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MultiPlay Etiquette

The Ten Commandments of MultiPlay
  1. Thou shalt not kill if a person is talking.
    If you see a person with a little icon above their head, and not moving, it means they are either typing or configuring their options. Just Walk Away
  2. Thou shalt not abuse the first Commandment.
    If you're in a heated battle you're losing, don't hit escape hoping he won't kill you. And if it happens to you, you have every right to kill him.
  3. Thou shalt not camp.
    Don't stand by a spot you know people respawn at with the intent to kill them as soon s their flash in.
    Additionally, don't sit in a spot where you can kill people using the enviorment (IE: The panel of the trash compactor in the Death Star level).
  4. Thou shalt not be a grief player.
    Don't kill someone then laugh and brag about it (okay brag a little if it really was spectacular, but not overly. If it was that great, it was more luck than skill.) The object is to have fun. Remeber, there was a time when you sucked too.
  5. Thou shalt not be a repeat player.
    It's hard to define, but a repeat player is someone who constantly and generally uses one method to kill, that is near an insta-kill. An example is a backstabber with light stance, or a swinger with heavy stance. Vary it up
  6. Thou shalt not lag intentionally.
    Anyone who stocks up on downloads, or gets a "lagging program" needs to have their head examined.
  7. Thou shalt not lag overly.
    If you go into a server and absolutely rip it apart with your lag, and you know you caused it, suck it up and try again later. We'll respect you that much more.
  8. Thou shalt not complain overly about lag.
    A "lag" right before or after you fall to your death once or awhile is perfectly accpetable, but constantly screaming "LAG!!!" and such after every death is annoying.
  9. Tou shalt not suicide
    If you join a team and purposely suicide just to down the team, you will get kicked. And you deserve it
  10. Thy shalt treat thy neightbor as thyself would wish to be treated.
    Don't go cursing up a storm at someone, or screaming that they suck. Neither should you gang up on someone(s) in a teams game. You'll have more fun if you try and even them out.
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