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The Hutt Gambit


The alien claimed he owed something called a "life debt" to former Imperial Lieutenant Han Solo.
When he'd been a cadet, then a junior lieutenant, then a full lieutenant, he'd been meticulous with his grooming, the way an officer and a gentleman should be ...

Solo was a lieutenant at the time of his discharge. At first a cadet; later a "junior lieutenant". Finally a lieutenant. "Junior lieutenant" must be synonymous with "midshipman".


"Yeah, I know I tossed away my career and my livin' that day on Coruscant when I stopped Commander Nyklas from shootin' you. I hate slavery, and watchin' Nyklas use a force whip ain't a particularly appetizing sight. I know Wookiees, you see. When I was growin' up, a Wookiee was my best friend. I knew you were gonna turn on Nyklas before you did it — just like I knew Nyklas would go for his blaster. I couldn't just stand there and watch him blast you. But don't go tryin' to make me out as some kinda hero, Chewie. I don't need a partner, and I don't want a friend. My name says it all, pal. Solo."

Commander Nyklas. The incident which led to Lieutenant Solo's disgrace.


Han sighed. How long had it been since that fateful day when he'd been sent to assist Commander Nyklas with the Wookiee labourers assigned to complete a new wing on the Imperial Hall of Heroes? He counted, grimacing as he realised that he'd lost days on end in there ... days probably spent in a dark haze of ale and bitter recrimination. In two days it would be two months.
Only the boots were the same. They were custom-fitted when each cadet was commissioned, so the Empire hadn't wanted them back. Han had been commissioned just a little over eight months ago, and no junior lieutenant had ever been prouder of his rank — or of those shining boots.

Imperial Hall of Heroes - presumably a major landmark on Coruscant.
chronology: 2 months elapsed between Solo's disgrace and the start of The Hutt Gambit.
Imperial naval boots are customised to the wearer.
chronology: Solo was commissioned as an officer slightly more than eight months prior to The Hutt Gambit. It should be noted that galactic standard time involves a year of 368 days, including ten 35-day months and several festival days.


Han had never seen a nalargon before, whch wasn't surprising, as his exposure to music had been limited. A nalargon proved to be a very large instrument that was operated by a keyboard and foot pedals. Pipes and subharmonic resonance generators produced sound on many wave bands. The instruments were in demand for the jizz craze that was sweeping the galaxy.

device: nalargon


"I need a ship delivered to Nar Hekka, in the Hutt system," the Duros said. "I am willing to pay well ... but, Pilot Solo, you must not allow Imperials to board her should you run into any patrols."
Han sighed. More intrigues. But the Duro's offer interested him. He'd been planning all along to eventually make his way to Nar Shaddaa, the "Smuggler's Moon" that orbited Nal Hutta. Now would be as good a time as any. From Nar Hekka, he could easily catch a ship to Nal Hutta or Nar Shaddaa.

location: Nar Hekka
Nar Hekka is in the same system as Nal Hutta. Named as Y'Toub system on p.32.


character: Tagta the Hutt


After four years in the Imperial Academy, plus nearly a year of commissioned service, he'd been convinced that he no longer cared.

Study at the Imperial Naval Academy is a four-year course. Following his graduation, Solo served in the Navy for one year.


There was a young Wookiee female, Mallatobuck, that Chewie found attractive. She had come around several times to help care for elderly members of Chewie's arboreal "community" on Kashyyyk, and had helped Chewbacca care for his father, Attichitcuk, and aged and rather irascible Wookiee.
"So, you like her," Han said. "Does she like you?"
Chewbacca wasn't sure. They'd never spent much time alone together. But there was a warmth in her blue eyes that he remembered ...
"So how long has it been since you've seen her?" Han persisted.
Chewie thought for a moment, then growled a reply.
"Fifty years!" Han yelped.

characters: Mallatobuck, Attichitcuk. Chewbacca's beloved and father, respectively. Interestingly, it seems as if Chewbacca's son is not yet born at this stage in the chronology. This implies that although long-lived, wookiees mature in roughly the same length of time as humans.


the planet [Nar Hekka] was a cold world that orbitted a dim red star on the edge of the Y'Toub system, but Hutt credits and colonies of various galactic species had transformed it into a technological wonder. Beneath enormous hothouse domes, the skies shone with a faint tinge of violet. Although the planet had little indigenous plant life, vegetation from many worlds had been transplanted and carefully cultivated. There were numerous parks, botanical gardens, and arboretums. Everywhere Han and Chewie looked, beds of flowering plants boasted large, lovely blossums of different hues.

location: planet Nar Hekka, in the Y'Toub system.


