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The Official TheForce.Net/FanForce.Net Celebration V Party
Sponsored by Official Pix!
Date: Thursday, August 12th, 2010 Time: 6:30pm-11pm Location: Wyndham Orlando Resort 8001 International Drive; Orlando, FL 32819 Less than a mile north of the convention center. (407) 351-2420, (877) 999-3223 Who: The party is for all members of the TFN family: FanForce, Jedi Council Forums, readers of TheForce.net, Rebelscum.com, the ForceCast.net, etc. If you consider yourself a part of TFN, this event is for you! The event will be open to all ages. We will try to keep things as family friendly as possible, though it is a party largely for adults. A cash bar serving alcohol and soft drinks will be available at the event (including the famous Celebration Drink). What: Light snacks will be served at the start of the evening. Door prizes and raffles will be available (donated largely from Official Pix). Various Star Wars celebs are invited and a list of some attendees will be published at a later date. Basically come to enjoy food, games, prizes, and all the fun that you have come to expect from TFN. Free Lapel Pin Our exclusive party pins will be available at the door to paying party guests on a first come first serve basis. Since our ticket sales are higher that we anticipated we expect to run out of pins before all guests have arrived and received one. This is bittersweet for us. We are ecstatic that we have so many guests, but are sad that we may not have enough pins to go around. So come early for your best chance at a pin. Pins will only be available at the door. Tickets Tickets are now only at the door for $35 for adults and $30 for children. Check-in A master list of guests will be kept at the entrance to the party. If your name is not on the master list, you will be required to purchase a ticket at the door unless a confirmation email and/or ticket number can be shown. Confirmation emails and IDs should be brought to the event. Pre-Check-in at the FF/JC Table On Thursday party pre-check in will be available at the FanForce/Jedi Council Forums table in Fan Hall. If you have pre-purchased a ticket to the event, bring your ticketing information to the FF/JC table and collect your party bracelet. This will allow you to avoid a line to get into the party. Just flash your bracelet at the door and walk right in. Note that each individual must personally collect his/her bracelet. One person cannot collect all of the bracelets for a group of people, sorry. We are not responsible for lost or stolen bracelets. If you lose it, you will have to purchase a second ticket into the event at the door. Celebrity Guests A complete list of celebrity guests may be found here. Newly announced guests will be placed in bold type. Right now we have a few celeb guests who have indicated they would like to attend, but they want us to hold off announcing them until they can say for sure they will attend. We hope to get their official confirmations soon. The FanForce/Jedi Council Forums table will also have an up-to-date listing of celebrity guests at the party. Also the if you visit the FanForce/Jedi Council Forums table in Fan Hall and they might let you in on the rumored guests... Note: Many of the celebrity guests at CV are under contract in regards to autographs. Please be respectful of this if a guest declined to sign or take extensive pictures at the party. Feel free to approach them and chat. We just want our celeb guests to be able to relax and enjoy the party as much as our non-celeb guests. Entertainment As we announced before, caricature artist Darryl Woods will be drawing at our event! All party attendants will be entered in a free raffle to win a customized drawing created while they wait. We are offering this service as a raffle to cut down on lines at the event and to give all attendants an equal opportunity to take home a beautiful customized piece. Mr. Woods has also graciously donated some special, unique drawings to be raffled at the event. These will be one of a kind items created specifically for our event, see raffle update below. A Star Wars "Fan Band," Sex Wing Starfighter, will be performing live at the event. They are a pro-Rebellion punk bank from Tatooine with a very unique take on Star Wars. They will be performing sporatically throughout the evening. Drop by their site and give them a listen! Also at the event, we will have Kristin Sirota (Benae Quee as some on TFN know her) of Hooplyn Hoops preforming and most likely teaching hooping. We have secured the services of special effects and make-up artist CJ Evans. (Warning her site has some beautifully gory special effects make-up pictured). She will be on hand to do temporary tattoos and face painting. All children at the event will received a free temporary tattoo or face painting from CJ. More details will be available at the event. Raffle Items At the party, several items will be raffled with a portion of the proceeds going to charity. For an updated list on items available head to the raffle thread on the Jedi Council Forums. Contact info for questions Any questions or concerns should be directed to the party organizer Dajuan Kinney (jedidajuan@gmail.com). She will try to answer all emails within 24 hours of their receipt. Thank you and hope to see you there!
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