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Voices of the Old Republic

This site was copied in full, and with full permission, from Caligula Ceasar. You may view the original webpage here.

Bastila Shan - Jennifer Hale

The enigmatic beauty of Bastila wouldn't matter if the voice actress couldn't deliver the subtle emotional struggle and authoritative eloquence that compose the character. Fortunately, the game's most pivitol performer was chosen wisely. Jennifer Hale has over 130 television and video game character performances under her belt, and in KOTOR, her talent truly shines. Click here for a full listing of known performances, or click here to send her love lett.. er, fan mail.

Canderous Ordo - John Cygan

Cygan has appeared in numerous video games and television shows, with guest appearances on Frasier, The X Files, and NYPD Blue. In Knights of the Old Republic, the grim Mandalorian Canderous is a soldier of stark contrast to the gentle Carth. His supreme confidence and severe combat experience gives him a natural leadership quality that sometimes puts him at odds with Bastila, a Jedi with significantly different attitudes about war and death. A firm creed and rich history make him every bit an interesting storyteller as Jolee Bindo. His character is given complete credibility through performance, and even offers an unexpected dynamic change in personality.

Carth Onasi - Raphael Sbarge

Sbarge is known for his many on-screen performances both in television and film, though he's lended his talent to several Lucasarts titles in the past. He's also known for his work on the TV series "The Guardian". Such theatrical experience was necessary to convincingly portray the skeptical, yet vulnerable nuances of Carth Onasi, famed Republic pilot and soldier.

Darth Malak - Rafael Ferrer

You've probably heard Ferrer's cool, raspy voice many times before; he's a distinctive narrator for movie trailers. Funny thing is, he's as awesome a narrator as he is a Sith Lord. Listen to Malak himself describe The Hulk, Charlie's Angels, 8 Mile, and others right here.

Gadon Thek - Phil LaMarr

You might recognize him as the character Duo from The Animatrix "Program" episode. He was also a cast member on Mad TV from 1995-2000. LaMarr has dozens of television performances, and frequently appears in episodes of Cartoon Network's "Samurai Jack". In KOTOR, you can find him as the noble leader of the Hidden Bek gang in Taris's Undercity.
[ Watch a short clip of the funny man himself at voicestarz.com ]

HK-47 - Kristoffer Tabori

When you first try to speak to the stiff droid in the corner of the shop, he seems to be very professional and calculating, if not a bit detached from humanity. And why not? But as you further question his behaviors and thoughts, it becomes clear that this robot is far more intelligent and deceptive than you first suspected. One minute he sounds like a narrator for a BBC documentary, then suddenly he discloses a casual desire of a most disturbing and gruesome nature (with the very same aristocratic clarity in his voice!). Tabori (aka Christopher Donald Siegel) is no stranger to acting and television, but he is actually a seasoned director as well. Directing credits include Providence, Judging Amy, and Chicago Hope. In Knights of the Old Republic, HK-47's quick quips and somewhat twisted perception of morality have made him arguably the most popular character in the game.

Jolee Bindo - Kevin Michael Richardson

The distinctive, rich quality to this actor's voice perfectly reflects the wealth of history and experiences that have made Jolee the man he is. Numerous video game performances (both Bioware and Lucasarts titles), and he seems to be the preferred man for voicing Mace Windu (hear him in the Obi Wan and Jedi Starfighter games). If you've ever seen The Animatrix, he's had numerous roles including the famous Thaddeus from "Final Flight of the Osiris". Hear him in The Animatrix here (The Thaddeus character in the trailers most resembles Jolee).
[ You can see a clip of some of Richardson's impressions at voicestarz.com ]

Juhani - Courtenay Taylor

A compelling actress despite a relatively short list of performances, she'll be playing Jesse, one of "The Chosen" in 3DO's upcoming "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" alongside Lance Henriksen. Hopefully the game's script will take advantage of her ability to deliver an empathetic and dynamic performance. You can check out this gothic game at 3DO's stunning official website.

Mission Vao - Cat Taber

Cat Taber
Once again, a surprisingly small number of roles which include Beverly Hills 90210 and The Girls' Room. Nevertheless, the sensitive and humane qualities of the Twi Lek character have made her one of the most adored by fans. Catch a glimpse of the young actress here.

Master Vandar - Tom Kane

Said to be very familiar with the Star Wars universe, Tom Kane has played Yoda in several Star Wars video games. This makes him the natural choice to play the wise Jedi Master Vandar, who is of the same species. To hear such a character speak is to be truly immersed in the Star Wars universe, and its importance becomes apparent during the climactic moments of Knights of the Old Republic.

Master Vrook - Ed Asner

Ed Asner is known for his performance on The Mary Tyler Moore show, for which he received five Emmy awards. Numerous television appearances include his recurring role as Dr. McNulty on ER. He has appeared in everything from The X Files series to the Spiderman cartoons, and has such a list of credits that can't really be listed here. His distinctive voice gives real weight to the cautious skepticism of Vrook, from the Jedi Council on Dantooine.
[ Read an article about how Ed Asner came to be in KOTOR here ]

(The following actors have several brief roles within the game)

Grey Delisle

Delisle has many voice-over roles for television and games (Lucasarts in particular), though she is actually a singer, songwriter, and on-screen actress as well. She is also the preferred actress for Amidala in Lucasarts games.
[ You can see a clip of Delisle discussing the development of her skills at voicestarz.com ] [ For more information and pictures of Grey Delisle, visit her official site ]

Ethan Phillips

If you listen closely, you'll recognize the highly animated quality of Ethan's voice in several different roles in KOTOR. Such roles include a Sith archaeologist studying Ajunta Pall on Korriban, and the Twi Lek mercenary stranded on the Hrakert Rift Station on Manaan. This actor is also well-known for his role as Neelix in Star Trek: Voyager, as well as his roles in other Lucasarts titles and broadway productions.

Robin Atkin Downes

Downes is well-known to sci-fi fans from Babylon 5, though he has made appearances in other television shows and video games. In Knights of the Old Republic, he plays Mission's elusive older brother, Griff. He also plays the proud Mekel, who performs some rather cruel "tests" on some of the Sith hopefuls at the entrance to Korriban's Sith Academy, and is later captured by Jorus Uln. Downes also lends his voice as a Vulkar mechanic on Taris.
[ Visit this site for more Robin Atkin Downes information ]

Carolyn Seymour

An actress from the U.K. who has appeared in Star Trek, Babylon 5, and ER, she has also played Mon Mothma and other characters in various Lucasarts titles. Carolyn has stated that it's "very difficult to do voiceovers. It's much more intense. Because you're not being seen, you have to convey everything in your voice. You can't do it with a twitch of an eyebrow or a movement. You have to be so precise with your voice. So it's much more specific, and it's very hard. It's not easy. People think it is."
[ Visit this site for more information on Carolyn Seymour ]

Your contributions are welcome!
If you come across pictures or info of any voice actors from Knights of the Old Republic, please send them in and we'll be sure to give you credit. Make sure the subject says "KOTOR" so it isn't accidentally deleted.

More KOTOR voice acting information:

  • Gamespot - interview with various information about KOTOR's dialogue
  • IMDB - brief listing of some KOTOR actors and their other works
  • Official KOTOR site - several actors summarized, with voice samples

This site was copied in full, and with full permission, from Caligula Ceasar. You may view the original webpage here.

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