Han had learned Huttese while on Ylesia, and understood it well. He couldn't speak it, though, because the language depended on subharmonics for subtle nuances in meaning, and the human throat was not constructed to produce those sounds.

Subtle nuances of the Huttese language are conveyed in subharmonics which are impossible or difficult for a human to utter.


Teroenza was distracted from his memories when the front door to his apartments opened, and Kibbick the Hutt undulated in. The young Hutt was far from being old or corpulent enough to require an anti-grav sled — he got around fine under his own power, propelling himself forward in a series of glides by contracting his powerful lower body and tail muscles.
Kibbick was a young Hutt, barely past the age of full Hutt accountability, and he didn't want to be here on Ylesia. He was the nephew of the dead Zavval, Teroenza's former Hutt clan overseer. Zavval's sibling, the powerful Hutt clan leader, Lord Aruk, was his uncle.
The young Hutt glided up to the High Priest and then stopped. He was still young enough to be a uniform light tan in colour, lacking the greenish pigmentation on the spine and down the tail that older, nonmobile Hutts frequently acquired. Since he was not fat, as Hutts went, Kibbick's eyes were not hidden in leathery folds of skin, but instead protruded slightly, giving him a rather pop-eyed, inquisitive air.

characters: Kibbick, Aruk.

Description of the gross physical features which can characterise the age and health of a Hutt. The dark green pigmentation seen on parts of some Hutts' hides is late shown to be a sign of vascular/circulatory problems.

Solo dreams of the destruction of the Caridan Academy's mascot moon, which actually was accomplished in a failed prank executed by Mako Spince.


Solo's perception of changing nature of the Emperor's rule.


First his dark blue military-style trousers, with the broken red Corellian bloodstripe running down the outside seams. When he'd been discharged from the service, Han had half expected them to deprive him of his bloodstripe, as they'd done with his other decorations and insignia, but they'd left it. Han guessed that was because the bloodstripe wasn't an Imperial award. It was usually earned through military service, and was a mark of unusual heroism, but it was awarded by the Corellian government to a Corellian.
That had been a tough few days, all right, Han thought, remembering exactly how he'd earned the decoration. His right thumb rubbed the bloodstripe as he pulled his right boot on. The bloodstripe was designed so it could be removed and reaffixed to each new pair of trousers. Han had discovered that most non-Corellians had no idea what a mark of distinction it was — many just thought it was a pure decoration.

Corellian bloodstripe.


They were racing toward a large planet, bigger than Corellia, that boasted brown deserts, sickly green vegetation, and slate-blue oceans. Han recognised it at once. He'd been there before, five years ago. He nudged Chewie. "Nal Hutta," he told his companion. "Means `Glorious Jewel' in Huttese, but trust me, pal, it ain't pretty. Bunch of swamps and bogs, and the whole place stinks like a sewer in the middle of a garbage dump." the Corellian wrinkled his nose at the memory.
They could see the edge of the big moon [Nar Shaddaa] now, as it crept over the horizon. Chewie made an inquiring sound. "Yeah, the planet and its moon are tidally locked, so they always keep the same hemispheres facing each other," Han replied. "Synchronous orbit."

location: Nal Hutta; Nar Shaddaa.


The faint haze caused by the moon's shield made it difficult to see specifics about their approaching destination. But Han could tell that the landscape was almost completely covered with structures. Communication spires stuck up in spikes from the welter of buildings. Like a run-down version of Coruscant, Han thought, remembering the world that was one vast city — a world so encased in layers upon layers of buildings that the natural landscape was almost completely covered except at the poles.

Solo compares Nar Shaddaa with Coruscant. Both are nearly completely covered with city terrain.


character: Mako Spince.


Han watched as the Princess drifted closer and closer to the large moon. Nar Shaddaa was actually the size of a small planet, almost a third the size of Nal Hutta. It was hard to make out details through the shield, but he could see lights flashing.

