Executor-class Commandships
("Super Star Destroyers")

Roleplaying Game Statistics

I present an abbreviated transcription of the roleplaying game statistics for a "Super Star Destroyer", according to the second edition format of West End Games' STAR WARS The Roleplaying Game. The earliest sources omit the ion cannons mounted on these ships, but a correction is made in the second edition of The Imperial Sourcebook.

The original roleplaying game profile used somewhat clumsy nomenclature: "Super-class Star Destroyer". The ship's role is unlike that of a destroyer, and it is very much larger. It is a command ship. The "Super" name used in many references is not the name of the archetype of the ship class, (which is the Executor), and there probably doesn't exist any Imperial warship with that name. The design should be called the Executor-class command ship. The term "super star destroyer" is almost certainly a colloquialism with slightly derogatory overtones. (It's rather like calling an albatros a "super-seagull".)

Note also that the true number of weapons and passengers may be much larger than indicated below because the original statistics were based on the assumption of an erroneously small hull size. If the density of weapons and other physical features is assumed to be the same, the numbers of each type of weapon should increase by a factor of about 4.84. If the comparison between Executor and a star destroyer holds, then the hull strength may increase by at least 17% and the shield strength by 53% for the true Executor. The capacity for crew, troops and other passengers is likely to scale like the internal volume, ie. a factor of over ten times.

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