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Rebel Agent


The Trandoshan roared, raised his weapon, and went cross-eyed as Kyle kicked him between the legs.

aliens: Trandoshans have sensitive tissue between their legs, like male humans. Possibly of a similar nature to that of humans. This is interesting, since reptiles on Earth are structured for better protection; the mammalian arrangement is necessary only to accomodate some limitations of temperature-regulation. Are Trandoshans warm-blooded too?


Kyle aimed just above the light, shot the bounty hunter in the chest, and watched the bolt bounce away. Body armour!

Body armour deflecting a blaster bolt. Another kind of armour, like that of an AT-AT hull, would absorb and dissipate the energy of the bolt rather than causing reflection. Reflection and absorption/dissipation - two different approaches to armour in STAR WARS.


The hospital ship Mercy, an antiquated Dreadnaught, two assault frigates, a squadron of Corellian gun ships, and assorted support vessels orbited a devastated world.
The Mercy, which had been "liberated" while still under construction, was enormous. More than two kilometres long and a quarter kilometre across, she could accommodate up to five thousand patients plus the equipment, droids and staff needed to operate and maintain her.

starship: Mercy, a large ship captured by the Rebel Alliance and converted for medical functions. Presumably the basic design was a Imperial. More than 2km long. The dreadnaught is New Hope [p.69,71].


character: Chief Warrant Officer Xiong Wong, a senior NCO aboard the New Hope.


character: "Wires", a corrupt but amiable technician and slicer aboard New Hope.


... Leia Organa, formerly Princess Organa, hadn't. she sneezed, and her brother, Luke Skywalker, said, "Bless you."
Mon Mothma gave the newcomer a hug and turned to her guests. "Jan, this is Leia Organa and her brother Luke Skywalker. ... Leia, Luke, this is Jan Ors. ..."

chronology: These events take place after Return of the Jedi since the Princess' genetic relationship to Luke is no longer a secret to her. Of course it is possible that Mon Mothma knew it all along but neglected to mention it to either of the twins. But Leia had clearly not been told about the matter in unambiguous terms until she heard it from Luke in the ewok village.

In the introductions, Mothma gives precedence to Jan rather than the Princess or the Jedi. Is this a breach of etiquette?


"Hundreds and hundreds of years ago a Jedi named Kaan turned away from the light and formed the Brotherhood of Darkness. The Brotherhood used the dark side of the Force to build an empire and were well on their way toward expanding it when an army was raised to oppose them.
"The army of opposition consisted of beings of many species and planets, representing all walks of life. But they had one thing in common. They were Jedi.
"The two sides came together on a remote and little-known world. Salvos of pure energy were exchanged, storms raged across the land, and lightning flashed from the skies. Entire cities were destroyed, a species was pushed to the edge of extermination, and spirits separated from their bodies.
"Finally, after days of mortal combat, the Brotherhood was defeated. Knowing that he had lost but unwilling to accept defeat, Kaan lured his opponents into a valley. And it was there that the Brotherhood of Darkness committed suicide, taking good Jedi with them. Not to the freedom of death but into a state of suspended animation where they remain trapped.
"Their spirits should be released and allowed to merge with the Force, but there are those who would tap the energy they represent and use it for evil. Assuming the stories are true, assuming such a place exists, it would be well worth fighting for."

character: Kaan, a historical leader of Dark Jedi; Brotherhood of Darkness.


creatures: various harmless fauna and flora of Sulon.


vehicle: T-4 repulsorlift craft; capable of 80km/h speed; traverses distance to city in less than 33min. Indicates approximate distance from Katarn farm to the city.


characters: Sulon Tuskens, Rogg, Bordo.


location: bridge, 20km long, between the Katarn farm and Baron's Hed on Sulon.


creatures: gra, goat-like herd animals used on Sulon.


Fuel City had been sited ten klicks south of the spaceport for reasons of safety. It included rows of storage tanks, which were connected by a maze of pipes and served nine elevated fuelling stations. Lights, which seemed to have been mounted helter-skelter throughout the complex, threw a thousand mysterious shadows.
The Sulon Star hovered by station six and was held in place by a network of interlocking tractor beams. Fuel entered the ship via hoses large enough to crawl through.

location: Fuel City, refuelling section of the spaceport of Sulon.

Fuel City has nine refuelling stations. These presumably are large mooring towers, at least several hundred metres high, as seen in the computer game.
starship: Sulon Star, a large freighter with a docking bay capable of carrying four shuttle-sized craft.

location: Nefran Canyons, in the Hantor Range, on Sulon.


Though not strong enough to punch its way through, the energy bolt did manage to blister the outer surface of the windshield.

Compare the results of this blaster shot to the viewport of a TIE with the results found in XWWS (transparisteel becomes momentarily opaque) and Crimson Empire (transparisteel shatters and pilot is shot).


Its pilot, a man not that much older than Kyle himself, stood before the tap tree.

chronlogy: Luke Skywalker is several years older than Kyle Katarn.

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