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The following information is extremely spoiler rich. Please do not read further unless you want to risk the chance of being spoiled. If you don't mind spoilers, read on!

First Look at a Scene from Episode VII
2003-07-15, 08:40:00 EDT

Highlight the white space below to read the Episode VII scene.


10. Leia smiles as her door chimes.

LEIA: Come.

Baron Golemun enters, atop a mechanical throne, leaving the door to Leia's office open.

GOLEMUN: Madame Organa-Solo?

LEIA: Senator Golemun, what brings you to my office?

GOLEMUN: With all due respect, I came seeking a private audience with you to discuss the growing Coalition debate, to see if we can avoid a repeat of what happened today in the Senate Chamber.

LEIA: That is a nice thought, Senator, you can make an appointment with ?

GOLEMUN: [Golemun does not let her finish] I feel you are only seeing one side of this issue. As a Jedi and Chief of State, it is imperative you remain as neutral as possible on this matter. Your mind seems made up as far as the proper way to govern the galaxy is concerned.

LEIA: Senator, I have made no nods to the contrary. The Galaxy was governed for years under the very body I wish to reinstate.

GOLEMUN: Your type of government has failed before, why will it not fail now? My friends in the Coalition assure me they are simply offering an alternative to the reforming Republic, they mean no harm.

LEIA: I am well aware of your ties to the Coalition, Senator ?

GOLEMUN: The Jedi were unable to prevent Palpatine from bringing about the rise of the Empire ? a body where the galaxy?s only Jedi governed with an iron fist. A governing body without Jedi presence is the only safe way to maintain a democracy in this galaxy. Frankly, some find your tactics for running the Galaxy quite imperialistic?

LEIA: Imperialistic? I do not care for your implication, Senator Golemun. You seek a government with you in charge and the Jedi non-existent.

GOLEMUN: That is a most remarkable presumption. I should know not to expect less from the daughter of Darth Vader.

[Leia quickly looks beyond Golemun to see if there was anyone in the hallway close enough to hear his last words]

LEIA: That is hardly public knowledge, Senator. I implore you to keep your voice down. Besides, that is completely irrelevant in this situation.

GOLEMUN: On the contrary, Madame Organa-Solo, it is completely relevant. The Jedi continue to push their ideals upon the galaxy for the ?greater good?. That you push for a government where the Jedi are the real power, not the people.

Golemun leans in to Leia.

GOLEMUN: (con?d)

I am confident that I will persuade the Senate to see my point of view . . . you will be surprised of the many things I know that are hardly public knowledge.

Leia pulls back a little.

LEIA: We have strong intelligence showing that The Coalition is stockpiling arms. If anyone is looking for a war, it?s them.

GOLEMUN: Please. With the Republic military so large, obviously they feel threatened. Try being a diplomat again. I fear the Rebellion has turned you into a warmonger.

LEIA: I have sacrificed my life many times for this galaxy. You cannot say the same. Until you have, keep your slanderous comments to yourself. Good day.

Golemun?s throne begins to retreat backwards.

GOLEMUN: When my planet was threatened during the Clone Wars, I pleaded with the Senate for assistance, but got none. The Republic destroyed my planet after I joined the Separatists in order to avoid their attack. My people blamed me for the destruction. I have sacrificed plenty.

LEIA: That was fifty years ago, Senator, now is not the time to fix your family legacy.

GOLEMUN: Again, Madame Organa-Solo, you are mistaken. Your personal agenda has no right to try and prevent free will. I have sworn to bring TRUE order to the galaxy. And if that means?

LEIA: That?s Chief of State Organa-Solo, Senator, and until you hold that title, you will show the proper respect. Good day, Senator.

GOLEMUN: My apologies...

LEIA: Good day.

The door closes as Golemun leaves.



Stay tuned here to TF.N for more updates on the Virtual Sequels!

Episode VII SPOILERS--More News From the Script
2003-04-07, 16:43:37 EDT

After the conversation with Screenplay Project Manager, Sean Hale, TF.N was able to view the following part of the Episode VII working script.


MARA Forget it. We'll send a rescue force for him.

KANE But mom-

MARA Do you have any leads?


MARA Then where do you expect to go?

Kane sighs.

KANE I guess you're right.

MARA Where are you traveling to?

BEN Nowhere yet, we're on Townowi.

MARA Townowi?

BEN It's alright, the Coalition doesn't know we're here.

MARA Leave immediately. (END SPOILER)

Stay tuned here to TF.N for more updates on the Virtual Sequels!

Episode VII SPOILERS--News From the Script
2003-02-22, 13:00:00 EDT

As was reported on the Virtual Sequels Main Page, the following scene was learned in a conversation with Coral Duster, Head Script Supervisor, for the Virtual Sequels.

(SPOILERS--HIGHLIGHT TO READ) The opening scene, after the crawl, shows a New Republic ship entering the Tatooine system. The faces of the Skywalker children can be seen through one of the viewports. Suddenly, another ship drops out of hyperspace.

The children are met by Jedi Master, Luke Skywalker, their father. They are touring the slave quarters in Mos Espa, the residence of their grandfater, Anakin Skywalker.

Suddenly, Luke feels a disturbance in the Force. He turns to find several "Coalition" troops approaching. (END SPOILERS)

This was all that Coral Duster would reveal at this time, but his assurances were that more would be coming soon. Stay tuned!

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