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Commands of the Game Class require you to enter the commands in game. Open the console by pressing Shift and ~, then enter the command. If the command is a on/off command, 1 will enable and 0 will disable.

Commands of the File Class require you to add the line to your jk2config.cfg (for single player) or your jk2mpconfig.cfg (for multiplayer). For these files, add "seta" (without quotes) before the command, separated by a space. For your custom file, don't add seta.

Please note, you can do file commands in-game, but they will require you to restart the subsystem they affected.

You can create your own config file by making a text file, entering the commands as seen here with quotes around the 0 or 1. Save the file in the Gamedata\base directory as yourname.cfg. Then use the first command listed.

They will only work in Single Player or a Multiplayer Server that has codes enabled.
With This Command You Get
Game Execution
exec yourname.cfg Load your custom config file
vid_restart Restart the video subsystem
snd_restart Restart the audio subsystem
Screenshots Commands
levelshot Console does not appear on screenshots
screenshot Console appears in screenshot
Video Commands
r_detailtextures "1" A detail texture is a very small, fine pattern that is faded in as you approach a surface, for example wood grain, or imperfections in stone. It will improve visual quality although it will cause a performance hit especially on older machines.
r_displayRefresh "1" With Vsync enabled your monitor Refresh rate limits your maximum frame rate to whatever the Refresh rate is, e.g. With a monitor refresh rate of 60Hz, your maximum frame rate with Vsync enabled in 60. As a result you should set x here to whatever the maximum refresh rate your Monitor is capable of at the Resolution you intend to use. Maximum being defined in this case as no need to go over 100, 85 should be fine for almost everyone if supported.
r_ext_compress_textures "1" This will enable support for compression of textures using S3TC. This will greatly lower texture memory requirements in the Game, which will improve frame rate, although can introduce undesired image artifacts such as more apparent color banding into textures due to it?s lossy nature. Another side effect will be increased level loading times as Texture will need to be compressed when loading a level. I?d recommend setting this to 1 for all Graphics cards that support S3TC in OpenGL, though if yours doesn?t then set this to 0.
r_ext_compress_lightmaps "1" Similar to above, although this applies only to Lightmaps. Lightmaps are generally more noticeably visually affected by being compressed and as such you should disable this unless your Graphics card features 32MB Video memory or less in which case enabling this will provide a small frame rate improvement.
r_ext_compiled_vertex_array "0" Disabling this may fix a problem with flickering textures in the game. Ignore this setting if you experience no such artifacts and leave it enabled for best frame rate.
r_ext_gamma_control "1" Enable this to enable the gamma to be set via the Graphics card?s OpenGL Driver rather than using the in-Game setting. This is useful if you wish to set your Gamma settings via a utility in the Windows Display Options menu.
r_ext_texture_env_add "1" Enable this to enable additive blending in Multi-texturing. If not supported only multiplicative blending is used.
r_ignorehwgamma "1" Enable this to tell the game itself to set the gamma level to be used, which I?d recommend. Disable the in-Game gamma settings & use one set by the Graphics Card Driver instead, which may also make the brightness slider in the game menu ineffective.
r_intensity "x" x sets the overall RGB intensity, higher values will effectively increase brightness although textures will lose some of their quality.
r_overBrightBits "x" Increasing the value for x will make the game brighter & vice versa. The brighter the image the more washed out the textures will appear. Adjust this to suit your own preference, it's set to default at 1.
com_hunkMegs "x" This determines the amount of memory to set aside for Jedi Outcast, with more memory equating to better game performance. Generally, assuming you have no other background applications running you should be able to set this to about 3/4 or 2/3 of RAM installed in your system, though reduce accordingly if you do, e.g. with 256MB RAM installed I?ve set this to 156MB. Be sure to leave several dozen MB free for Windows to use or you may experience crashes.
com_maxfps "x" This determines the maximum frame rate It would be best to set this to the Monitor refresh that you use while playing that Game with Vsync enabled. If you have Vsync disabled or are benchmarking performance you should probably want to double this value.
cg_drawFPS 1 This will display the FPS in game, and is useful for testing your changes.
Audio Commands
s_allowDynamicMusic "1" Enable this to enable the playback of dynamically changing Music in the Game, with levels generally featuring 1 track used as normal & changing to the dynamic track during action. Disable this to disable this extra track, but not the regular Music track itself.
s_doppler "x" Valid values for x are 0-10. This will adjust the doppler effect (The Sound frequency of fast moving items, e.g. weapon fire, can change as it moves past your virtual self). This is a sensitive setting and We recommend leaving it at the default value of 1 as a result.
s_initsound "1" Enable this to enable the playback of all Audio sources is enabled, which is recommended. Disabling this will greatly increase frame rate though is only really useful should you intend to benchmark performance using a Timedemo.
s_khz "x" Valid values for x are 11, 22, & 44. x sets the sampling rate to be used for playback of mono spatialised sound, with useable values being 11, 22 & seemingly even 44 (Though the mono files only have a maximum sampling rate of 22 so using 44 is something of a placebo basically). 22/44 would be the best to use if you have a relatively new Soundcard, e.g. SoundBlaster Audigy! or Santa Cruz & would provide best audio quality. Those with an ISA Soundcard would perhaps be about the only ones I?d recommend setting this to 11.
s_mixahead "x" Default is .2 The Sound mixahead value, modifying this can fix audio stuttering with some Soundcards. Try lowering by a few tenths if this is the case.
s_soundpoolmegs "x" x sets the amount of RAM to be allocated for Audio playback in the Game. This is value is auto-configured when you initially launch the Game & as such you shouldn?t really need to change this value unless you are experiencing problems with Audio playback (Even in this case it?s more than likely a Driver problem), though this is unlikely given the rather limited Audio capabilities of the Game. Should you have a low amount of RAM installed (96MB or less) then you may want to try reducing this value by several MBs.
Control Commands
cl_mouseAccel "x" Valid values for x are 0-10. This sets the Acceleration speed for your mouse, with 0 being no acceleration
r_finish "1" Enabling this may eliminate lag from your input devices, while lowering frame rate. If you are experiencing no problems, leave alone.
Display Commands
cg_lagometer 1 Enable this to enable the display of the "lagometer". The lagometer, is a small box that serves as a diagnostic utility.

