Novel References

Spectre of the Past

1 Chimaera - this is the same name as that borne by the star destroyer which served as the flagship of Grand Admiral Thrawn during his campaigns against the New Republic. Whether this is actually the same ship, heavily upgraded, or another design with a nostalgic name is unknown at this time.
borderland between Outer Rim and Unknown Space
character: Captain Ardiff
2 Predictor
4 ...the cloaking shield plunged the Chimaera into total darkness.
“Cloaking shield activated and stabilised,” Ardiff said.
Pellaeon took a step closer to the viewport and looked down along the Chimaera's sides. The faint blasts of low-level fire were visible, lancing a short distance out from the Star Destroyer and then disappearing as they penetrated the spherical edge of the Star Destroyer's cloaking shield. Blinded by the very device that was now shielding it from it's opponents' view, the Chimaera was firing wildly in an attempt to destroy those opponents.
Cloaking device in operation aboard the Chimaera. The use of these devices on Imperial warships now seems to be routine. Whether this Chimaera is the same as the flagship or Thrawn's campaigns is uncertain. It might be the same vessel, refitted with additional weapons and the cloaking device, or it might be a new ship belonging to a different design but using the old Chimaera name.
5–6 “We still hold eight sectors — over a thousand inhabited systems. We have the Fleet, nearly two hundred Star Destroyers strong. We're still very much a force to be reckoned with.”
“Have you taken even a cursory look at what we're working with here?” He gestured out the viewport at the Preybirds, disappearing now beneath the edge of the Chimaera's hull as they headed for the star destroyer's hangar. “Look at them, Captain. SoroSuub Preybirds. We're reduced to Sorosuub Preybirds.”
“There's nothing wrong with the Preybirds, sir,” Ardiff said stubbornly. “They're a quite capable midsize starfighter.”
“The point is that they're not being manufactured by the Empire,” Pellaeon said. “They're being scrounged from who knows where — probably some fringe pirate or mercenary gang. And they're being scrounged precisely because we're down to a single major shipyard and it can't keep up with demand for capital ships, let alone starfighters.”
A thousand systems left, out of an Empire that had once spanned a million. Two hundred Star Destroyers remaining from a fleet that had once included over twenty-five thousand of them.
Extent of the Empire: 8 sectors, greater than 1000 systems, nearly two hundred star destroyers, blackmarket starfighters, one major shipyard. The number of star destroyers is comparable to the minimum number required for eight standard sector groups. Inhabited systems seem to be less numerous per sector than in most parts of the galaxy. This may be due to a convenient redefinition of sector boundaries within the remants of the Empire, or it may be due to the Deep Core being relatively barren of planet-bearing stars.
Originally over 25000 star destroyers. Accords well with estimates of the number of sectors in the galaxy (order of a thousand) and the regulation minimum number of star destroyers per sector group.
6 “have the navigator plot a course for the Bastion system, Captain,” Pellaeon said to Ardiff. “Send transmissions to all the Moffs, instructing them to meet me at Moff Disra's palace. We'll leave as soon as the Preybrids are aboard.” location: Bastion system, new and secret capital of the Empire. Located within Moff Disra's sector and site of his palace.
character: Moff Disra
8–9 “Right on target,” he commented, nodding toward the bluish-red planetary half-circle ahead of them.
...“Yeah, well, it's always crowded around Iphigin,” Han said, eyeing the hundreds of tiny drive glows moving around the planet like some crazy multrille dance. “Main transfer point for this sector and at least two others. Probably why Puffers set up the meeting for here — you don't start shooting if some of your own stuff might get in the way.”
“What's it always about at this end of the Core?”
location: planet Iphigin, a major trading centre somewhere in the Galactic Core.
8–9 “...Probably why Puffers set up the meeting for here — you don't start shooting if some of your own stuff might get in the way.”
Chewbacca growled in annoyance. “Well excuse me,” Han apologised sarcastically. “President Gavrisom, then. Didn't know you were such a big fan.”
“Well for one thing, he never seems to do anything except talk,” Han said.
“That's what Calibops are best at,” Luke pointed out. “Face it, Han: words are the tool of the task these says.”
character: “Puffers” = President Gavrisom
aliens: Calibops.
9 “What's it always about at this end of the Core?” Han countered sourly. “The Diamala and Ishori are at it again.” aliens: Diamala; Ishori
10 “Look, Luke, I am official liason to the Independent Shippers Association,” Han reminded him testily. “It's not like I haven't done this sort of thing before. ...” Han Solo is official liason to the Independent Shippers' Association.
10 “...Leia hasn't had any kind of real vacation in a long time — she and the kids need some time off together.
Though personally I can't imagine Wayland being very high on anyone's list of resort spots.”
“You'd be surprised,” Han said. “It's not like when we went tromping through the forest on the way to Mount Tantiss. Not with all the Noghri who've settled there.”
Princess Leia's holiday on Wayland. Wayland has now been colonised by the Noghri.
11 Han and Chewbacca were standing at the foot of the Falcon's landing ramp, talking to a triad of white-maned Diamala, as Luke maneuvered his X-wing to an only slightly out-of-practice landing.
The Diamal standing closest to Han stirred. “We greet you in return, Jedi Master Skywalker,” he said, his voice flat and emptionless, his leathery face unreadable. “But we do not welcome you to this conference.”
aliens: Diamala [physical description]
15 aliens: Iphigini, inhabitants of planet Iphigin, in the Core.
16 “Where's this Sarkan coming in from?” Han interrupted.
“Sector Three-Besh.”
“Aurebesh” refers to the interpretation of the Galactic Basic written language invented by West End Games. Some of those letters bear a passing similarity to some of those seen on computer screens in Return of the Jedi. “Besh” is the second letter of the invented scheme.
