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Trials of Obi-Wan Screenshots

Mustafar, the planet featured Trials of Obi-Wan?, the upcoming expansion to Star Wars Galaxies? is the home of many fierce creatures that players will encounter throughout their adventures in this unforgiving and oft-dangerous environment. This week?s screen feature focuses on many of these ferocious beasts, including the infamous Sher Kar! Please read-on for more.

The xandank is one of Mustafar?s most dangerous predators. Also often referred to as the ?crustacean cat? due to its protective outer shell, the xandank is a pack hunter that often stalks its prey for long periods before finally ambushing and striking. Xandank can most-often be found in the Mustafarian area known as Berken?s Flow. Beware ? the xandank is no ordinary feline.

Despite being an omnivore, the tulrus has earned itself the reputation of being extremely aggressive and easily provoked, often attacking whether it is provoked or not. Though it would appear that it would use its large spikes to impale its prey, the tulrus prefers to trample its victims using its massive girth and weight. The tulrus typically roam the Tulrus Nesting Grounds area of Mustafar.

Beginning its life as a parasite within a host body, the jundak eventually can grow to immense size, but only after it has burst-forth from its host during its adolescent stage. Fortunately for other Mustafarian creatures, inhabitants, and travelers, the jundak are unable to survive outside of central Mustafar.

Much like the xandank of Mustafar, the blistmok is a vicious pack hunter often found groups consisting of up to ten others. Blistmok are easily recognized by their reptilian raptor-like appearance. As for where to find them, blistmok have been known to frequent several areas of Mustafar, including the Burning Plains and the Smoking Forest.

By far the most prevalent type of creature, the kubaza beetle can be found in just about every area and region of Mustafar. These vicious hive-minded insects typically feed on the rich minerals and ore brought to the surface by Mustafar?s lava flows. The kubaza beetle also possesses an extremely lethal after-death defense mechanism as it is common for them to explode once killed, so use ranged attacks against these creatures whenever possible.

Imposing at first glance, the lava flea is actually a quite docile creature possessing great intelligence, making them excellent mounts. One of the primary benefits of having a lava flea as a mount is its ability to cross scorching-hot lava without taking damage. In fact, the lava flea is the only creature in Star Wars Galaxies? able to walk on lava free from harm. Though the majority of lava fleas tend to be docile, a more aggressive breed can be found in the Crystal Flats.

The undisputed king of the Mustafarian creatures, the sher kar is the scorpion-like beast inhabiting the deepest part of the Tulrus Nesting Grounds (the tulrus is the sher kar?s prey of choice). Mustafarian lore holds that no one who has dared entered the sher kar?s lair has returned. Will you be the first to slay the mighty sher kar and live to tell about it?
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