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(Introduced in the Premiere edition)
by Daniel "Yarua" Holmes

Destiny: 2
Rebel Allegiance - Han Theme
Keywords: Rebel * Droid
Deploy: 1
Power: 1
Defense: 5
Game Text: May not use weapons. While C-3PO is supporting Han, Han is power +2 for each character supporting him. While C-3PO is supporting, once per Weapon Step you may discard a tactical bonus from under an opposing character.
Lore: C-3PO thinks that sometimes he doesn't understand human behaviour. He is wrong. He just doesn't understand Han's behaviour.

* * * * *

At first glance, C-3PO may seem a fairly weak card: he's only got a power of 1, his destiny's a 2 and he's a Han theme card, meaning he costs more to use in a Luke theme deck. But on a closer look, C-3PO is a very handy card to have a copy or 2 of in your Han theme decks.

First of all, he has a defense of 5; this makes him the equal of both Han and Leia, and harder to hit with a weapon than Vader, Luke or Palpatine, who all have a defense value of 4. So, while he might be bantha poodoo if your opponent decides to make him the defender, when C-3PO supports anyone he will make a hard target for your opponent to hit. But never forget that you can play a tactical bonus; if C-3PO is the defender, slip a copy of They Came From Behind under him and he becomes a 5: enough to beat most troopers.

C-3PO can come in handy too if you decide to play the event Droid Detector: every time you have C-3PO on the table and you have to draw cards in your Draw Phase, he allows you to draw two extra cards, which can be very useful with the lower Force cards.

C-3PO's game text is the best thing about him. Han Solo, Unlikely Hero can have two characters supporting him. Make one of these two characters C-3PO and Han gets a power boost of 4. In addition, Han's game text allows you to add a destiny draw to your attacker or defender's power if they are a smuggler - which, of course, Han is!

The second part of C-3PO's game text is a real lifesaver, especially when Han faces Darth Vader, Sith Warrior, who has a whopping power of 9. If you only have Han and C-3PO alone without a weapon, you will have a power of 7 with a destiny draw from Han's game text. If your opponent decides to play a tactical bonus, you may find that your destiny draw is no longer enough to overcome Vader. But that's where C-3PO comes in: you can use your turn in the Weapon Step to get rid of that tactical bonus, which can really hurt your opponent if they decided to use their larger tactical bonus first. And remember, this works during any battle where C-3PO is supporting: it doesn't have to be Han that he's supporting, so he can really help out Leia and Obi-Wan as well.

Overall, C-3PO is pretty much a must for any Han deck!

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