16 “The ship itself is a Corellian Action-Keynne XII, rarely seen in this part of the Core except under Sarkan authority.”
Luke whistled soundlessly. He'd been given a tour of an Action-Keynne XII once, and had come away thoroughly impressed by both the touches of inner luxury and the multiple tiers of outer weaponry. Designed to transport the most valuable of cargoes, it very nearly qualified as a capital warship.
Action-Keynne XII, a Corellian starship design. Sarkans are reptilian sapients from an immensely wealthy and politically influential world whose primary export is gemstones.
19 Dropping in from lightspeed were no fewer than eight ships, all unmarked, all bristling with turbolaser batteries.
Two mangled-looking Corellian gunships, an old but impressively big Kaloth battlecruiser with an equally old KDY a-4 ion cannon welded awkwardly to its bow, and five Corsair-class assault starfighters.
Composition of the pirate fleet attacking the New Republic convoy at Iphigin. Designation of the Kaloth ship as a battlecruiser suggests that it probably is at least several miles long.
27 “He and Chewbacca have gone to Iphigin, Your Highness,” the droid repeated, his voice miserable. “Several hours ago, shortly after you left him on your tour. I tried to stop them, but he wouldn't listen. Please don't deactivate me.”
Han would be on Iphigin by now, probably already engaged in a dialogue with the Diamalan and Ishori delegations.
Hyperspace journey of only several hours' duration from Wayland to Iphigin.
29 character: Cakhmain clan Eikh'mir
30 “...Maybe now that Ponc Gavrisom's taken over the Presidency for a while, things will be easier.” character: Ponc Gavrisom [full name]
31 And seated on the floor at the foot of the High Seat, dressed in dirt-stained clothing, was a Devaronian. “Ah,” he said, favoring Cakhmaim with a thin smile as he got to his feet. “My kindly host. I hope you brought food; I am beginning to get hungry.” He shifted his attention to Leia. “And you, I take it, are the wandering decision-maker I was promised?”
“I am Lak Jit, Councilor. A simple seeker of knowledge and truth.”
character: Lak Jit
32 “This alien was discovered near Mount Tantiss by one of the cleansing teams,” Cakhmaim said, his gaze hard on the Devaronian. “He had been digging through the soil in the fault line area and had found six datacards. When the team attempted to take them from him, he claimed possession under the Debble Agreement.”
“Really,” Leia said, eyeing the Devaronian with new interest. The Debble Agreement was a slice-of-the-moment compromise deal she'd worked out between the Noghri cleansing teams, who had sworn to eradicate every memory of the Emperor's presence on Wayland, and Garv Debble, a New Republic archeologist who had insisted that items plundered from other worlds should be returned to their proper owners. The agreement had been informal and reasonably private, hardly something a casual treasure hunter would know about.
The Noghri were destroying artefacts in the remains of Mount Tantiss. Debble's mission was to study the treasures and return them to their original owners. The dispute required mediation from Princess Leia. Refer to The Last Command Sourcebook.
33 “Or, if you prefer, I can take the datacards back to Coruscant and ask Councilor Sien Siev or another historical expert to evaluate them.” character: Sien Siev, Councilor [Sullustan?]
34 Pestoriv Conference.
aliens: Ri'Dar - winged sapients first described in Galaxy Guide 4: Alien Races.
36 “Khabarakh, what happened?”
“Your honour is not compromised, Khabarakh clan Kihm'bar.”
During Thrawn's campaign's against the New Republic, Khabarakh was the young Noghri commando who first identified Princess Leia as the daughter of Lord Vader (and therefore the heir to his authority according to matrilineal Noghri tradition). There were hints in Dark Force Rising that the Noghri life-cycle is shorter than that of humans; Khabarakh's presence ten years later suggests that the lifespan is probably at least a couple of decades. Unfortunately this scene does not indicate whether Khabarakh is still an active warrior or a retired elder.
41 “Incidentally, what ever happened to Mara's independent trading company?” Leia asked. “I heard it had failed, but never heard why.”
“It didn't fail; it was simply closed down,” Karrde said. “Actually, it was never meant to be anything permanent — I wanted her to have some experience running a small company directly, so we set her up with one. All part of the process of grooming her to take over my organisation someday”
Jade's independent ventures in earlier books explained.
41 “Rest assured I will be lodging formal complaints with the New Republic High Council and Senate, the Ojoster Sector Assembly, the Corellian Merchants' Guild—” location: Ojoster Sector
politics: It appears that at least some individual sectors have their own local assemblies, comparable to the galactic Senate.
43–44 “The royal library on Alderaan has a great deal of information on the attack that burned off Caamas. Details that were never made public knowledge.”
“It's hard to believe anything about Caamas could have been kept secret,” Karrde said. “The outrage at the time was certainly widespread enough. Worse even than when your own Alderaan was destroyed.”
The destruction of Caamas had happened before her time, but the pictures were as vivid as if she'd witnessed the aftermath of the event in person.
The attack had been sudden and thorough, with a viciousness that had made it stand out even against the widespread devastation of the Clone Wars that had preceded it. Perhaps that was what the attackers had banked on, that a populace weary of war would be too emotionally drained to even notice, much less care about the fate of a single world. ... The Caamasi had been a good and noble people, with an artistic bent and a gentle wisdom that had won them a deep respect even among their adversaries. Their unwavering belief in peace through moral strength had been a strong influence on the political philosophies of many worlds, including Alderaan,...
It was still not known who the attackers had been who had come out of nowhere to systematically and ruthlessly burn off the planet.
location: Caamas;
location: royal library on Alderaan.
aliens: Caamasi
48 characters: Moff Andrey; Moff Bemos; Moff Hort; Moff Quillan; Moff Disra; Moff Evan; Moff Sander; Moff Vered.
51 ... a youngish military aide with short-cropped dark hair and wearing major's insignia standing behnd him.
