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Virtual Sequels Character Art Gallery

18 Jan 03

Updated with new stuff from Carter Allen.

The Underground City by Crimson Jack Spare Parts Store by Crimson Jack Street with Artoo by Crimson Jack Weapons Store by Crimson Jack Statue of Jedi Master Yoda by Crimson Jack A Planet Concept by Crimson Jack Another Planet Concept by Crimson Jack A Location for Episode VII by Crimson Jack The Water Towers by Crimson Jack Coruscant Towers by Crimson Jack Coruscant Towers by Crimson Jack A Factory Location by Crimson Jack Coruscant Towers by Mar17swgirl The Building by Crimson Jack Tatooine by Crimson Jack Interior Hallway by Crimson Jack The Jedi Temple by Crimson Jack The Ice Planet by Carter Allen The Sith Tower by Crimson Jack The Hidden Fortress by Carter Allen The Ice Planet by Carter Allen The Ice Planet by Carter Allen The Jedi Base by Carter Allen The Jedi Base by Carter Allen

2 Apr 03

There is now some information to go along with the pictures.


Kharam - The mountainous world of Kharam is located so far from it?s star, Khara Segundus, that most of the planet is subject to freezing winds and sudden snowstorms. These storms are fueled by the interaction of the incredibly moist air supply with volcanic activity far below the planet?s crust. Several large vents have formed inside the shells of many mountain ranges, and tremendous amounts of thermal energy appear here. The resulting collision of air masses sends swirling blizzards across the planet.

However, since there is such a high moisture content, the environment is well suited to the indiginous flora. Hardy ferns, decidious trees, and many kinds of lichens and thick grasses thrive where the snows have left bare patches. This in turn leads to a limited but unique chain of insects, small herbivores and their predators, and, in turn, larger predators.

Such an abundance of plant and animal life has made it an excellent choice for the Jedi training facility. Since Jedi thrive where there is a high concentration of plant and animal life forms, the hardy ecosystem of Kharam is ideally suited for training Padawan learners.

Founded by Jedi Master Wade Vox, the first Jedi trained at Kharam passed their Jedi trials just prior to the Vong Crisis. So few were trained there, however, that Master Skywalker kept the location a secret to throughout much of the Vong invasion. Arguably, Jedi Master Keyan Farlander was the only Jedi involved in the Vong conflict (besides Skywalker himself) that even knew there was another Academy.

During the Vong Crisis, the Academy was protected from the prying eyes of the galaxy by many powerful Jedi. Master Vox, Kyle Katarn, Thall Joben, and Cindel Towani all took extrodinary measures to make sure that no one found out about the Academy. Hence, it's location was never revealed to the Vong nor to any of the number of shadowy organizations that would have profited from the destruction of the Jedi. It remained a secret facility until Skywalker relocated the Jedi there after the Vong threat had been eliminated.

Since that time, the Jedi Academy at Kharam has grown in size as well as stature. The original structure was a connection of a handful of prefabricated buildings: a hangar, a barracks, and a training facility (which was really more of a sprawling gymnasium). These buildings were arranged around a command center building. The Academy has grown so large, however, that the original buildings have been so dwarfed that they were incorporated INSIDE the current expanse of halls.

The construction of the Academy is mostly imported stone because of an adaptation of certain local fauna. There is a unique brand of mites on Kharam that have a hearty hunger for mineral deposits. While not as destructive as other galactic pests, Choppa-Mites feed on local stone and rock formations, and are believed to aid in the erosion that hollows many of Kharam's mountain ranges. Fortunately, they seem repulsed by imported stone, and all kinds of woods and refined metals

The Academy of Kharam has been the home to many a notable Jedi?s first steps in the Force. As the newest generation of heroes arises, Kharam will have an important role to play in the unfolding saga...


23 Dec 02

Some pictures Sturm, Mar and Urban Jedi took on their recent trip to Peru.

(SPOILER--HIGHLIGHT TO READ) Peru is rumored to be the location of the planet "Townowi" appearing in Episode VII. (END SPOILER)

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