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Planet of Twilight


One of his fellow crewmembers on the New Republic escort cruiser Adamantine found him slumped across the table...
Though accompanies by the Adamantine, Chief of State Leia Organa Solo's journey to the Meridian sector was an entirely unofficial one. The Rights of Sentience Party would have argued — quite correctly — that Seti Ashgad, the man she was to meet at the rendezvous point just outside the Chorios systems, held no official position on his homeworld of Nam Chorios. To arrange an official conference would be to give tacit approval of his, and the Rationalist Party's, demands.

starship: Adamantine, a New Republic escort cruiser.

location: Meridian sector, mostly space neutral to the New Republic and the remaining fragments of the Galactic Empire.
Rights of Sentience Party, Rationalist Party - two important organisations in the politics of the New Republic.

"...Nam Chorios is a barren and hostile world. Without massive technology it is literally not possible to make a living there."
"the prisoners sent to Nam Charios by the Grissmath Dynasty seem to have managed for the past seven hundred years."
"I know that the Grissmaths shipped their political prisoners there, in the hopes that they'd starve to death, and set automated gun stations all over the planet to keep them from being rescued. I know that the prisoners not only didn't oblige them by dying but that their descendents — and the descendents of the guards — are still farming the water seams while the Grissmath homeworld of Meridian itself is just a ball of charred radioactive waste."

location: Nam Charios; its history as a penal world.

location: Meridian, a planet giving its name to a sector, once home to a powerful civilisation. It sounds as if the planet has been rendered lifeless by warfare, probably involving heavy orbital bombardment.

Leia wasn't sure what to make of her irrational aversion to Dzym. There were alien species whom the humans of the galaxy — the Corellians, Alderaanians, and others — found repulsive, usually for reasons involving subliminal cues like pheromones or subconscious cultural programming. But hte native Chorians — Oldtimers, they were called, whether they belonged to the Theran cult or not — were descended from the same human rootstock. She wondered whether her aversion had to do with something simple like diet. She was not conscious of any odd smell about the small, brown-skinned man with his black hair drawn up into a smooth topknot. But she knew that frequently one wasn't conscious of such things. It was quite possible that there could be a pheromonic reaction bleow the level of consciousness, perhaps the result of inbreeding on a world where communities were widely scattered and had never been large. Or it might have been an individual thing, something about the looseness of that neutral, unexceptional mouth or having to do with the flattened-looking tan eyes that never seemed to blink.

character: Dzym, native Chorian and secretary to Seti Ashgad.


Beside him, the port offered a spectacular view of the ice green and lavender curve of Brachnis Chorios, the farthest-flung planet of the several systems that went by that name, whose largest moon had been designated as the orbital rendezvous of the secret meeting.

The escort cruiser Adamantine was just visible at the edge of the view, a blunt-nosed silvery shape, unreal in the starlight. Below it, close to the bright triangle of coloured stars that were the primaries of Brachnis, Nam, and Pedducis Chorii and pathetically tiny against the cruiser's bulk, hung the cluster of linked bronze hulls that was Seti Ashgad's vessel, the Light of Reason. Even Leia's flagship, the Borealis, dwarfed it. Assembled of such small craft as could slip singly through the watchful screens of Nam Chorios' ancient defensive installations, the Light would barely have served as a planet-hopper; it could never have taken a hyperspace jump.

location: Brachnis Chorios.

New Republic escort cruiser briefly described.
Light of Reason, Ashgad's vessel, described in contrast.

Even before she'd received the surreptitious message, their distance from the nearest bases of the New Republic's power on Durren and their proximity to the onetime Imperial satapy of the Antemeridian sector, made her nervous.

location: Durren; planet and New Republic naval outpost.
location: Antemeridian sector, neighbouring Meridian sector and held by a former-Imperial warlord.


