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Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords - Story Speculation

By Tyrell "Lord-Draco" Jackson
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords is the sequel to last year's hit success Knights of the Old Republic. KOTOR was a title that gave you the option to be the savior of the galaxy or the evil conqueror. Sith Lords takes place exactly 5 years after the events of KOTOR. The Sith have hunted the Jedi to the point of near extinction and the Republic military, now with no help from the Jedi, is on the run.

In the very beginning of the Sith Lords you will be able to tell the game whether or not KOTOR ended with the Dark-side ending or Light-side ending. You do this through a series of dialogs with some character(s) at the start of the game (Like Thrask was to KOTOR) who will ask you questions. Through these you tell him or her how KOTOR ended and whether or not Revan was male or female. From here the story will formulate based on how you said KOTOR ended.

With this being said, many gamers will go different routes to say how their KOTOR game ended. Everyone knows how KOTOR II starts off but many things don't make sense to people. In KOTOR II Revan has vanished and nobody knows what happened to him. LS or DS why would he vanish? On LS he was the great hero, so why 5 years later nobody knows anything of him? On the DS he is the Dark Lord of the Sith, so why isn't he in charge 5 years later? If on the LS ending the Republic won and the Star Forge is destroyed, how come 5 years later the Jedi are near extinction and the Republic is on the run? Doesn't make sense to many people. That's where this article comes into play. I don't know exactly why the events of KOTOR II shaped up to the way they are, but we can speculate on to why they did shape up in this form.

TFN is going to bring you two articles that speculate on the DS ending and LS ending of KOTOR and how it leads up to KOTOR II. This is only speculation, so whatever I say isn't the real way things shaped up, but a way I believe things shaped up. This is our little story of how the events lead up to KOTOR II. What we say could be totally different from what the developers have in mind, again, this is only speculation. I guess you can look at this as "EU" to KOTOR. This article details the Light-side ending of KOTOR and how it leads up to KOTOR II. So just sit back, relax and enjoy this nice write-up on how I believe the LS ending of KOTOR leads up to KOTOR II.

One month after the Battle of the Star Forge:

Darth Malak is dead, the Star Forge is destroyed, the Jedi swell in numbers, and the Republic is stronger then ever. Jedi Knight Revan is announced as the great hero of the conquest to restore light and peace back into the galaxy.

This was a time of rejoice and honor. These were the times of great living. These were before the dark times..

One year after the Battle of the Star Forge:

It's been a year since the Battle for the Star Forge took place. Revan and Bastila have developed a friendly relationship but have went their separate ways. Bastilia has taken on a padawan apprentice of her own and has gone onto her own journeys, while Revan has earned a spot on the Jedi Council to add knowledge and experience. Little do the Jedi know that the Sith have been growing in number since the Star Forge battle a year ago. Left with no true Sith Lord, three unknown Sith that were the 3 highest ranking Sith under Lord Malak have came together to take power. These "Sith Lords" have taken control of the academy on Korriban and have started to sprout a new breed of Sith waiting for the perfect time to reveal themselves once again.

Two years after the Battle for the Star Forge:

Its now 2 years after the battle for the Star Forge and the Sith are growing in massive numbers. Again, the reason for this is unknown but on Korriban the three Sith Lords have also grown in strength and power. Not being stingy with their knowledge and power they feed off of each other and learn from each other whileat the same time over-looking a large band of Sith in training. Meanwhile Revan, still having somewhat of a connection to the Darkside having falling to it years and years ago, has been feeling movement and action in the darkside of the force, a feeling that Revan hasn't felt since being on the Star Forge two years ago. Being on the counsel Revan decides to bring this up. Revan tells the council about the "feelings" that have been going on inside of the former Dark Lord. The council blows off Revan's views, saying what Revan is feeling is quite natural since Revan was a former Darksider and not only that, but the Dark Lord of the Sith. They say that the feelings will always be with Revan, something like a reminder of the past and something that Revan must live with forever.

