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James Arnold Taylor Talks End Of TCW With IGN

Posted By Eric on March 18, 2013

IGN has just posted an interview with Obi-Wan Kenobi voice actor James Arnold Taylor in which Taylor looks back on Star Wars: The Clone Wars' five seasons, discusses Star Wars fandom in general, and reacts to Ahsoka's departure from the Jedi Order in the Season 5 finale.

In this excerpt from the inteview, Taylor addresses Lucasfilm's use of the term "bonus content" and suggests a different way of describing the material:
Obviously, everyone was assuming we'd see a Season 6 in the traditional sense, right?

Taylor: Yeah, we recorded Season 6, basically, the whole season. So yeah, your assumption is, "Okay, it's going to run as a season." But now knowing all of the things that we did, I just really want to make sure that all those get out there. I think my biggest -- I don't even know the right word -- but maybe "issue", was calling it "bonus content." I think that could really make people feel like, you know, bonus content we think of as extras on a DVD or little snippets on the web. But we don't think of it as maybe a full episode or as a DVD release on its own or a season anywhere. So I think perhaps if they consider changing the wording of it to just "more Clone Wars" and "finishing the saga of The Clone Wars," that will appease fans maybe a little bit more than just the name that they came up with immediately.

Check out Taylor's entire interview with IGN right here. If you haven't already, be sure to check out his farewell letter to The Clone Wars as well.

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