... Had to get a signal out to the Sector Medical Facility on Nim Drovis.
A signal blocker could have been set with a timer. The thing could have been planted in the Adamantine before their inconspicuous departure from Hesperidium.

location: Nim Drovis, medical centre for the New Republic navy in Meridian sector.
location: Hesperidium, later shown to be a moon in the Coruscant system.


"... The Newcomers went to Nam Chorios in the hopes of opening new frontiers. Individual entrepreneurs can't get a foothold in Pedducis Chorios. Places like Nim Drovis and Budpock and Ampliquen have their own civilisations, settled up and locked in. Given the presence of heavy industry in the Antemeridian sector, the trading opportunities alone should have made the entire colonising of Nam Chorios self-sufficient!"

locations: Pedducis Chorios; Nim Drovis; Budpock; Ampliquen.


She remembered crying to her father, when after a complicated and emotional court case concerning vampiric Garhoons and their prey, the prey had elected to return to their vampires.

aliens: Garhoons; a vampiric species.


Several years had passed since, in the face of mounting pressure from the Council, Leia had eliminated her bodyguard of Noghri hunter-killers. Leia understood it; even before the unfortunate incident of the Barabel ambassador, there were those who said it ill behooved her to wield a weapon that had been Palpatine's. Bringin them on this mission had been a terrible risk.
[Ezrakh, Gshkaath]

Princess Leia's secret Noghri bodyguard. The names of two of the Noghri are Ezrakh (the leader), and Gshkaath.


"... Moff Getelles still rules the Antemeridian sector `in the name of the Emperor,' and it isn't that far away."

person: Moff Getelles, warlord of Antemeridian.


Information's getting out to Admiral Pellaeon and to the Imperial Moffs like Getelles and Shargael over in I-sector.

character: Moff Shargael, warlord of I-sector It is not known whether this is a numeral for 1 (implying a the centremost regions of the Deep Core), or an actual sector name which happens to be particularly short.

Admiral Pellaeon is now one of the most important leaders of the remnants of the Imperial Starfleet.

Minister of State Rieekan thinks it may be through someone in the Rationalist Party — maybe even Q-Varx himself, though I think the man's honest. They have adherents both in the Republic and in nearly every piece of the Empire still big enough to field a fleet."

Alderaaninan General Carlist Rieekan now seems to be Minister of State in the New Republic.

The development of political parties which cross the boundaries between the New Republic and remnant Imperial territories indicates the increasing maturity of the post-Palpatine galaxy. Years later, in The New Rebellion, the New Republic government relaxes its one-party regime and permits embraces politicians who were never connected with the Rebel Alliance.


... the intention, ... to let the turmoil in the Grand Council, the massive investigation of Loronar Corporation's abuses in the Gantho system, the Galactic Court trial of Tervig Bandie-slavers, the education of her children ...

Loronar Corporation is also responsible for the creation of the humanoid synth-droids, and the Strike-class "cruisers" (which, despite their grandiose label, are only as large as a small destroyer or frigate, in comparison with mainstream Imperial warships).


Though the Meridian sector included a number of Republic planets and two major fleet strongholds at the Durren orbital base and on Cybloc XII, Mof Getelles' satrapy in the Antemeridian sector wasn't all that far away. And whereas she doubted he or his admirals would try anything in the face of the combined firepower of the Borealis and the Adamantine, the fact remained that her mission to the Chorios systems wasn't widely known. If ther was trouble, response time would be slow.

location: Cybloc XII, New Republic base.


.. a very nicely produced ad-cube from the Loronar Corporation's synthdroid division concerning the aesthetic quality, utter reliability, high performance standards, and low cost ... of the new droids.
Centrally Controlled Independent Replicant technology could allegedly reproduce the watchfulness and defensive capabilities of the Noghri, though she didn't believe it and wasn't sure she wanted something like that on the open market.

Loronar's human-replicant synthdroids.


Ahead of them, through the portal, they saw the Adamantine flash bright as it turned, accelerating, the vanished in a spangle of hyperblue light.

