
1x Dodonna?s Pride

2x Obi-Wan?s Lightsaber
2x Luke?s Blaster
3x Blaster
2x Blaster Rifle
3x Proton Torpedoes
2x TAIM & BAK IX4 Laser Cannons

4x That?s No Moon
4x They Came From Behind
2x Outrun Those Imperial Slugs
3x Pick Up Some Power Converters
3x Jawa Trader
1x Senatorial Guard
1x Good Shooting Wedge
2x Stabilize Your Rear Deflectors

Starting Cards: R2-D2 & Red 5... Go Figure... Well for those of you that don?t know, Luke is a Monster in Space on his ship. Luke & R2 on Red 5 is Power 10. And that?s just alone... If you support Red 5 with other starfighters, then it?s +2 for each. (More On Starting Stuff Later)

This deck is very heavy in cards that let you draw cards. The whole Idea of this deck is to get the upper Hand on your opponent by having a larger choice of cards to deploy.

I usually begin the game by giving away the first location. When this happens you can play 1 of your 4 copies of They Came from behind. You can actually play all 4 if you want! Anyway this allows you to get the cards you need very early.

With all the right cards in hand, this deck is a POWER deck. It has Huge Weapons, Buff Characters, Massive Destiny! All in all, after you play all your card drawing cards, You?ll be ready to eradicate the empire from that end of the universe!

Final Conflict: A large key to the final Conflict is to keep your star Destroyers Alive and eliminate all of your opponents Starships so you can get your power Bonuses. It?s probably Meta for the area but, It seems that during the final conflict many people are deploying a massive amount of characters and very little starships to the last location. With your few & strong characters, you will be able to stay alive and dominate your opponent in power?

May The Force Be With You!

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