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Truth of the matter is the CU was a bad idea from the start. Go into pretty much any of the various SWG forums and you'll take notice of the amount of accounts now being canceled because of it. It's too bad that SoE only thinks of itself first and it's clientele second in this case. Until this happened I really enjoyed playing games produced by this fine company. I still have three EQ accounts and one for EQ2, as well as my two accounts for SWG, plus i just bought "Untold Legends" for my PSP(another fine Sony product). However, as a veteran player (Aug '03) of SWG, I have to say this has been the worst move by far and I will not stand by and condone it. I know the $30 I spend on this game every month is no big deal to some, but when you get the bigger picture, it's still hard earned American money.
So it's time to step up to the plate Sony; what are you going to do about it?

- J C

My whole guild have cancelled on Chimaera server after SOE botched up a backup of our Server, we have had to roll back our characters 2 weeks in order to test this bug ridden CU. We didnt even get an apology from TIGGS the chief designer, he just said we have rolled back your server due to a few problems, no apology nothing.

SOE are treating all their loyal subscribers to beta test an upgrade that most dislike and they are now having to do this in the Live game. If a new customer buys SWG now off the shelf it doesnt work! Its bug ridden, if you have a Jedi forget it, if you are veteran crafter forget it. The entire game has been ruined by SOE's continual greed for money at any cost. Instead of fixing long standing bugs in the game and introducing new content, they saw the likes of WOW with its instant sucess and attempted to copy it, truth is they misjudged the playerbase of the biggest franchise name in history eg. StarWars. Who knows where we go from here, all I know is 65 accounts from my guild got cancelled today.
- Alistair (DND Guild Chimaera)

I have been an active player of the Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) game for close to two years now. I have found it a very enjoyable time so much so that I bought two more copies of the game and created two more accounts to use on the same server about a year or so ago.

Sony On-line Entertainment (SOE) has recently changed SWG so much so that it no longer resembles the game I bought and payed for. The changes in some respects are good. For example the new music was a very nice touch, so is the line of site for combat, and the new distance limits to ranged and melee types of combat. The unneeded-needed changes to many of the crafting classes (mainly) Armor and Weapon smiths are too numerous to mention here. Its a basic dumbing down across the boards for those classes. There are several other things, some of the sounds that made the game emersive are gone. Some of the visuals that have been added are straight out of a Fantasy type game and are out of place here. The user interface is no longer a streamlined back ground part of the game but a in your face nauseating collection of cartoon icons that belong in some children's TV show. At the very least in this re guard SOE should have had the courtesy to allow a choice be made by the player to use the old style icons or the new.

I wish I knew why SOE made these changes. I agree as many others do that there were some things that did indeed need to to be changed. But not to this degree. And I am sure since I agreed to the EULA that there is nothing I can do about it. If I could I would file a law suite against SOE for what I believe to be a breach of contract. But I know that would be a fools quest at best. For now I will make an effort to adjust to this version of SWG. Most likely I will try to resell the games that I have to someone that would be more interested in playing this travesty of a game and try to recoup my losses that way.

Finally, just an FYI this is in response to some people who have made the claim that those that have opposed this upgrade only do so because we fear change, or that we are only complaining because we are loosing our Uber eleet templates, or super weapons. I am in the Information Technology field, change is a constant thing in my life, so I don't fear it. To the later comments I was neither uber templeted, and owned no super weapons in this game. I was just someone that enjoyed parts of the game, and think that the changes that have been made are unnecessary, and will lead to further more game breaking problems.

- Brian Chapel

Well, I hate to complain, but here it goes. The CU stinks. It only half-heartedly addressed the issues and concerns of the community. Most (if not all) of my former guild on the Eclipse galaxy left 6 months ago to play WoW for its supposedly better PvP system. I decided to stick around and wait for the CU (mostly because I was a ranged bounty hunter. If you've played one, you can feel my pain). Well, after testing the CU on my own time in test center, I was sorely disappointed. Sure ranged weapons/fighters are a bit more effective vs. the god-like saber-block, but at what cost? Changing the entire combat system that we have come to know and love? Scratch that- changing the WHOLE GAME that we have come to know and love? No thanks. If I had wanted a EQ/WoW type of game, I would've bought one. (note- the "new and improved icons" are VERY similar to the icons found in WoW, i.e.- warm-up, cool-downs, animations, etc) There is a commercial from the AARP regarding the Social Security overhaul that is looming... It mentions not "tearing down the whole house to fix a leaky faucet". This is what SOE seems to have done to SWG. At this point, both of my year-old accounts will be cancelled. I never did care for warlocks and magic, but maybe I'll try WoW just to see my old friends again.
- Justin Comer

These are just some of the many emails we have recieved on Star Wars Galaxies. While we have done our best to show both sides of the story, most of the emails recieved were against the Combat Upgrade.

However many comments are for different reasons.

Many of you mentioned the bugs and errors were included during the Combat Upgrade upload over the week, many that were mentioned by testers but somehow were possibly overlooked. It is a sad sign indeed that the SOE team have rushed the product out before full testing could be completed.

It's also a concern that many of the additions have reverted Galaxies to something similar to SOE's other MMORPG, Everquest. That being said, some of the additions have been good for the game, and the upcoming expansion pack may also provide some much needed additions to improve the experience even further. We here at TFN are hopeful that SOE and LucasArts can continue to work long and hard to build Star Wars Galaxies to where it should be, a unique and entertaining online experience that follows tha heart and soul of the movie franchise. If anything, the last few weeks have proven that customer feedback should be listened to, and is important to the success of any video game franchise.

Thank you to all who have emailed us. We apologise if some of your comments were unable to be included in our article.

Edited by Mark Isaacson
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