Size of Nar Shaddaa relative to Nal Hutta.


Overhead, the sky was a strange colour, as though they were looking at a normal blue sky through a dark brownish filter. Nal Hutta hung there, as huge and bloated as the sluglike sentients that called it home. It took up at least ten degrees of the sky. Han realised that Nar Shaddaa must have two nights. One would be the normal long night, when one side of the moon was turned away from the sun. The other relatively short "night" would occur when the sun was eclipsed by the enormous bulk of Nal Hutta. Totality would probably last a couple of hours, Han thought, running a rough calculation in his head.

Nal Hutta in Nar Shaddaa's sky. Solo's observations imply that the moon's orbital period is at least seventy hours. The angular size of Nal Hutta means that the distance to the planet's centre is roughly 11.5 times the planetary radius.


Han stepped off the glidewalk and headed toward the booth, with Chewie trailing behind. The "Information Broker" proved to be an ancient Twi'lek woman, so old that her ropy head-tails were shriveled and knotty with age.

character: Oodonnaa


He finished the last of his ale, then he and Chewbacca headed down the street toward the most garish of the bars. Short night was rapidly falling now, as Y'Toub was eclipsed behind the bulk of Nal Hutta. The real night was still many hours away, and would last more than forty standard hours. As the artificial lights came up, Han wondered if he'd ever get used to such long nights. It probably didn't matter, since the moon that was a city never really slept.

Implies that Nar Shaddaa's orbital period is approximately equal to or greater than eighty hours.


Durga was Aruk's only offspring. He was still a very young Hutt, barely past the age of legal responsibility and true self-awareness; only a hundred standard years old. But he was smart, ten times more intelligent and clever than Kibbick.
When Durga was born, all the other Hutts urged Aruk to roll over on the helpless newborn, smothering him, because of the dark birthmark that spread like a foul liquid from his forehead down over one eye and cheek. They said that such a marred countenance would make the youngster socially unacceptable, and speculated that he would be feebleminded all his life. Ancient tales mentioned that such birthmarks were supposed to be omens of disaster, and the elder Hutts predicted all sorts of terrible things should Durga be allowed to survive.

character: Durga the Hutt.
Hutts reach adulthood at about one hundred years of age.


When he'd been in the Navy, he'd served shifts as a helmsman on the big Imperial ships, but his favourite duty had been flying TIE fighters. small, nimble, and deadly, they required pinpoint control to maneuver and fire, but they had no shielding at all, which made them very vulnerable. Few TIE pilots lived to grow old.

Solo's Navy experience.


Kessel Run? Sublight component?


Han was surprised to see two Hutts in the room. One was nearly twice the size of the other, which Han knew meant that it was older. Hutts grew throughout their life spans, and some of them reached impresive proportions indeed. The average Hutt underwent several growth spurts after reaching adulthood. Han had heard that some of them could more than double in size in a matter of a few years.

Hutt growth may occur in bursts. Size may vary abruptly over a few months or years.


Both Jiliac and Jabba had personal space yachts. Han discovered that each of them had sizable holdings on other worlds than Nal Hutta —- matter of fact, Jiliac was the de facto ruler of Dilbana, and Jabba was the top crime lord on a backwater world called Tatooine.

location: Dilbana


starship: a better description of Jabba's personal yacht.


character: Boba Fett


character: Xaverri
NOTE: Xaverri reappears in The Crystal Star.


character: Moff Sarn Shild.


Beat-up greenish-gray Mandalorian armour, a helmet that completely hid his features, and armed to the teeth. He even had black and white braided scalps of soem kind hanging from his right shoulder. Han wondered what the man's name was. He must be one of the elite — a bounty hunter who only went after "tough" cases.
The Corellian supposed that he ought to be flattered, but it seemed a dubious honour at best.

Boba Fett and Han Solo meet again. Solo does not recognise Fett at first.


