Zoology: Dianoga


Natural Range:
aquatic omnivore.

Dianogas are fleshy tentacled creatures which feed on waste materials and smaller animals in countless locations throughout the galaxy. In most environments they are merely a hardy pest species but sometimes they grow to a size which makes them a menace to the local inhabitants. A dianoga in the refuse system of the original Death Star nearly drowned and ate Luke Skywalker. In form, the dianoga consists of a bulbous body sac with tooth-filled maw (which normally remains submerged) and several eyestalks and long grasping tentacles.

The fact that such a massive animal was found aboard the new battle station indicates some important characteristics of the species. It could not have come aboard in its obtrusively large adult form without being detected and exterminated. Dianogas probably spread to new environments by means of numerous inconspicuous tiny spores, eggs or larvae. Once supplied with plentiful food, the young must grow rapidly, otherwise the Death Star specimen could not have attained its great size within the duration of the station's construction and operation (which was several months, according to Death Star Technical Companion).

A dianoga in the refuse-strewn wastes at the outskirts of a white-domed metropolis on the muddy moon of Panna watches as Boba Fett's huge mount beast swims past in the distance.

Tentacle detail of a dianoga dwelling in the oily waste waters of the Death Star garbage system.

A dianoga peers above water with one of its periscope-like eye-stalks, searching for prey.

A lucky dianoga captures a thrashing human meal.

SWRPG statistics:

Dexterity 2D
Perception 3D+1
Strength 6D
Special abilities:
Colour: Can change colour to match surroundings (+4D to sneak)
Tentacles: target must make opposed Strength roll to escape and not be dragged along.
Move: 3



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