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"The game takes place thousands of years before the "known" Star Wars universe so the creators had a chance to make a great game and toss in a Star Wars feel without having to be overwhelmed by it."
"BioWare's Infinity Engine may have worked for 2d games, but was ultimately designed to allow its games to run on a variety of systems without problems. Knights of the Old Republic is the first game from BioWare to really push the hardware on which it is running. BioWare was certainly up to the challenge of increasing its graphical prowess, because character models look spectacular."
Next Level Gaming
"RPG's by nature are pretty much linear. I'm not talking about your Everquest type RPG, but the more traditional Lunar and Grandia style. You had a goal. You pretty much had to follow step by step until you reached said goal. You were always the hero, and you never had a real choice as to how you wanted to be. "
Gaming Age
"The story in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is just as every bit as good as its graphics and gameplay mechanics, if not better. KOTOR takes place 4000 years before the events of Star Wars: Episode One. Shortly after the threat of the Mandalorian wars, the Republic is faced with a new menace, the Sith."
"After suffering throught the stilted screenplays (and equally wooden acting) of the recent flicks, KOTOR's engaging plot is a welcome relief to Star Wars geeks like yours truly."
Into Liquid Sky
"And, then there are Feats and Powers (for the Jedi). Feats are customizable skills that are automatic, like being proficient with a weapon or armor, or can be used during the game as an action, like Power Blast or Rapid Shot. Along with the Feats, Jedi have a wide array of Jedi Powers, both Light and Dark Side, to learn and use. Jedi who lean towards the Light Side will find Dark Powers cost most Force points, and vice versa."
XBox 2K
"However, the three classes are simple but effective: Soldier, a brute strength attacker; Scoundrel, a quick decisive and skillful killer; and Scout, a mix of the two. "
Console Gold
"Yes, the sound is good with this one...very good. From the hours (literally) of spoken dialogue to the cool use of the surround speakers in battles and especially lightsaber fights, this game has it all. "
"It's difficult making a tactical-based RPG that runs in a full 3D world; making all those options work on a console controller simultaneously is no easy feat. Bioware has pulled it off very well, though, with an easy interface and a sort of hotkey bar that houses a ton of actions and spells without overwhelming the player. "
"The game lets you play the part of a character that ultimately decides the fate of the universe. In the beginning it seems like you're merely a highly skilled newcomer to the republic, but your significance to the current state of affairs is revealed to be so much more. Under attack from the Sith, you make a hasty escape to a planet called Taris. "
"You'll see this on several Game of the Year nomination lists if not at the very top soon enough."
Unlimited Lives
"KOTOR seems flawless. It?s one of the greatest RPGs I?ve played and has eradicated my doubts that a Western developer can create an RPG on par with Final Fantasy. What?s more, it?s even replaced Halo as my favorite Xbox? title."
"BioWare has fabulously succeeded in taking a very PC-like title and making it palatable (not to mention obscenely addictive) to the console audience. The result: the best RPG on the Xbox and arguably the best Star Wars? game to date."
"It is, thanks to the incredible job on the vocal work and the environments, easily the most involving RPG I?ve ever played on a console or PC, and speaks volumes about the talented and passionate people making games at BioWare."
"You don't need to be a fan of Star Wars or of RPGs to appreciate all the impressive qualities of this game--but if you are, all the better. "
Games Domain
"Without question, RPG players, Star Wars fans and many hardcore gamers will be thrilled. There won't be many chances to dig into a game like this on Xbox, so it's all time well spent."
Game Partisan
"KotoR lives up to every fans dream and may yet spawn many a fanatic to come. From the terrific battles to the epic music I find myself unable to put the controller down long enough to sleep."
PGNX Media
"Anyway you look at it; there are LOTS of reasons to play this many times. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is my first pick for Game of the Year 2003, buy this one NOW!"
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