He was male, human, approximately Han's age, maybe a couple of years older. Slightly shorter than Han himself, he was slender and fit. He was clean-shaven, with curling black hair, dark eyes, and skin the colour of vine-coffeine lightened with traladon milk.
The man was dressed in the height of fashion, a pale gold shirt that laced up the front, accented with black embroidery on the wide collar and cuffs. His narrow black trousers were impeccably pressed. A wide, cummerbund-like embroidered belt accented his narrow waist and flat stomach. He wore black softboots, which explained why he'd been able to ambush the bounty hunter so soundlessly. A short, black cape hung from his shoulders.
AS Han approached him, he smiled, an exceptionally charming smile that revealed excellent white teeth.

character: Lando Calrissian


"There it is. The Millenium Falcon."
Han stared across the permacrete at the modified light stock freighter, Corellian made and engineered, model YT-1300 Transport. He'd seen plenty of them before, and had always liked them — Corellians were good engineers as well as good pilots.
"So, what do you think of her?" Lando asked.
Han shook his head. "What a hunk of junk!"

Millenium Falcon is introduced.


"..My aunt is in a delicate condition, and she must not be jostled."
Han glanced around for another Hutt, but saw only Jiliac. "You aunt? I beg your pardon, Lord Jabba? there will be three Hutts for me to transport?"
"No, human!" Jabba was impatient. "Jiliac and myself, as always! Don't you have eyes? Didn't you notice her skin texture? Her condition is plain!"
Han looked over at Jiliac, and suddenly realised that the Hutt did appear different. Warty excrescences had erupted on the being's face, and purplish patches mingled with the greenish ones on the leathery tan skin. Jiliac also appeared bigger, and rather lethargic. Oh, wonderful, I get to play nursemaid to a sick Hutt? Great!
"Uh, Lord Jiliac, are you feeling —" Han began, only to have Jabba round on him with withering scorn.
"Human idiot! Can't you see that Lord Jiliac is now Lady Jiliac? She is expecting! In her delicate condition, she really should not make this effort, but we Desilijic are nothing if not faithful to our duty!"
Jiliac blinked at Han sleepily. "No offense taken. My people reproduce as they will, and I decided it was time for me to do so. My child is due in a few months. ..."

Jiliac with huttlet. Hutt hermaphroditism.


After the mass of Hutts had arranged themselves in a circle around the speaker's platform, the conference was brought to order by the Executive Secretary of the Grand Council, a Hutt named Mardoc.

character: Mardoc.


chronological data


character: Admiral Trefaren.


Han's next stop, as promised, was Lando's used shipyard. He and Chewie went straight to the office, where they found a small, multi-armed droid with a single ruby-red eye in charge. "Where's Lando?" Han demanded.
"My master is not here at the moment, sir," the little droid replied. "May I be of service? I am Vuffi Raa, his assistant."

droid: Vuffi Raa


Han and Chewie had leased their new ship from Lando. It was a small SoroSuub freighter, Starmite-class, heavily modified. the ship was about two-thirds the size of the Millenium Falcon, and had a blunt, rounded bow, thick stubby wings, and a rounded, thick body that narrowed back to a flattened tail section. the ship resembled a coarse, unstreamlined teardrop and, as one of Han's Quarren acquaintances later told him, looked like "something we raise for snacks." Each of the wings eneded in a gun turret that held two fixed laser cannons, and the pilot also controlled a set of laser cannons mounted on the bow.
Han christened her the Bria.

Starmite-class frieghter. Solo's first starship.


nala-tree frogs


Fett's gaze followed the movements of several of Jabba's humanoid dancing girls, admiring thier lithe suppleness. The bounty hunter was not one to indulge in sybaritic pleasures of the flesh, however. Boba Fett was far too self-disciplined to seek carnal gratitification. The joy of the hunt was his sole pleasure, what he lived for. The credits were an extra, a necessary bonus, a means to accomplish his ends, but it was the hunt that nurtured him, kept him strong and self-reliant and focused.
Leaving his blast rifle on the stairs ...

Boba Fett's self-discipline.
Blast rifle.


Jabba buys off Fett.


Sarlacc; Thermon


Shug Ninx was humanoid, but though he looked mostly human, Han could tell immediately that he had some alien blood. He was tall, with spiky brownish-blond hair and pale blue eyes. The skin on the lower half of his face was mottled with pale spots, and his hands only had two fingers plus an extra joint in his opposable thumb. It gave him great dexterity when fiddling with machinery.

character: Shug Ninx


character: Jarik Solo


locations: Regolith Prime; Rampa II


Jobekk Jonn; beard on Coruscant.