To the onlookers, the ship appears to be blue as it jumps to hyperspace. Presumably, the ship jumped in a direction which was pointed roughly towards the viewers, since a jump away from the observer would seem red-shifted instead.


Voices rose to her from somewhere below. She recognised Seti Ashgad's: "We'll just have to go over Larm's head and talk to Dymurra. Larm's an idiot anyway. He still has no concept of what we need to complete the Reliant. Has any word come in on the subspace?"
...Larm, thought Leia. Moff Getelles had an admiral named Larm. She'd met him at the diplomatic reception on Coruscant to celebrate Getelles' elevation to the position, one of the last she'd attended at the Palace. Larm was of the flat-backed, by-the-book, spit-and-polish, boot-kissing school of soldiering, toadying Getelles and every other Moff and Governeor without ever relaxing his tough-warrior manner. He'd come up through the fleet as Getelles' stringer, a dark-visaged and sternly efficient foil to the new Moff's hail-fellow-well-met fairness and had been duly promoted over the heads of several better-qualified candidates when Getelles had been made Moff of Antemeridian.
Who Dymurra was she had no idea, though the name was familiar to her.

characters: Admiral Larm; Moff Getelles described; Dymurra. All three are associated of Seti Ashgad.


The Death Seed! Leia's breath left her, as if with physical shock.

Seven hundred years ago that plague had wiped out millions. Whole sectors had relapsed into primitive subsistence, as those who understood machinery and spaceflight had perished wholesale...

Death Seed history; approximately 700 years prior to Palpatine era.


There was a third being on the terrace, stretched out on a black-and-orange air-duvet under a veritable rainshower of air misters, and Leia flinched with revulsion at the sight of it, and the sound of its gluey, tuba voide.

... It rolled over, flexed its gelid length — at roughly twelve metres, it was the longest Hutt Leia had ever seen. It was massive, without Jabba's obesity; like a young Hutt in its agility and speed but grown to the size of an old one.
"And don't speak to me about not ruling this Force-benighted planet anymore," the Hutt added, aroudn a mouthful of small squirming things. "No one forced me — me, Beldorion the Splendid, Beldorion of the Ruby Eyes — to retire. I ruled this world longer than your pett y Empire existed, and I ruled it well."
He extended one hand, and Leia felt it.
The Force.
A silver cup, probably kept in some kind of cooling bowl under the gazebo's black shade, floated into sight and drifted across toward the stubby, outstretched yellow fingers with their golden rings.
Beldorion the HUtt had been trained as a Jedi.

character: Beldorion, a particularly ancient and phyically fit Hutt specimen.


Part of his mind he kept stretched out to the Force, manipulating the power of fusion and heat to keep the small impulse fuel reserves from exploding; ...

Among the jedi powers of Luke Skywalker are abilities to moderate temperature and nuclear chain-reactions.

Implies that the power systems of a B-Wing starfighter involve nuclear fusion, though it is unknown whether fusiuon is the fundamental basis of the technology, or merely adjunct to, or compoent of, a more powerful mechanism, such as antimatter annihilation.

Among them a dozen cu-pas were prancing and yammering, the brightly hued, hot-weather cousins of tauntauns whose pea-sized intellectual powers made the snow-lizards appear to be candidates for sentient status — and doctoral degrees — by comparison.

creatures: cu-pas.
This reference indicates one of two things: either the tauntauns are actually not native to Hoth (and there are biologically-related species in hotter climates of the original planet); one of the two species was genetically engineered from the other; or else the "cousinhood" is merely a matter of superficially convergent evolution between life on mutually isolated worlds.


No warning lights shone beneath the great viewports with their swirling lights and darks of mutated starlight and bent gravitational fields.
The weird, mottled-silk patterns of stretched starlight flexed, lined and gave way suddenly to the blackness of normal space, ...

Hyperspace exit to Durren system.