“...You know my aide, Admiral, don't you? Major Grodin Tierce.”
character: Major Grodin Tierce
53 Yes, he would have Intelligence look into the nanes of Disra's private investment group, all right — he'd put Commander Dreyf and his team on it immediately. And while he was at it, he'd have them look into the Moff's personal finances as well. character: Commander Dreyf, apparently an Imperial Intelligence official loyal to Pellaeon. Also referenced on p.212.
56 “Speaking of which, I have to ask. How did you escape the destruction of the second Death Star?”
Tierce shurgged, a fractional lift of the shoulders. “For the simple reason that I wasn't there. We of the Royal Guard were periodically routed to regular stormtrooper units to keep us in fighting trim. I was on Magagran at the time, out in the Outer Rim, helping to break up a Rebel cell.”
Emperor's Royal Guard; Death Star II. It is interesting that both men seem to be unaware of the legions of Royal Guardsmen who served the Palpatine clones on Byss and aboard the Eclipse-class command ships.
location: Magagran, in the Outer Rim Territories.
60 ... Thrawn
67 At the near edge of the crowd a young Garoos appeared, easing himself and his loaded tray gingerly between a pair of loud and wildly gesticulating Ishori. He made it without spilling the drinks, and wilted into the seat across from Mazzic. “Wheh!” he half-whistled, picking up one of the four drinks from the tray, his purple-tinged gillis flaps undulating rhythmically as he breathed. aliens: Gargos; Ishori
69 Caamas. It had been a long time since she'd thought about that world. A long time since she'd tried to block its name and the childhood memories it evoked of her own world of Emberlene from her mind. location: Emberlene, homeworld of the Mistryl amazons.
70–71 “With all due respect, Your Excellency, I find this proposal incredible,” Captain Trazzen of the Obliterator said, his soft voice belying his reputation for viciousness.
“I agree,” Captain Nalgol of the Tyrannic put in, fingering the Kuat family crest ring he always wore. “In addition — and also with due respect — I would go so far as to question your authority to even order these two missions. All incursions into New Republic space are supposed to be under the direct command of Supreme Fleer Commander Pellaeon.”
Captain Dorja of the Relentless spoke up. “This mission to Morisham that you want me to go on. What exactly is this courier ship that I'm being asked to intercept?”
Disra lifted his eyebrows. “Being `asked,' Captain? Being `asked'?”
“Yes, Your Excellency,” Dorja said stiffly. “Captain Nalgol is correct: you are supreme commander of the Braxant Sector Fleet only with regard to operations within Braxant sector. Missions to Morisham and Bothawui do not fall under this authority.”
“I see.” Disra looked at the fourth captain. “You've been rather quiet, Captain Argona.”
“The Iron Hand is of course under your command, Your Excellency, and we'll go wherever you send us,” Argona said quietly. “At the same time, I have to concur with Captain Trazzen's assessment. Sending away four of the sector fleet's thirteen Star Destroyers is not something to be done lightly.”
charaters & ships: Captain Trazzen - Obliterator; Captain Nalgol - Tyrannic; Captain Dorja - Relentless; Captain Argona - Iron Hand;
locations: Morshim a New Republic planet which is very near Imperial space [see p.80]; Bothawui, an important planet in Bothan space.
location: Braxant Sector, the region under Moff Disra's command.
78 aliens: Morish;
New Republic base.
79 “We have to do something about the pirate activity we've been getting out near Varn.”
“Been hitting your ore shipments, have they?” Wedge asked.
“That, and scaring away potential customers,” Lando said. “I don't know if you knew I added a casino and observation gallery to the Deep Pockets.”
“Sounds like a really big draw,” Janson said dryly.
“You'd be surprised how interesting underwater mining is to watch,” Lando told him. “Actually, at full capacity the casino could probably pay the overhead for the whole operation all by itself. But not if everyone's afraid to come there.”
location: Varn, site of Lando Calrissian's latest major venture.
80 “... Have you tried talking to Coruscant?”
“Till my voice gave out,” Lando said sourly. “Didn't gain me a thing. The bureacratic bit-sorters there are as bad as te ones we had under the Empire.”
Janson snorted. “Some of them are the same ones.”
“This latest policy of reorganisation should help,” Wedge said, trying to steer the conversation away from what was a permanent sore point for him and his Rogue Squadron comrades. “Shifting the bulk of political power back down to system and sector levels is definitely the way to go. The Empire already proved that the centralised approach doesn't work.”
He looked up at the clear blue sky overhead. “Funny, isn't it, how things wind up. I remember when being in a system this close to the edge of Imperial space meant you slept in your X-wing. Instead, here we are, strolling along like we were on Svivren or Ord Mantell.
New Republic policies of galactic devolution. Ironically this appeasement of parochialism seems to add fuel to the inter-system and inter-sector conflicts of the New Republic.
location: Svivren, a world which is very distant from the Deep Core.
location: Ord Mantell - first mentioned in The Empire Strikes Back; seen in Classic STAR WARS comics; original settlement was an ordinance depot for Old Republic military. Other planets with the prename “Ord” have similar origins. Ord Mantell is now very distant from the border with Imperial space.
85 character: Admiral Vriss, commands an assault frigate;
aliens: Bagmims [see also p.99]; Povanarians
86 “The Peregrine's on its way, and the general's got two Star Cruisers coming from Haverling.”
... there was a sort of muffled flash from the Corvette, accompanied by a cloud of debris. “Topside sensor group's been hit,” Janson reported. “Internal fire — probably going to have to shut down the main reactor core.”
Which meant no drive, no shields, and no hope of escape.
location: Haverling, somewhere near Morishim, where 2 cruisers of the New Republic have been situated.
The nature of the corvette's damage is nearly identical to that suffered by Tantive IV due to Devastator in A New Hope.