Three years after the Battle for the Star Forge:

The feelings that Revan have been experiencing have been growing stronger and stronger day by day, and they haunt Revan. Telling the Jedi Council is a lost cause because they aren't buying it. Meanwhile back on Korriban, the three Sith Lords have gained power way beyond any other Sith Lord to date. They gain power from each other's knowledge and share it with each other rather than being greedy with it. The training of the Sith has reached a great peak, the Sith Fleet has came back into power and now the 3 Lords are feeling that it is time to reveal themselves once again. They start off by sending small units of the Sith Fleet to some of the smaller worlds on the outer rim and invading them. At this point neither the Jedi nor the Republic military knows anything of this cause they don't hang around the outer-rim worlds, just the core planets. The Sith start to bring larger units of the Sith Fleet and one by one begin to invade the outer-rim worlds killing many people and leaving their mark. Its safe to say that the Sith are back, led by the 3 Sith Lords that have been learning more and more about the Darkside since they were under Lord Malak years ago.

Revan's feelings are now cutting deeply inside the former Sith Lord's body, like a vibro-blade. The Jedi Council and many other Jedi are now starting to feel a disturbance in the force, a disturbance they haven't felt since Revan and Malak came back corrupted years ago, but they don't know what that disturbance is or where it is coming from. They are just having bad feelings, much like Revan's. With all this drama happening large units of the Republic Fleet are sent out to investigate this matter. Some are sent to the core worlds, and a small band have been sent to the outer-rim. Little do they know that it would be too late..

Four years after the Battle for the Star Forge: As the Republic Fleet is coming into the outer-rim worlds, the Sith Fleet is trying to leave, trying to now take over the Core worlds. As this happens, the Republic and Sith meet up face to face for the first time since the Star Forge battle four year earlier. Before the Republic can even communicate back with the Fleet near the Core worlds about what they see, the small Republic fleet is wiped out in one single stroke by the much larger Sith Armada.

The Sith Fleet has now made their way to the core worlds without a single death. A small Republic transport ship, small enough to not be detected, by the Sith sees this enormous fleet. This transport ship then makes its way back to Coruscant to warn the Jedi and the Republic about what was seen. The Republic then tries to get in touch with the fleets that went to the outer-rim to tell them to report back to the Core worlds but they can't get in touch with them.

So they then get in touch with the fleets of the Core worlds. Many, but not all, (about 90%) of the Jedi are sent with these Republic fleets to try to intercept the Sith Aramada before they get too deep in the core worlds and invade them. With all this action going on the massive Republic fleet, loaded with 90% of the Jedi now comes into full view of the massive Sith fleet. They begin to battle it out in what seems to be the biggest space battle the Galaxy has ever seen at this point. Many Jedi get in their fighters and begin to duke it out with the Sith fighters. With their heavy training the Sith fighters destroy many of the Jedi fighters. Some Jedi manage to kill away some Sith fighters and make their way into some of the Sith ships to destroy the Sith inside. The Sith do the same thing, making their way in and taking over some of the Republic ships. Meanwhile the ships battle it out for hours and hours. The Republic are decreasing in number every second. At this point the Sith are just too strong and heavily trained, having been in training for this for 3 years while the Jedi were never expecting anything like this, letting their training habits slouch.

It has now come to the point in battle where nearly the whole Republic Fleet is destroyed. Some manage to get away, but only after losing many great men and women in battle. All of the Jedi in this battle are dead or missing with no trace.

With that being said only about 10% of the Jedi still remain and the Republic Fleet is destroyed with only a few small surviving units. With small numbers like this, the Jedi or the Republic cannot take on this massive Sith army. All of the Jedi including Revan are forced to go into hiding. The Jedi are nearly extinct, all in one massive battle and the Republic is on the run. The Sith have now gained access to invade the core planets and they do so without hesitation.

Five years after the Battle for the Star Forge:

The Jedi are near extinction, the Republic on the run, and the Sith are taking over the galaxy. It is dark times in the galaxy and all hope is lost, or is it?

With the Jedi Order in ruin, the Republic's only hope is a Jedi Knight struggling to reconnect with the Force who is faced with the galaxies most dire decision: To follow the light or succumb to the dark side.

..to be continued..

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