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Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II!

Posted By Mike on November 18, 2008

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that a sequel to the highly acclaimed Robot Chicken: Star Wars special is a go and will debut on Adult Swim on November 16th.

From the Hollywood Reporter:

"Many members of the voice cast from the first special, including original "Star Wars" actors Carrie Fisher and Billy Dee Williams -- reprising their roles as Princess Leia and Lando Calrissian, respectively -- are back. Also returning are Seth MacFarlane as Emperor Palpatine, Conan O'Brien as Zuckuss, Breckin Meyer as Admiral Ackbar and Boba Fett, and Ahmed Best as Jar Jar Binks. Green will voice several characters, including Ponda Baba. Joining the voice cast this time around is Andy Richter.

As for the creative direction in the sequel, "we decided to focus on the bounty hunters a bit and explore their stories," "Robot Chicken" co-creator Matt Senreich said. "It's a geek-fest for us all."'

Big thanks to Derek for the heads up!

UPDATE: Got a few Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II links for ya...

Starwars.com talks with Robot Chicken co-creators, Seth Green and Matthew Senreich:

Why did you decide to do another Star Wars special for Robot Chicken?

Seth: "That's like saying why did you decide to make out with that beautiful girl who said, "Hey, do you want to make out with me?" Matt and I have loved Star Wars all our lives and the opportunity to get to make Star Wars stuff is kind of invaluable especially when you're given permission to play with it and have fun with it and to do your thing with it."

Matt: "The other thing that I love is that we got to develop new versions of characters that have existed for pretty much 30 years. We love that we can play with these characters and give them more personality and take them in more of a Robot Chicken direction."

Seth: "This is a bold statement, but I think this one is better than the last Robot Chicken: Star Wars special."

Preview at IGN. (Includes videos)

CBR News talks to co-creator Matt Senreich:

"Star Wars creator George Lucas was reportedly very pleased with the first special. Was it easier to get his approval again the second time around?"

"You know, for the most part, the second one was a lot easier to pass through. After talking over the first one with [Lucasfilm], we knew what they liked and didn?t. Probably the biggest debate that we had with Lucasfilm on the second one was our youngling sketch. There was a lot of concern. Without giving too much away about what happens, we explore that moment where you see Anakin go into the Jedi temple and you don?t know what happened to the younglings. We wanted to see what happens when those doors close. And there was a lot of concern about that. We said, ?You have to trust us. In the way we?re going to shoot this, you?re not going to see violence, per say, to any kids.? That was a big concern. I think we did it in a creative way that is dark. It?s a dark type of humor but it?s still funny. That segment came out really well and we were really happy with it.

It was funny because a few weeks ago we went up and watched it with George Lucas. I think that was one of his favorite sketches because afterwards he was quoting that scene a little bit."

Wired talks with Matt Senreich as well:

"Wired.com: Do you like Clone Wars?"

"Senreich: I like it a lot. I think that Dave Filoni is doing a great job of defining the Star Wars universe in cartoon form. It has an all-ages feel. And I love how they are looking into the personalities of the clones, who are in essence the same person, and exploring how they are all searching to be different from each other."

"Jedi Injury Lawyer" video clip over at io9.com. (via ClubJade.net)

Animation Insider takes a look at season 4 of Robot Chicken. (via ClubJade.net)

"In a television worldview where Battlestar Galactica references are frequently accompanied by kicks to the groin, or where curiously lewd representations of classic comic book characters conveniently intermingle with legions of human-to-puppet transfigurations, the Adult Swim stop-motion comedy Robot Chicken somehow keeps on surviving. Gearing up for its Season Four premiere on Adult Swim in the first week of December, Robot Chicken is prepared to bring loyal viewers another pop culture enema they so desperately need."

Seth Green takes EW.com's pop culture personality test. (via ClubJade.net)

IGN has an advance review with a rating of 9.5 out of 10:

"So, to sum it up, even though George Lucas owns the rights to your life story in perpetuity and requires you to read, view or purchase any and all Lucasfilm Ltd. related properties or else suffer great penalties, you will enjoy fulfilling your legal obligation, as this is one of the funniest episodes of Robot Chicken ever made."

And don't forget...

Seth Green on the Force-Cast!

Video clips and links to videos right here!

UPDATE #2: Just a friendly reminder that Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode II will debut on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim tonight (Sunday, November 16th) at 11:30 pm.

UPDATE #3: The entire episode of Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode II is now online at AdultSwim.com!

Source: ClubJade.net

Rather watch it on TV? Adult Swim will be re-running both Robot Chicken Star Wars specials back to back on Saturday, November 22 at 11:00pm EST/PST (10:00pm Central)

Thanks Bill!

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