88 There was a burst of static; and then, almost buried beneath the hissing, a few faint words could be heard. “—is Colo . . . . . . . . zh Ver . . . . . . . . ecial envoy fro . . . . miral . . . . . . . . on, send here . . . . . ontact Gen . . . . . . . el Iblis concern . . . . . . . . . . . ego . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ce tre . . . . be . . . . . . . . . . . . Empire and New Repub . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . under atta . . . . . . . traitorous ele . . . . . . . . . . . the Empire . . . . . . . . . do not expect . . . . . urvive. If the New Re . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . to hold su . . . . . . . . . . . . ions, Adm . . . . . Pel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . at the aban . . . . . . . . . . . . mining cent . . . . . . . . . . . itiin in . . . . . . . . nth to meet wi . . . . . . . . . . . . peating: This is . . . . . nel Me . . . . Vermel . . .” The incomplete message from Admiral Pellaeon to General Del Iblis.
character: Colonel Meizh Vermel. [See also pp.95-96.]
89–90 Officially, the planet was named Muunilinst; unofficially, it was known to many as Moneylend. And if Bastion was the political centre of the Empire, Muunilinst was its financial core.
The reasons for its status were many and varied, a long history that dated back well into the days of the Old Republic. The fact that it still retained its role in these darker times was as much a triumph of inertia and habit as it was the two Golan III Defence Platforms tracing their lazy orbits high overhead.
location: Muunilinst.
characters: High General Sutt Ramic; General Jaron Kyte; Lord Graemon
97 location: Grand Convocation Chamber of the New Republic Senate, on Coruscant. politics: New Republic Senate organisation;
97–99 ... a rough Opquis voice called over the chamber's sound system.
“Why not?” an alien with shaggy blue-green hair and a long, thin face demanded. A Forshul, Leia tentatively identified her, representing the eighty-seven inhabited worlds of Yminis sector in the Outer Rim.
“... the legal guidelines of the New Republic are not the same as the traditional codes of Forshuliri justice,”
There was a short, warbling scream. Reflexively, Leia jumped, belatedly identified the blood-chilling sound as the Ayrou equivalent of a skeptical snort. “Do you expect us to believe—?”
“President Gavrisom, I would ask you to once again remind the Senator from Moddell sector to shut up that noise!”
“You speak of civilisation, President Gavrisom,” a tall Bagmim said darkly.
aliens: Opquis; Forshul.
location: Yminis sector in the Outer Rim Territories.
aliens: Ayrou;
location: Moddell Sector;
aliens: Bagmim [reference additional to p.85]
100 “I'm sure the Senator from Chorlian sector was speaking only figuratively.“
“We will begin with report of the Economics Committee. Senator Quedlifu?”
location: Chorlion Sector
characters: Senator for Chorlion; Senator Quedlifu.
100–101 The Economics Committee report was longer than usual, with two bills being submitted to the full Senate for consideration. That in itself was fairly unusual: with each Senator limited to introducing one bill per year, and a straight up-down vote required to get that bill out of committee, most of the proposed legislation never found the support necessary to make it to the full Senate. Only a small fraction of those few, moreover, ever survived the Senate's scrutiny to actually become law.
Which was precisely how the system was supposed to work. With nearly a thousand Senators already — and with each one representing fifty to two hundred entire worlds — there was not possible way Coruscant could truly look after the interests of all the beings making up the New Republic. This latest modification of the Senate had reduced its role to little more than providing for the common defence and mediating disputes between member sectors. The more commonplace day-to-day governing was handled at the sector, system, planetary, regional, district, and local levels.
A few of the Senators, remembering the glory days of the Old Republic, occasionally grumbled about the Senate being reduced to what they saw as little more than an elaborate debating society. For the majority, though, the more vivid memory was that of Coruscant's domination during the dark days of the Empire. A relatively weak central government was exactly what they wanted.
politics: Senate committe functions; Checks and restrains on the passage of legislation. Representation in the Senate and membership of the New republic seem to be primarily at the level of whole sectors in this historical period. This matches the impression created by the Senate-related scenes in The New Rebellion. This passage also notes the pervasive parochialism and centrifugal tendencies suffered by the New Republic.
102 “Councilor Organa Solo?” a voice said from her side.
Leia turned, a sinking feeling settling into her. The voice and mental profile ...
And she was right. It was indeed Ghic Dx'ono, the Ishori Senator. “Yes, Senator Dx'ono?”
character: Chic Dxiono, Ishori senator.
107 “The Cavrilhu gang. He got the location of one of their bolt-holes from New Republic Intelligence — it's an asteroid cluster in the Kauron system — and he decided to sneak in and take a look around.” location: Kauron system; asteroids. A base of the Cavrilhu gang.
110 There was a flicker from the bridge lights, and through the viewports the mottled sky of hyperspace faded away.
But not into the usual pattern of starlines. This time when the mottled sky vanished, it vanished into total blackness.
And into total blindness.
For a long moment Captain Nalgol gazed out the Tyrannic's viewport at the emptiness, fighting against the queasy feeling of vulnerability. True, jumping his Imperial Star Destroyer while cloaked had brought them into the Bothawui system completely blind and deaf, which was a potentially disastrous position for a combat ship to be in. But in this case, of course, the cloaking shield also worked the other way, concealing them from their enemies.
tactics & technology: cloaked jump from hyperspace to realspace.
Cloaked star destroyers tethered to comet in Bothawui system.
113–114 Pinchers should still be snoozing in peaceful oblivion back on Wistril under the influence of the Jedi healing trance Luke had put him on. location: Wistril
Force: use of a Jedi trance for an offensive purpose.
128 “... you've probably already dug out enough dirty silt about our operation to send everyone here to Fodurant or Beauchen for the next twenty years. ...” locations: Fodurant; Beauchen. Prison planets.