"yesterday, it seems, after the Caelus and the Corbantis left the base to deal with reports of pirate attack on Ampliquen. ..."

Names of two New Republic warships normally stationed at Durren.


Reaching down to feel the scrape, his fingers encountered what felt like a droplet of plastic, hard and smooth, on his flesh, and when he pulled up the fabric and stripped the placket, he saw on his calf a very small swelling, like a minute hill in the flesh. In its centre bulged a tiny dome of hard, purple-brown chitin, unmistakably the shell of some sort of pinhead-sized insect, which vanished into the flesh even as he watched.
... Luke pinched the flesh around the swelling, forcing the thing back and out again. The swelling bubble of blood-dark shell elongates into a repellent abdomen perhaps a centimetre long, that ended in a hard little head and a ring of tiny, wriggling, thorn-tipped legs.
"They're kind of gross but they just die and get absorbed. ..."
Arvid nodded. "They're everywhere on this planet, and I mean everywhere. Their reproductive rate makes sand bunnies look like Elamposnian monks. Everybody has bites. Sunlight kills 'em. You just keep as clean as you can and dont' worry about it."

creatures: drochs. Parasites of Nam Chorios.


It was a few hours after noon, the bright, misty daylight of the resort moon Hesperidium already losing its strength. Above the dark-leaved trees with their neon-bright clusters of gold and scarlet fruit, the sky was fading to its characteristic rosy lavender, the dark edges pricked already by the more prominent stars.
.. what was arguably the most beautiful moon of the Coruscant system, ...

location: Hesperidium, a resort moon belonging to a planet in the Coruscant system. It appears to have sufficient atmosphere and gravity for human comfort, which seems to rule out identification with either of the small moons of the planet Coruscant itself.


The Rationalist Party ... had too much influence both in the New Republic and in the various fragments of the olf Empire ... Q-Varx, the Calamarian Senator who headed up the party on that watery planet, ...

character: Q-Varx, a Mon Calamari leader of the Rationalist Party.


"A good See-Three unit's worth a pile even without provenance, but don't think I couldn't get almost as much for your chips and wiring."
Threepio considered the matter. "Actually, sir, See-Three units with specialised programming like myself sell for a minimum, used, at forty-three thousand standard credits, blue Registry prices. the aggregate of my components would only bring in five thousand at the very most..."

C-3PO gives a valuation on himself.


A peculiar application of synthdroid technology.


The eight months since the descent of the Knight Hammer in flames to yavin 4 had been a darkness in which there were times when Luke wasn't certain he'd be able to go on.

chronology: eight months (each 35 days long in the galactic standard year) have elapsed since the end of Darksaber.


"You would prefer that I took a little pleasure, a little sustenance, at your expense rather than theirs?" Dzym went on, and his voice sank still further. Leia could feel his presence, as though Death itself stood out of sight below her balcony, where the shadow lay thick. "I was promised, little key tapper, and I have yet to receive the payment for those things that only I can do. You remember that there are many hours in a day, and only half of them are hours of light."

Dzym threatens Liegeus.


It was impossible to tell her age. Luke knew immediately [that] she wasn't young, in spite of the porcelain perfection of her face. it was like a very good reproduction of youth that succeeded only in not looking old. She lacked the wrinkles and lines of human sorrow and delight around her mouth, the crow's-feet at the corners of the eyes that made Leia's so wise, lacked the print of even the smallest thought on her forehead. Her hair was raven black and hadn't been washed in weeks. Neither had her trim, high-breasted, long-legged body or the dingy green dress that wrapped it.
Her hand was like that of a goddess who bit her nails. "Welcome. I am Taselda. Of the Knights." Her eyes met his, jewel blue under the flawless brows.

character: Taselda, failed Jedi.


through the child's fear of loss, a voice came to him.
Search your feelings, it said, a black voice speaking out of blackness. You know it to be true.
His father's voice.
Taselda was using him.