"My master can give you only a few minutes," he said. "He is departing this evening for Velga Prime."
Nice, Han thought. Velga Prime was the most opulent gambling planetoid in the known galaxy.

location: Velga Prime


"Listen pal" — Han's voice dripped sarcasm — "in case it ain't occurred to you, it's all over for Nar Shaddaa. Moff Sarn Shild has probably already ordered his fleet to assemble out near Teth. ..."

location: Teth.


Rampa 1 uprising in response to Rampa 2 events.


Teth fleet, discretionary.


"We have discovered that Shild's fleet is under the command of Admiral Winstel Greelanx. ... Our sources have assured us that Admiral Greelanx, while a competent officer, has, in the past, not been above furthering his own fortunes when the opportunity arises. He was in charge of several Imperial fleets doing customs patrol in the past, and we have confirmed that under the right circumstances he can be bribed."

character: Admiral Winstel Greelanx.


From what Han had been able to tell from passing the fleet while making their landing approach, Greelanx's force consisted of three Dreadnaughts — the Imperial Destiny, the Pride of the Senate, and the Peacekeeper — four bulk cruisers, plus nearly a score of customs and patrol ships, including some Guardian-class light cruisers. Lots of TIE fighters in the holds of the bigger ships, of course.

Composition of the Imperial fleet at Teth. This fleet must be characteristic of the weak forces found in sectors on the fringes of the galaxy; there is not a single modern destroyer, let alone any cruisers or battlecruisers of modern construction. Those "cruisers" mentioned are actually designs by marginal manufacturers, much smaller than the multi-mile dagger-like Kuati designs seen in the mainstream starfleets of the Core (esp. in Dark Empire).


Too many coincidences?


Finally, it came back out, followed by an extremely irritated-looking senior lieutenant. Han snapped to attention and saluted. "What's going on here, Lieutenant?" the man snapped.
"Sir, Lieutenant Stevv Manosk, requesting to see the admiral, sir!"
"State your business, Lieutenant," the man, whose name badge identified him as "Kern Fallon," ordered.

"Senior lieutenant" - presumably a naval rank between lieutenant and lieutenant-commander.
Name badges are unknown in officer uniforms seen in the films.


Every time he ate rich food, or smoked his hookah, they fussed, insisting that he was endangering his cardiovascular system. Aruk knew they were right, that his circulation was sluggish, he could tell because the greenish patches on his leather hide had darkened.

Green skin as indicator of cardiovascular problems in a Hutt.


"We've got the Imp capital ships coming out of hyperspace here, and advancing on Nar Shaddaa. And sixteen skirmish line ships, Guardian-class Customs light cruisers, they'll be coming out of hyperspace in a shell formation to surround Nar Shaddaa. Then we've got two recon line vessels, that'll be these Carrack-class cruisers, one on each and here. Everyone got that?"

The Imperial attack plan, as obtained by Han Solo. Reference to the desings of several of the ships. Even though they are much lighter than a star destroyer, they are refered to as "capital ships".


"Okay, that should enable us to take care of a good percentage of those skirmish ships," Han said. "But what do we do about the recon vessels, and that wedge of capital-class ships...the Dreadnaughts and bulk cruisers?" ships.

Interesting: reference again to "capital-class" ships, as if capital was a designation akin to the classname terminology for particular warship designs.


Ambitions of secession?


Captain Soontir Fel stood on the bridge of the Dreadnaught Pride of the Senate, preparing to follow his commander into hyperspace. In his gray uniform, with decorations and rank insignia providing touches of colour, Fel was an impressive sight that inspired confidence in those under his command.
One of the youngest people ever to receive a captain's commission in the Imperial Navy, Fel was a tall, muscular man, broad-shouldered and exceptionally strong. Black hair, dark eyes, and rugged, almost handsome features made him look as though he'd just stepped out of an Imperial Navy recruiting holo-poster.
Fel was a good, conscientious officer, well liked by his men. He had a special camaraderie with his TIE fighter pilots. Soontir Fel had once been a TIE fighter pilot himself, and his exploits and accomplishments were almost legendary.

character: Captain Soontir Fel
Later a leading Imperial starfighter pilot with a career bringing him into conflict with the New Republic's Rogue Squadron in the months following the Battle of Endor.