135 “Understood,” Mara said, kicking the turbolaser into emergency warm-up and wishing for about the twentieth time this trip that the Jade's fire wasn't stuck on Duroon getting its nav systems refitted. Karrde had done a good job of arming his freighters, but the Fire had as much sheer laser power as the Starry Ice and a lot more maneuverability on top of it. Jade's Fire [from the Corellian trilogy] is on Duroon. Duroon was mentioned in one of Brian Daley's Han Solo novels.
144 “See if he wants us to get back on schedule for the Nosken rendezvous or else try to track the pirates' escape route.” location: Nosken. [See also pp.161, 163 - location of the Errant Venture.]
145 It was a hot day in this part of Dordolum. Hot and sunny, with an oppressively still and heavy atmosphere that seemed to wrap around the silent lunchtime crowd like a wet grov-fur blanket. ... location: Dordolum, scene of an anti-Bothan riot inspired by covert Imperial agents.
148–149 “Perhaps you do not comprehend how much time and effort would be involved in even merely locatingan uninhabited world that would be suitable for the remaining Caamasi.” His fur rippled. “But then to further insist that we bear the costs of reforming that world to Caamas' original specificiations? We cannot possibly afford such an undertaking.”
“I'm familiar with the likely costs of such a project,” Gavrisom countered, his tone still patient. “It was done at least five times during the Old Republic—”
“By peoples arrogant in their power and their wealth,” Fey'lya snapped, suddenly seething to life. “The Bothan people have neither such power nor such wealth.”
technology: The reformation of a planet so that it is identical to another one. This seems to be a more significant task than simply terraforming a barren world, or constructing an entirely artificial planet like the “worldcraft” commissioned by Emperor Palpatine. [The Crystal Star.]
150 “...We're also searching through the old Imperial archives at Kamparas, Boudolayz, and Obria-skai, but so far we haven't found anything.” locations: Kamparas, Boudolayz, Obroa-Skai. All three planets are sites of major record-keeping facilities. In the prequel literature, Mace Windu was said to have been raised at a Jedi training centre on Kamparas.
154 “The records at the Ubiqtorate base on Yaga Minor may also contain a copy [of the Caamas document].”
“...The general in charge of the base knows Admiral Pellaeon fairly well; and with the Bastion library right here at hand, you really don't have a good excuse to examine his records.
“General Hestiv doesn't know me by either name or sight, ...”
location: Yaga Minor. A major world in the remanants of the Galactic Empire. Has a native non-human species who are mainly loyal to the Empire. The planet was also mentioned in The Last Command as a major location for Imperial shipbuilding.
character: General Hestiv, commander of the Ubiqtorate base at Yaga Minor.
158 “In approximately three weeks Admiral Pellaeon and the Chimaera will be leaving Imperial space for a secret meeting at Pesitiin,” Disra said. “I want you to attack him there.”
Zothip laughed, a single ranphyxlike bark. “right, Disra. Attack an Imperial Star Destroyer with a few Telgorn Pacifiers and maybe a Kaloth battlecruiser or two. Sure, no trouble.”
location: Pesitiin, chosen location for Pellaeon's meeting with Bel Iblis.
161,163 “We're almost to the Nosken system — just a few more minutes.”
The mottled sky turned to starlines and collapsed to stars—
And there, floating in the darkness directly ahead of them, was an Imperial Star Destroyer.
location: Nosken system, present resting place of the privately-owned Imperator design star destroyer Errant Venture.
163 H'sishi had a good grasp of spoken Basic, but her Aurebesh reading skills were still a little shaky. “Aurebesh” refers to the interpretation of the Galactic Basic written language invented by West End Games. Some of those letters bear a passing similarity to some of those seen on computer screens in Return of the Jedi.
166 “Ah — Captain Karrde,” Nawara Ven said, dipping his head in a formal Twi'lek bow. “It is good to see you again.”
The Twi'lek led the way toward a bank of turbolists, limping only slightly on his artificial leg.
character: Nawara Ven, who was a pilot in Rogue Squadron during the New Republic's initial capture of Coruscant. He seems to remain alive, mostly.
168 “Hello, Mirax; it's been a long time. Where's the little one?”
“Valin's right down there,” Mirax said, giving Karrde a far more genuine smile than he husband's as she waved toward the starboard crew pit. “And he's six years old — not so little any more.”
character: Valin; six years old. This means that his conception coincided approximately with The Crystal Star.
171 “I know they've [the Cavrilhu Pirates] got a base on Amorris,” Booster said, pulling out a datapad and keying it on. “And — let's see — seems to me their major stronghold is — right; here it is. A hollowed-out asteroid in the Kauron system.” locations: Amorris, Kauron system.
173 “Afraid we didn't have time to swing by Dronseen for that cargo.”
“That's all right,”; Karrde said. “Faughn can make the pickup after she drops you here. How did the pirate hunt go?”
“Complete washout,” she said. “We tracked their vector to D'wor but then lost it completely. The traffic around there was fierce — Starspeeder 3000s all over the place.”
“It's pollination season for the singfruit groves,” Booster murmured. “Peace breeds tourists.”
location: Dronseen.
location: Di'Wor, a planet with a kind of flora called singfruit which serves as a tourist attaction during a particular part of its life-cycle.
The Starspeeder 3000 is a reference to the popular Disney attraction Star Tours, featured at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris. It is a simulator ride that allows guests to embark on a “tourist flight” to the forest moon of Endor, but due to and inept pilot droid the tour ends up flying through a comet field and eventually following a set of X-Wings through a trench run on (what appears to be) a Death Star. The Starspeeder 3000 seats 40 passengers and is piloted by a single RX-model droid with one R2 astromech assistant. According to the pre-show that guests watch in the queue, the Starspeeder 3000s are owned and operated by a company named “Star Tours.”

