• FEB 19
Roderick wrote: "Recently, Cinescape wrote this: 'Cinescape Online has learned interesting information regarding the speculated love triangle between Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala and Obi-Wan Kenobi in the second and third "Star Wars" prequels. While the source asked us not to reveal the details of the scoop, we've learned that the likelihood of an Arthurian-type love triangle between the characters may well be a sure thing.' 
Will this love triangle mirror the one between Luke, Han and Leia in the current episode? Could the relationship between Padme and Obi-Wan develop like the one between Leia and Starkiller in the rough draft of Star Wars? Send in your thoughts!"
  • FEB 19
Evan wrote: "We have all heard that Anakin and the Queen are to get married at the end of Episode 2. What if: the plot of episode 1 revolves around an arranged marriage between Bail Organa and the young Queen to unite their two systems in peace (Naboo and Alderaan). So, between Episode 1 and 2 they are married for political reasons. Then in Episode 2 while Anakin and the Queen are fighting in the clone wars - they are secretly married (ala "Braveheart") maybe in a secret ceremony by Yoda or something and she conceives the children on their wedding night. Episode 2 ends and Episode 3 begins with Leia being raised as the daughter of Bail Organa (he thinks she is his) and Luke already shuffled off the Tatooine. Bail knows nothing about the liason between the Queen and Anakin and Anakin knows nothing about the child and the audience doesn't *really* know about the twins. Eventually Anakin gets so outraged over the fact that the Queen maintains the political marriage as well as their secret married and he goes crazy to the dark side. Maybe Anakin kills the Queen and doesn't ever find out he has a son and for that matter maybe she never told him Leia was his child..."
  • FEB 23
JEV wrote: "First off, I have to tell that I don't buy the secret wedding/political weddind idea by Evan. From what we've heard, the wedding should be in the end of Episode 2 and should also be a huge event. Plus, everything points to Portman's character to be around 14 years old(give or take a year or two). This would make her a little young, don't you think? Althought you could say the arrange wedding is actually in the second episode. 
As it been said before, the triangle between Padme, Anakin and Ben may very well be one of the major reasons why Anakin turns to the Dark side. This could easilly start in the first movie, with Padme having a crush on the handsome knight, while Anakin is just a little boy. He would, of course, come to realise is futur wife's feeling for his teacher and, under the right set circonstances, believe they are more than good friends. 
I guess the big difference between that triangle and the one in the original trilogy would be : they're NOT family! But seriously, I don't think Padme and Ben will get involve romanticly behind Anakin' back, but he will believe otherwise, which will make him go ballistitic, out of jealousy and anger, the perfect food of the Dark side."
Gwar wrote: "I don't think that Vader ever knew that he had children or thought he might have had any. I think that the Queen is in the early stages of pregancy, or she does not even know it yet, by the time Anikin becomes Vader. While Vader is busy hunting Jedi, Ben takes Luke and goes into hiding. So if Vader every went and found the queen, he still wouldn't know that he had a son. She might have had Bail immediatly adopt Leia so her name would change and then just been around until Leia could remember her. I don't know what her fate will be but I don't think die at the hand of Vader.  Vader finds out when he learns the name of Luke and is hunting him in ESB.  How does he know that Luke is his son? Simple, Luke had the same last name as Vader used to have. Vader probably found out that Luke was the one who destroyed the Death Star and he sensed Luke in the trench and put 2 and 2 together. Ben said that the Emperor knew that Anikin's kids would be strong in the Force so that is why the Emperor wanted Luke so bad. The reason Vader did not know Leia was his daughter..she had always gone be a different last name."