Zoology: Space slug

Space Slug

Natural Range:
Asteroids caves.
Burrowing rock-grazer? Predator?

Corssectional diagram of a starslug in its burrow, not to scale. Illustration is from an Imperial xenobiological report from the chief surgeon aboard the Executor, based on studies of a specimen captured shortly after the Battle of Hoth.

View from the Millennium Falcon inside the gut of a giant space slug, looking towards the mouth. Note the ridges and bumps on the upper surface, which seem to indicate the presence of internal support structures analogous to the ribs and spine of a vertebrate.

* * *
Teeth of a giant space slug are polished and shine in the starlight. A fleeing Corellian freighter indicates the enormity of the dentation.

* *
A giant space slug lunges from its tunnel in pursuit of a starship which has been irritating its interior tissues.

SWRPG statistics:

Dexterity 2D
Perception 1D
Strength 6D (creature scale) / 5D (starfighter scale) *
Special Abilities:
Vacuum: Space slugs are native to the vacuum of space and can survive in this environment with no assistance.
Teeth: Strength+1D damage.
Move: 6 (creature-scale slugs only).

* For a 6-metre-long and 900-metre-long slug respectively; Strength varies dramatically by the length of the slug; extremely large slugs are in the starfighter or capital class.



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