This is a hand transcripted account of the Starspeeder 3000 “ad” that is run in the queue area:

“Star Tours is proud to introduce the StarSpeeder 3000. The most advanced transport of it's kind in existence. With high speed warp drive and a travel range of over a 1 billion lightyears, the 3000 makes touring the galaxy safe and comfortable. And all our StarSpeeders are piloted by the newest, most reliable RX droids, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the sites.

“Whenever your plans call for intergalactic travel, call on the best! Star Tours.”

[Note: Warp drive!]
174 “What do you see?”
“Nothjing,” a bewildered Laerdocian voice said from one of the crew pits. “These shas'mink sensors—”
aliens: Laerdocian. voice
177 “How do you know that it's from his [Palpatine's] private files?” Booster asked.
“Because if it was something Bel Iblis could have looked up in the Kamparas archives, he wouldn't have sent Corran to ask you about it,” Karrde pointed out.
location: Kamparas archives. One of the major galactic localities mentioned on p.150.
178 “We've got the vector from their jump a fw minutes ago,” Mara said. “We also got the vector from the Kauron ship. Faughn's plotting an intercept point.”
“Got it,” Faughn said. “It's an unexplored system in Gradilis sector, right on the boundary between Wild Space and the Unknown Regions. It's listed as the Nirauan system, so someone must have visited the place, but there's no other data.”
location: Nirauan system. [On p.317 stated to be in Gradilis sector.]
192 “I know it's easy to say there'll never be another bacta shortage like the one during the war. It's not always so easy to believe it.”
“I was with this facility during the time,” the Emdee said gravely. “We could not afford to buy the black market bacta, even if it had been available to us. I saw many die who could have been saved.”
Luke nodded. And as a result, for the past twelve years the medics in charge here had made it a rigid policy to conserve every single drop of bacta, even to the point of siphoning it out of patients' ears when necessary.
Bacta usage since the crisis associated with the capture of Coruscant, and Ysanne Isard's occupation of Tyferra.
194–195 ... Luke Skywalker's vision of the future.
197 “The surface wasn't covered with glaciers, and there were no domes. It was also a lot more pleasant.” He frowned, pulling the image back from his memory. “There were bridges arching all the way across the canyon I saw. There were . . . I saw a group of nine of them, arranged in a diamond pattern: one starting on one level, two more side by side crossing from the next level down, three on the next, then two and then one.”
Artoo whistled and searched some more. A half-dozen more systems scrolled across the display—
“Wait a minute,” Luke said. “Back up one — Cejansij system. See if there are any pictures in the datafile.”
The display backed up, then altered to a sucession of orbital, aerial, and ground pictures. Luke watched as they went past . . . and by the time the series came to an end, he knew it was the place. “That's it,” he said. “The Canyonade on Cejansij. That's where we're going.”
location: Canyonade on Cejansij; Cejansij system.
199 Ceok Orou'cya, First Secretary of the Combined Bothan Clans, was urbane, polite and completely gracious. But beneath the polish, as near as Leia could tell, he also seemed genuinely surprised by her visit.
[Solo] would have been more intimidating with Barkhimkh and Sakhisakh standing there beside him. But Bothans didn't much like Noghri, and Leia had decided this situation was ticklish enough already without that extra strain.
characters: Ceok Orou'cya; Barkhimkh; Sakhisaskh.
203 “... Got a bunch of Froffli, too — I can see those stupid hair spurs poking up above the rest of the crowd.”
“Good.” Aside from the general hotheadness of the species itself, the Froffli government was one of the few that had already come out publicly for sanctions against the Bothans. A species grounded on vindictiveness; and the fact that the Bothans had spent the last fifteen years systematically grinding the Froffli light-machinery industry to dust certainly hadn't helped matters.
aliens: Froffli
207 Mishtak, Leresai
209 A Khil bounced toward her, whistling excitedly through his hullepi and waving a blaster toward the stairway, completely oblivious to the lightsabre blade he was drifting toward— aliens: Khil, described in Aliens: Enemies & Allies.
211 “Major Tschel, sir,” the bridge officer's voice came from the intercom. “There's a transmission coming in for you, marked with your personal encrypt.” character: Major Tschel, bridge officer aborad the Chimaera. The surname matches that of an inexperienced young lieutenant who appeared in the first scene of Heir to the Empire. If this is the same man then his use of an army rank deserves explanation. Why does an army officer serve on the bridge of a star destroyer? Is this indicative of the decay of protocol in the Imperial Forces? An army major has the same seniority as a naval lieutenant-commander.
214 Pellaeon frowned in the darkness, the memory of a comment Thrawn had once made flickering to mind. Examine all obstacles carefully, the Grand Admiral had admonished him. With a little ingenuity, they can often be turned into levers. A piece of old advice from Grand Admiral Thrawn.
215 For a moment he considered checking with the bridge to see whether there were any messages waiting from Major Vermel. In other parts of the novel, Vermel is a colonel, not a major.
217 “He was most likely using a Xerrol Nightstinger sniper weapon,” Barkhimkh said. “It fires an invisible bolt.
“The Empire did not advertise its existence,” the Noghri said. “And aside from that single advantage it was a decidedly inferior weapon. The blaster gas required cost well over a thousand per canister, could only be used in specially designed blasters, and only permitted three to five shots per canister before replacement. Hardly a weapon for common usage.”
technology: Xerrol Nightstinger bolt; blaster bolt redirection device.
219 location: Nirauan system [details planets]
223 ... gazing at the weapon, feeling the cool metal against her skin. It had been Luke Skywalker's lightsabre once, made by his father and passed down to him on Tatooine by Obi-Wan Kenobi. Luke had given it in turn to her after the Empire's massive counteroffensive under Grand Admiral Thrawn had finally been stopped.
Then, she and Luke had been allies. Now . . .
With a grimace, she hooked the lightsabre onto her belt. Now, she wasn't sure what they were.
The lightsabre of Anakin Skywalker is still in the possession of Mara Jade.
225 And caught her breath. Straight ahead, perhaps ten kilometres farther along, the ravine came to an abrupt end at the base of a massive bluff. And sitting atop the bluff, black against the pale sky, was a building.
No, not just a building. A fortress.
She activated the macrobinoculars and focused on the fortress. “Seems to be built of black stone,” she reported, zooming in the view. “Reminds me of that old abandoned fortress on Hijarana we sometimes used as a rendezvous point. I can see — looks like two, maybe three towers from this angle, plus something that might have been one more broken off near the base. In fact . . .”
