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New Battlefront and Republic Commando Article

Posted By TF.N on February 5, 2004

GMR Magazine ran a cover story on Star Wars Republic Commando and Battlefront, and Superdarthdestroyr was kind enough to type us up an excerpt and one of the side features:

From "Four On The Floor - Star Wars Republic Commando" In LucasArt's upcoming squad-based first-person shooter Republic Commando, you are a member fo the faceless clone army. You're nothing but a number. A grunt. A meatbag, some would say. Specifically, you are part of the second- toughest pack of clones the Republic army has to offer, and for this dubious distinction, you're paid in punishment. You're sent on missions that would crush the low-level maggots, and then some. This is your lot in life. You're a Republic commando. ...

... The stage we saw was exceptionally large, going on for what seemed like ages. As your character makes his way down tight corridors, one of your boys watches your six while the other tow cover the flanks and you take th lead. Every so often, a Geonosian will exchange gunfire with you (weapons in Republic Commando use both ballistic and energy-based ammunition), at which point you have a number of options. You can take the enemy head-on or pull back as your crew steps up and starts throwing heat. Or you can survey your surroundings, take advantage of a vacant turret, and blast the opposition to pieces. Or, possibly, issue a command for a member of your party to turret duty while the rest of you take up strategic formations. Delegating orders to your crew is as easy as pointing a crosshair at a spot, and if your trooper can physically get there, bam, that's it. ...

Exerpt from "Star Wars Battlefronts" ... Apart from the standard round after meaningless round of push-and-pull gameplay, most Battlefield-type games don't really do anything to thread the battles together. Not Battlefront. Galactic conquest mode allows players to make the battles count as they fight for control of the various planets. Teams can go back and forth on a bigger map of the individual worlds, fighting for a majority control of the galaxy. Bonuses can also be achieved when one side captures a specific planet. Imperials can get a Death Star if they control Endor, and both sides can spawn special NPCs like Darth Vader or Obi-Wan to fight alongside their troops. These layers of strategy should keep players in the game for hours on end...

Also, GMR ran a featurette on the 5 best and 5 worst Star Wars games ever:

1. KOTOR - "... one of the best and most replayable RPGs ever created."
2. Tie Fighter - "This magnificent sequel to the hit X-wing managed to hit all the right notes with eager Star Wars fans ..."
3. Dark Forces - "... LucasArts went the extra mile ..."
4. Jedi Knight: DF II - "... This game built significantly on its predecessor, adding cool light side/dark side element of choice to the story ..."
5. Episode I: Racer - " ... pulse-pounding re-creation of the film's pod-race scene definitely makes it stand out in the crowd."

1. Force Commander - " ... Badly dated visuals and a horrible interface system mean you'd be better of recreating said battles with your SW action-figure collection."
2. Demolition - " ... feels like little more than a jumble of Star Wars vehicles and creatures (and Boba Fetts) with some pretty crappy gameplay thrown in."
3. Masters of Teras Kasi - " The thought of a Star Wars fighting game is kind of cool. Unfortunately the reality is much worse..."
4. The Phantom Menace - " ... combines horrid visuals, borderline retarded combat, and myriad badly executed puzzles ..."
5. Obi-Wan - " ... full of repetitive combat sequences, badly scripted cut- scenes, and huge, empty levels. ..."

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