This is essentially split into 2 sections ? top & bottom. As regards the Top half ? this displays information regarding world updates. Blue bars indicate world updates are being received & no frames dropped, whereas Yellow bars indicate such updates aren?t being received (Or are corrupt) & frames being dropped as a result. Ideally you?ll have Blues top section the vast majority of the time & if you get yellow a good deal you should consider changing Server. Information here should be used to adjust the snaps ?x? option, described later.

As regards the Bottom half ? this displays information as regards data packets received (Well, hopefully anyway). Green bars indicate data packets being received. Red bars indicate lost data packets, while Yellow indicates corrupt data packets being received (The net effect of red & yellow is the same however). Similar to the Top section, if you are receiving a good deal of red & yellow it would be a good idea to change Server. Information here should be used to adjust the rate ?x? option, described later.

snaps "x" x sets the maximum amount of packets that are sent from the game server to you, the client, per second. The default amount is 20 (For 56k connections), though if you have a better, or worse, download bandwidth you should change this value accordingly. Those of you with Cable/DSL or other similarly bandwidth excessive connection should try setting this to 35 or greater to receive a greater number of world updates. As per the previous information, use the Top half of the lagometer to determine a more suitable value for this, should you get a good deal of Yellow bars try lowering the value though.
rate "x" x determines the maximum number of bytes that the game server can send to the client per second. The default value for 56k connections is 4000. Similar to the snaps ?x? option, the greater your download bandwidth the more you should be able to increase this value. Cable/DSL users should be able to set this to 10000 or perhaps more without issue, though should you find latency increasing or a good deal of Red & Yellow bars in the Bottom half of the lagometer then lowering this value by several hundred should help resolve it. Don?t set this too high however ? other players need bandwidth too you know.
cl_maxpackets "x" x specifies the maximum number of packets that get sent to the game server, by you. The default is 30 for 56K connections, though much like the rate & snaps settings if you have greater upload bandwidth then try increasing this value, or vice versa. Upload bandwidth is generally a bit more consistent than download bandwidth, so this shouldn?t require too much changing.
cl_packetdup "x" When x is set to 1 this enables the re-transmission of lost data packets, which is recommended for Internet multiplayer games, though on LAN multiplayer games this shouldn?t be an issue ? no data should be getting lost.
cg_predictItems "1" This option specifies whether the client or game server decides if an object has been collected. Setting x to 1 can sometimes lead you to believe you?ve collected an object incorrectly & so is generally best left set to 0.
cg_smoothClients "x" When x is set to 1 this enables more predictive code to be used for interpreting player movement, which is most useful when playing with those with less than perfect Internet connections & will result in less model warping from position to position, though as you may be aware prediction isn?t faultless & at times the location may be incorrect. You should only really consider setting this to 0 if you?re playing the game on a LAN only (No external connections to the game server).
GamePlay Commands
noclip Basic Fly mode, and allows you to pass through walls
notarget Invisable to Enemies
g_SaberRealisticCombat 1 Dismembering enabled with the lightsaber
sabercolor X x is the color you wish for the saber. Valid Colros are red, purple, blue, yellow, & green.
timescale x For speeding up and slowing down the game. x is the rate. 1 is normal, .5 is one half, etc.
bind key "command x" Replace key with the keyboard button to use and command x with the desired command to be used upon pressing that key.

For much more commands, check out the Jedi Outcast Codes page.
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