“In fact, if you set up the angles right,” she said slowly, “you could make a case that whatever the shot was that took out that tower was the same blast that gouged out this ravine.”
And if so, that would have been one impressive blast. The Death Star could have done it, but not much else in either the Imperial or New Republic arsenals.
locations: tower, ravine on the second planet of Nirauan.
229–230 “Look, I'm talking about running ore freighter security here,” Lando said, fighting against the sinking feeling he'd had so many times in the past ten days. “Not invading Alion or boarding a Star Destroyer or something.”
He paused, glanced across the tapcafe. “Look over there,” he continued, pointing across at a group of aliens hunched together around a table, their horny heads almost touching. “See those Clatear? They've got a six-hundred-year-old feud going on with the Nhoras that five separate generations of Jedi tried to stop and couldn't. Ever heard of it?”
location: Alion, presumably a very well fortified world or facility.
aliens: Clatear; Nhoras.
231 After nearly two decades of agonising struggle, the galaxy had finally found peace . . . and all they wanted to do with it was get back to the petty little wars the Emperor's New Order had so thoughtlessly interrupted. politics: Historical perspective on the long-term role of Palpatine's Galactic Empire.
231 As far as he was concerned, the sooner he got off Cilpar, the better.
He was a good ten metres past the edge of the crowd when a stray fact managed to penetrate his blanket of grouchy self-pity. These protests invariably targeted Bothans: Bothan merchants or diplomats or businesses. But there were no Bothans at Mos Tommro Spaceport — they used a different facility entirely.
locations: planet Cilpar; Mos Tommro Spaceport.
237 “I understand there's been some recent unrest among segments of the Yagai population,” Pellaeon said.
“Completely negligible,” Hestiv said, waving a hand in dismissal. “Actually, since the overwhelming majority of the population is completely loyal, they mostly take care of the handful of dissenters themselves. The only time we normally have to lift a finger is to protect the dissidents from overzealous loyalists.”
“Allowing you to take the moral high ground.”
“Exactly,” Hestiv said. “It makes for a refreshing change from our usual image among aliens.”
“Yes,” Pellaeon murmured, sipping his drink. “A pity the Emperor didn't work harder at that kind of public relations himself twenty years ago.”
“A pity someone who wasn't so insanely blind with power didn't overthrow him while there was still time,” Hestiv countered, an edge of bitterness in his voice. “There must have been hundreds of competent administrators or Fleet officers who could have kept the Empire alive.”
Pellaeon and General Hestiv reminiscence about the Emperor candidly. Their Imperial loyalties are not tied to Palpatine in person, rather to the system of government.
246 He was of an unfamiliar species: tall and broad, with dark shell plates half-hidden beneath a fur-trimmed cloak. His head was large, with alert black eyes and small spikes where the mouth would be on a human. ...
“I am Moshene Tre,” the alien said. “Un'Yala of the Cas'ta tribe of the Rellarin people of Rellnas Minor.”
He reached a Wookiee-sized hand to the collar of his cloak and turned the edge back. Fastened on the underside was a distinctive gold-filigree pin. “I am also a New Republic Observer. I am honoured to meet you, sir.”
... The Observers were an experimental, quasi-official part of the New Reoublic, created in this latest round of governmental policy reorganisation. Moving freely about their assigned sectors, their job was to report directly to the High Council and Senate whatever they saw or heard, with a particular eye toward improper governmental activities that the local or sector authorities might prefer to keep out of sight.
There had been some early fears that the Observers might evolve into the kind of secret security forces that the Empire had used with such devastating effect during its reign of terror. ... The various governments that had undertaken to sponsor Observers had chosen their candidates carefully, with an eye toward hiring only strongly ethical beings and then strictly defining the limits of their mandate. The fact that Observers were assigned to sectors far away from their homes and any local or species rivalries undoubtedly helped encourage their sponsors to pick candidates who were as incorruptible and impartial as possible.
aliens: Un'Yala, a term of status?
aliens: Rellarin
location: Rellnas Minor
character: Moshene Tre
New Republic Observers.
248 “They signify remembrance of the victims of the Vrassh Slaughter,” Tre told him. “The land the perpetrators gained by that act has yielded great wealth to them; yet neither the Pas'sic government not the New Republic has insisted that any of that wealth be given to the survivors' families, as both the custom and ancient law of that world demand.” aliens: Vrassh, Pas'sic.
255 “... My name is Moranda Savich; Plakhmirakh here is currently attached to me as my bodyguard. We work for an old acquaintance of yours: Talon Karrde.” characters: Plakhmirakh, Mokanda Savich
257 “Artoo's with me,” Skywalker said, nodding back over his shoulder. “He spotted a G2-9T repair droid working off your cargo bay and stopped for a chat.” “I hope he enjoys it,” ... “That's the last G2 I'm ever going to buy...” These G2 droids are also featured in Star Tours as part of the queue pre-show. Guests pass through a room labeled “Droidnostics Center 2” where a G2 droid (G2-9R, I believe) is working on a derelict R5 unit. This droid appears to have the work ethic of Homer Simpson, paying attention to the R5 unit for about 30 seconds out of the five minute recorded loop. There is another G2 droid a few steps further along the queue whose job appears to be to stand at a podium and chat with the guests as they walk by. These G2 droids pretty much have the head of Johnny Five from Short Circuit and the body of a robot duck, right down to the webbed feet and short tail.
263 “All I know is that we just got a panic call from the Sif'kric system. ...”
“Anyone been following local politics in this sector?”
“I have, a little,” Rogue Nine said grimly. “My father-in-law's got some interests here. Ten to one it's the Frezhlix; they've been feuding with the Sif'kries ever since we chased the Empire out of the area.”
location: Sif'Kric system
aliens: Sif'kries; Frezhlix.
264 jump; Bel Iblis vs assault fleet
270 Abruptly the signal squealed and vanished. “Comm station, what's going on?” Bel Iblis demanded.
“The problem's not at our end, General,” a new voice reported. “Looks like the HoloNet carrier's been cut off.”
“... no, sir, it's not Coruscant. Looks like the relay at Mengjini has gone down.”
“Sir, we're picking up a general alert on the secondary net,” a new voice put in. “The relay at Mengjini has allegedly come under attack from a small group of, quote, `dissident elements,' unquote.”
location: Mengjini HoloNet relay
275 But even as the Lady Luck started to turn, there was a burst of light from behind the particle cloud between him and the Star Destroyer. He had just enough time to see the glittering trac-reflective particles turn a dull, nonreflective black—

