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Never-Before-Seen Star Wars: The Clone Wars Clip

Posted By Chris on April 30, 2013

USA Today has posted an article with a rather thrilling never-before-seen video clip from Star Wars: The Clone Wars featuring Plo Koon and a group of clone troopers that will be part of the upcoming bonus content we were promised after the series was cancelled. Here's a preview of what's to come:
One of the arcs stars Jedi Master Plo Koon (voiced by James Arnold Taylor), who finds a lost lightsaber while on a mission on a sandstorm-laden planet with a platoon of clone troopers. It's the beginning of a mystery, and one that will make the Jedi question their role in the Clone Wars and the universe itself, according to Filoni.

"The Jedi have been fighting a war with an army that was commissioned by one of their own, Jedi Master Syfo-Dias," he says. "But who was Syfo-Dias, and what happened to him? The dark lord of the Sith has woven an intricate web to ensnare the Jedi, but it is not full-proof and sometimes a small clue, and a bit of chance, can lead to the unraveling of the best-laid plans."

In the article, Dave Filoni also talks about the series ending, looking forward to sitting down in the theater to watch new Star Wars, what it means to give back to the fans, and more. Check out the article and clip right here.

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