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Jedi Academy (XBox)
Reviewed by Anakin Solo Reborn

Jedi Academy begins about two years after Outcast I believe and things have changed. You no longer control Kyle, instead you customise your characters out of a set group. These include Human male, female, Twi?Lek Female, Rodian Male and a few others. This is fun at the beginning but I would have thought that the type of character you choose would have some outcome on how your character performs but it doesn?t which was a missed opportunity I believe to increase the replay factor. A nice touch in this game is the fact that you can select what type of lightsaber, i.e. single, double, twin, you have and its colour. I really enjoyed this element, as I didn?t like the fact that in Outcast you are given a set colour [blue]. Now lets move on to the story it?s a nice little one but you never really get too involved in it because while a lot of important stuff is going on your off doing some different Jedi mission. But in the end of the day who cares you have a lightsaber, go hack some dark jedi up.

Gameplay 9/10
Gameplay wise nothing has changed from Outcast, Which is good [if it ain?t broke don?t fix it]. This is a first person game when you?re armed with a gun and third person when armed with a lightsaber.

Graphics 9/10
The graphics have been greatly enhanced since outcast everything is not a stuff as in previous games and the environments are filled with little details. The characters are designed much greater and realistic and do not move stiffly in the ?plot? scenes as they were in outcast.

Sound 10/10
This games is filled with all your classic star wars scenes. To be honest if they didn?t include star wars music it would be criminal.

Multiplayer 9/10
This multiplayer also has been enhanced over the Outcast one. The amount of characters is enormous as is the options that are available

Replay Value 8/10
With four difficulties and two different endings there enough to do to keep you going for some time.

Overall 8/10
Overall I was pleased with this game but there were a few things that bothered me. The character choice doesn?t have any effect on your performance bugged me. There are cloaked troopers in the game but how the empire was able to gain is never explained also you start off with a lightsaber and how you got that is never explained. A few missed opportunities there that could have increased the length of this kind of short but overall good game.

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