And with another jolt the yacht was once again trapped in the tractor beam.

Lando launced a torpedo that detonated flak into the tractor beam when the star destroyer shot it. Someone has found a way to counteract the “tractor beam dispersal” gambit.
275 He'd been unable to read the ship's ID before the Lady Luck had been drawn into the gaping hangar bay, and had been hoping against hope that this was some monstrous practical joke being played on him with one of the New Republic's captured Star Destroyers. The New Republic still retains a number of captured Imperial destroyers, and they are in useful condition.
283 “I do not see the problem,” the Likashan Senator called out, her high-pitched voice making the chamber's sound system squeal. “We are many; the Empire are few. Let us gather together and move against it. And this time, let us not stop until we have utterly destroyed it.”
“If you think that's even an option anymore, then you're a fool,” the Sronk Senator countered.
“They have no more than a thousand worlds remaining,” a Senator who Leia couldn't identify put in scornfully. “With no more than a hundred Star Destroyers and a few thousand lesser ships. Do you suggest that such a pitiful force could withstand the full thunder of our trampling hooves?”
location: Likashan Sector; Sronk Sector;
aliens: Likash, Sronk [see p.284 for species names].
Residual power of the Empire; implied naval power of the New Republic is vastly greater.
284 The Maerdocian Senator roared something in his own language. “Do you imply you would seriously consider allowing him to interrogate New Republic officials?” the translation whispered in Leia's ear. “That way lies madness.”
“He doesn't want all of us,” the Kian'thar Senator pointed out. “He wants only the Bothans.”
aliens: Maerdocian?
locations: Maerdocian sector; Kian'thar sector.
284–285 “Let us keep our focus clear in this debate. Certainly we have no intention of permitting an Imperial official to interrogate the leaders of any New Republic member world. However, it is equally unreasonable at this point to suggest a concerted attack against the Empire. While it is true that a state of war technically exists between us, recent hostilities have been few and mostly accidental. More to the point, even though our forces outnumber theirs, those forces are at the moment widely dispersed across the galaxy. ... Attempting, as you are all aware, to bring some measure of stability to the New Republic against stirrings of hundreds of threatening internal wars.” State of the war; strategic condition of the galaxy. Dispersal of New Republic forces.
285 “How ver' conven'ent,” the Garoosh Senator half-whistled sarcastically. “For the Empire, a' least.”
“They're probably the ones inciting all the wars,” someone suggested with obvious contempt. “That would be just like Thrawn's style. fanning the fires of stupid hatred and primitive genocidal nonsense—”
“Do not call our long struggle stupid,” the Forshul Senator rumbled. “And as for genocide, I find it highly significant that our oppressors the Prosslee stand ready to excuse the Bothans' own actions against the Caamasi. ...“
alien/location: Garoosh?
aliens: Prosslee, traditional enemies of Forshul.
287 “We all know that there are numerous Imperial Star Destroyers within New Republic territory — some even in private hands, if rumours are to be believed.” Many Imperial warships of modest to significant size are used within New Republic space. This must include Errant Venture. The naval forces of the New Republic seem rather meek in most depictions; presumably most of the rest of these former-Imperial ships are in sector or system fleets. Local authorities would not suffer the fear and stigma attached to the possession of powerful weaponry by a centralised government. Indeed the New Republic seems to positively emphasise devolution of power and responsibility to the local level.
289–290 “... Do you knowwhere the West Championne landing field is? It's about two hundred kilometres south of the Imperial Palace, near the Manarai Mountains.”
“... We have a place on the thirtieth floor of Orowood Tower, about twenty kilometres east of the landing field. I'll call the Noghri caretakers and have them let you in; ...”
location: West Championne, 200km south of Imperial Palaace; near Manarai Mountains on Coruscant. location: Orowood Tower, 20km east of West Championne.
290 locations: Pakrik Major/Minor [Also see p.332-333.]
294–295 location: Orowood Tower, near West Championne on Coruscant. Third floor and fourth floor appear to be ordered in the reverse of the usual Coruscant convention. This suggests that the tower is merely a small building constructed on the rooftop of one of the more usual Coruscant buildings. [P.297 also indicates that there is a main home near the Imperial Palace, and a retreat in the Manarai Mountains region of Imperial City.]
302–303 “There was never more than a small fraction of the galaxy actually fighting against the Empire.”
“And never more than a small fraction of the Empire fighting against us,” Lando pointed out, his eyes on Karrde. “I don't think we realised back then just how much of their energy was going to keeping all these little planetary vendettas and rivalries from blowing up in their faces. Now we're in the same situation; and in my opinion, we simply don't have the resources to take on whatever Thrawn has planned.”
Strategic situation of the galaxy; conduct of government and war in the New Republic contrasted with the Galactic Empire.
306–308 “So Jorj Car'das was once a competitor of yours—”
“Keep your voice down,” Karrde growled. “I don't want the others hearing that name. And Car'das wasn't a competitor. He was something else entirely.”
“You've never met Car'das, Lando,” Karrde said quietly. “If you had, you'd understand. In his own way he was more ruthless even than Jabba the Hutt.”
“And he most certainly hasn't retired either — that's the nature of the man. And he will not want to be found. Particularly not by me.”
Calrissian hissed between his teeth. “Fine,” he bit out. “You want to go bury yourself in a hole and wait for Thrawn to come dig you out, you go right ahead. Give me a copy of Mara's route to the Exocron system and I'll go find him myself.”
“Don't be absurd,” Karrde said. “You and the Lady Luck wouldn't last two days alone in the Kathol Outback.”
character: Jorj Car'Das;
location: Exocron system, in the Kathol Outback.
309 Leia jumped; as usual, she hadn't heard or sensed the Noghri's approach. “What is it, Gharakh?” character: Gharakh

She looked back at Solo. “So do your people, though you might not know it,” she said. “Nineteen years ago on Tatooine I helped get you the technical readout for a prototype component of the second Death Star's superlaser.”

Another ripple of surprise ran through the room. A ripple that, to Shada's own mild surprise, didn't seem to touch Solo himself. “Really,” he said. “Tell us how.”

“A friend and I stole the component from an Imperial research base,” she said, trying to read his face. Suddenly the one who'd been pushing her the most seemed almost to be on her side. “It was code-named the Hammertong. We flew the ship it was mounted aboard to Tatooine —”

“What kind of ship?” Solo interrupted.

“Loronar Strike Cruiser,” Shada said. “Heavily modified — the interior had been gutted so the thing would fit inside. We half buried the ship in a dune and went to the Mos Eisley cantina to find a freighter pilot with a ship who could transport a segment of it for us.”

Shada refers to an incident in Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina, in which Mistryl mercenaries stole a ship from an Imperial research base. The ship carried the Hammertong, apparently a protoype superlaser component, a product of an ongoing weapons research program. The Death Star II was an eventual application of the technology, although its construction did not commence until after the Battle of Yavin.

317 “The Starry Ice tracked it to a small world in Gradilis sector,“ Karrde said. location: Gradilis sector - contains Nirauan system.
323 Someone wearing a maintenance coverall — a Trintic, probably, though it was hard to tell in the dim light — was lumbering across the field toward the X-wings, gesturing frantically at this no doubt unauthorised noise.
“According to the Bothans, a Leresen attack force is on the way.”
aliens: Trintic
aliens: Leresen
324–325 “Already pulled,” Perris said. “According to Coruscant, the Di'tai'ni government specifically asked for general Bel Iblis to mediate this dispute with their resident non-Tai'ni workers.”
The flight to Bothawui took a little longer than that panic-call run they'd taken a week ago to bail out the Sif'kries and their pommwomm-plant shipment.
aliens: Sif'kries, living near Bothawui.
plant: pommwomm
location: Di'Taiini; aliens: Taiini
332–333 Leia searched her memory. She'd heard of Kanchen sector, and vaguely remembered Pakrik Major being the sector capital.
“... Everything out there's real peaceful. We'd sit through a few boring meetings, then head off into the silence and relax.”
“You assume there's silence somewhere nearby that we can get to.”
“There is,” Han said. “Pakrik Major's got a twin planet, Pakrik Minor, where they've got nothing but farms, a few resorts, and lots of undeveloped countryside.”
This was sounding better and better. “Farms, you say?”
“Fruit and tallgrain, mostly,” Han said with a nod. “And forests and mountains and all the silence you want. ...”
locations: Pakrik Major/Minor; defined to be in Kanchen sector. [Also see p.290.]
340 “... Colonel Bas, order one Preybird squadron to launch on my command. ...” character: Colonel Bas
341 “Torpedoes fired,” the other confirmed; and from beneath the Chimaera's bow a tight column of torpedo trails appeared, driving hard directly toward the now-distant drive trails of the Preybirds. Proton torpedoes launched from the Chimaera. An Imperator-class star destroyer is not supposed to carry any missile weapons. The Chimaera of the Thrawn campaign was always represented as one of these vessels. Are we now seeing a new ship belonging to another subclass or class? Or has the old Chimaera been modified for extra weapon systems?

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