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X-Wing: The Krytos Trap


Doman Beruss, her light eyes glinting coldly in the dimness, opened her hands. "Your opinion, Commander Antilles, is respected but not universally held. The evidence is sufficient in any jurisdiction of the galaxy to call for a trial."

Beruss, identified on p.17 as Corellia's representative on the Provisional Council, is here stated to be female.


Or I can enrich myself, buy a world all my own, and put Boba Fett on retainer to slay my enemies. That thought brought a smile to Loor's face. The list would not be long, but it would not be an easy one to complete. A fitting challenge for a man with his skills.

Kirtan Loor dreams of hiring the services of Boba Fett. Fett is known to be alive at this time, at least known to well-placed individuals within Imperial Intelligence. (Han Solo did not discover this fact until Dark Empire.) Fett has recovered from his traumatic sarlaac ordeal to a degree sufficient for resumption of his career. The alternative is that Loor never heard about Fett's sarlaac encounter, but this seems unlikely considering the sources of information available to an agent of Imperial Intelligence.


"... For thirty generations the Jedi Knights safeguarded the galaxy, and the Emperor was only able to succeed in our absence. I am dedicating my life to reestablishing the Jedi Knights. ..."

Luke Skywalker implies that the duration of Jedi guardianship lasted only thirty generations, much less than the time stated by Obi-Wan Kenobi: "over a thousand generations". Kenobi's chronology is necessary for all of the Tales of the Jedi stories, which take place several thousand years in the past, not merely nine-hundred or so. Perhaps Skywalker really meant to say "thirty millenia", which is exactly the right range of age, or perhaps his statement implies that thirty generations ago there was another interruption to the continuity of Jedi service, as there was under Palpatine's Empire. Then Kenobi's statement would be in reference to the total history of Jedi guardianship, over all their separate periods of tenure and the rising and falling of divergent orders and schisms of Jedi.

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