Fel was relieved to have something to do, anything to distract him from his thoughts. He glanced over at his navigator. "Course laid in, Commander?"
"Yes, Captain."
"Very well, Commander Rosk, prepare to make the jump to lightspeed, on my order."
"Yes sir."
Fel watched the coordinates flash by on the navigational boards, then said, "Engage hyperdrive."

This novel uses the correct relationship between the ranks of naval captain and commander. A captain is superior to a commander.


"You want me to create a holo-illusion of a whole bunch of smuggler vessels coming straight at these Imperial Capital-class ships."

Another use of "Capital-class" term for medium-sized Imperial naval vessels collectively.


"He's going to sit back with his big Capital-class ships in their nice little regulation wedge, and he'll expect this disorganized band of bozos to come out fighting with everything we've got, since we're not smart enough to hold back. That Admiral is figuring we'll take the recon pickets — the Carrack-class vessels — and the skirmish ships — most likely custom corvettes — to make up his whole attack force."


"Okay, but this Imp Admiral ain't gonna stand there with his jaw dropped for very long, I hate to tell you. No, what he's gonna do is think, 'How DARE they?' and he'll send in his heavy Capital-class ships. We can expect at least two or three big bulk cruisers, with maybe a Dreadnaught or two to help. These boys will have thicker shields and armor, and more and biggers guns. Frankly, fellow sentients, we've only got a handful of ships that are even capable of challenging 'em, let alone hurting them."


"Any of the smaller Imp cruisers between our force and the flanks of those Capital-class ships will be yours."

"...Capital-class ships..."

Another use of the "Capital-class" term.


"Sir, the squadron has emerged from hyperspace," his second-in-command, Commander Jelon, informed him.

character: Commander Jelon, Admiral Greelanx's second in command aboard the flagship.


The seven Capital-class ships arranged themselves into Greelanx's stipulated fighting wedge — with the [Imperial] Destiny as the point of the wedge. Then came two bulk cruisers, Arrestor and Liquidator, followed by the Peacekeeper and Pride of the Senate. The last two bulk cruisers, Enforcer and Inexorable, brought up the rear. The Draednaughts launched their TIE fighters, which moved to surround the wedge.

The names Enforcer and Inexorable are reused for at least one ship each in different classes. This reference conclusively proves that the Imperial Navy recycles starship names.

Another use of the "Capital-class" term.

... Niev Jaub knew that he'd made a terrible mistake. The little Sullustan was flying his small light freighter (modified, of course), the Bnef Nlle,
"Bnef nlle" meant "good luck" in Sullustan.

"Bnef nlle" is the name of a Sullustan freighter, and is also spoken by a Sullustan frigate captain to Han Solo in Dark Empire.


Imperial Destiny rounded the limb of Nar Shaddaa, swinging wide as ordered, in order to avoid the floating debris surrounding the Smuggler's Moon. As it did so, Admiral Greelanx could finally see Nal Hutta, large even at a distance of over 123,000 kilometres.

Lower limit to the distance between Nal Hutta and Nar Shaddaa. Reference on p.308 yields a distance which is somewhat larger.


Han had an idea. He keyed his comm. "Lando, Salla! We're close enough to the wedge to be able to do a two-second hyperspace microjump right into the middle of the illusion. If we alter our approach vector slightly just before the jump, we'll wind up on the right approach path to come roaring in with those phantoms, firin'! Let's give Xaverri's fleet some real teeth!"
"Han!" Salla protested. "We're right in the middle of a gravity well, in case you haven't noticed!"
"We're close enough to where the two bodies balance each other out," Han insisted.

Two-second hyperspace microjump. This implies that the distance between Nal Hutta and Nar Shaddaa was at least several hundred thousand kilometres during the battle. If the average speed of the jump was lightspeed then the distance would be about 599,600km. Combining this with a guess regarding the duration of a Nal Hutta solar eclipse, it possible to estimate the total mass of the planet and moon. [I shall discuss these calculations in more detail elsewhere.]


character: Captain Reldo Dovlis; his second-in-command.


AS the big ship exploded, it wiped out a section of the planetary shield, and flaming debris was sucked through, down into the upper atmosphere.

Explosion of the Peacekeeper.

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