Zoology: Sarlacc


Natural Range:
widespread but rare.
sessile carnivore.

Most of the body of a sarlacc is buried beneath ground, with only the gaping, pink, mucous-lined, toothy, circular maw exposed. More than half a dozen slender tentacles sprout from the walls of the mouth; they are used to sieze prey and to remove unwanted material from the feeding cavity. During feeding a large horny beak is extruded. This is the mouth proper. When closed, the beak is nearly filled by what seems to be a fat tentacle specialised to act as a tongue.

Sarlaaci are found on many remote worlds throughout the galaxy. They thrive most effectively in moist environments, though some are known to live in such inhospitable places as airless moons and the arid wastes of Tatooine. Depending on environmental conditions, an adult sarlacc may grow to dozens of metres across, or may have an appature of as little as a metre. Sarlaaci propagate via spores which drift through interstellar space, though how the planet-bound adults release the spores into space remains a mystery.

Animals devoured by a sarlacc remain alive indefinitely, digested over a thousand years. This is accomplished via the slow exchange of body fluids with those of the sarlacc. In effect, the victims are digested from within.

Sarlaaci possess little more than a vegetative intelligence, only enough to percieve and entrap prey which wander within reach of the mouth's tentacles. The sarlacc which briefly held Boba Fett on Tatooine seemed to exhibit a cumulative memory and remnants of the personalities of all its victims, at least according to Fett's delerious perceptions of the hellish experience. The nature of this effect is not exactly known, although one of the assimilated personalities encountered by Fett, a deceased Jedi, speculated that the group consciousness is carried by some kind of messenger RNA which circulates through all the victims as they are digested.

According to The Mandalorian Armour, the sarlacc on Tatooine was present throughout a network of tunnels under the Dune Sea. Either this contradicts the notion that it remains in place at the Pit of Carkoon, or else its body is larger than generally believed, able to send extensions very far away from the mouth.

* * * * * *
The teeth and fleshy tissues of a Sarlaac's mouth in closeup.

* * *
The sarlacc's horny inner beak, extruded from the mouth for feeding, is seen in close-up. The beak appears to contain a fat tongue.

A tentacle delivering prey to the beak.

* *
View from above a Sarlaac as a meal is about to be delivered, courtesy of a certain well-known gangster.

SWRPG statistics:

Dexterity 2D
Perception 1D
Strength 6D
Special Abilities:
Tentacles: have a Strength of 6D, reach up to four metres outside pit; do not cause damage, but victims must make a successful opposed Strength roll to escape.
Bite: 5D damage.
Acid digestion: Any creature dragged into the sarlacc's maw suffers 5D damage from digestive acid until the victim is knocked unconscious and dragged into the sarlacc's digestive tract --- at that point, the victim normally wakes up, but by then it is normally incapacitated by the sarlacc's paralysing digestive enzymes, 7D stun damage.
Move: 2



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