Luke hears the voice of his father, persuading him that Taselda was using mind-altering drugs and the Force to manipulate him. We have no way of knowing whether this is simply a recollection, or the true voice of post-mortal Anakin speaking in communion with the Force. Perhaps the distinction is immaterial to Jedi.


A weedy-looking Ithorian and a fat, slovenly, dark-haired human male, both in the blue uniforms of the Hweg Shul municipal police, came walking down the alley.
"Shame on the lot of you," warbled the Hammerhead in its soft voice. "What do you think you are, piranha-beetles? Nafen?"
He turned to the Hammerhead. "What about it, Snaplaunce? There anything in the City Statute about being evil?"
"Not to my knbowledge, Grupp."

characters: Snaplaunce (the Ithorian); Grupp (the human).A Both Hweg Shul policemen.


[Wreck of the Corbantis.]


Solo refers to the Corbantis as both a "cruiser" and a "battlecruiser".


Spook crystals, and their Force-related properties.


character: Dr Oolos, Ho'Din medic.


"Cybloc XII, eh? There's been no word out of there in thirty hours, from everything I've heard. They sent out two cruisers to deal with the wildcat priate fleet out of Budpock — the Ithor Lady and the Empyrean. Nobody's heard word of them, either. ..."

New Republic cruisers stationed at Cybloc XII.


... Drovians averaged twice the weight of moderately sized adult humans ... At their weight, Drovians are not good acrobats, ... There was no problem of them throwing back the weighted end o the cable to the next swinger — Drovian tentacles are like mechanical pistons and with that many different sensory devices on their bodies, their aim is exceptional.

aliens: Drovians; physical description and capabilities.


She tried to remember what she'd learned about synthdroids from her one tour of the Loronar Corporation facility on Carosi's larger moon.

location: Carosi's moon is a place where Loronar synthdroids are manufactured.


"True Jedi can see in the dark, baru'm," Beldorion had rumbled to her once a day or two ago, when he'd asked her to join him for lunch and a bask on the terrace — she no longer even remembered how the subject of Jedi powers had arisen. "They see not with their eyes — they see with their noses, with their ears, with the hairs of their head, and with their skins. You have neglected your training, little princess." He'd shaken a tiny bejeweled finger at her. "They used to have us run races in the Caves of Masposhani, miles below the ground. Used to drop us on the dark sun worlds of Af'El and Y'nybeth, where there is no spectrum of visible light.

Beldorion instructs Princess Leia in some matters of Jedi lore.


But the great Jedi, the masters — Yoda and Thon and Nomi Sunrider — they could summon light, could make metal glow so that their puny little friends wouldn't stumble either. They'd hold a pin — so ..." He'd reached one slimy hand to pluck a hairpin from her head. Leia flinched but too dazed with the drug to pull back.

The Hutt held the pin between thumb and forefinger, vast ruby eyes looking past it into hers. And she saw, like a dream she'd dreamed and forgotten, a fragment of his memory, a man's thin face, bone-thin and horribly scarred within a great gray tousle of hair, holding a hairpin as the Hutt was holding hers, the metal curve of its upper end incandescent and shedding light enough to see the pillars and frescoes of the room in which he stood.

Beldorion reveals that he is familiar with Yoda, who was already a powerful Jedi master before the Hutt was stranded on Nam Charios. He proceeds to tell Leia about a Jedi ability to summon or generate light.


"Dzym. And the drochs. They're lifedrinkers, Leia. They are the Death Seed plague. The Grissmaths knew. They seeded the planet with drochs, hoping those political foes they exiled here would die. But the light of the sun fragmenting through the crystals here generates a radiation that weakens the electrochemical bonds of their tissues. It prevents the larger drochs from damping the electrochemistry of organic life until they're absorbed harmlessly by their hosts. The smaller ones it kills outright.
"...I think the drochs are sentient, after a fashion. Even the littlest ones. They mimic shapes, chemistry, electromagnetic currents, anything, down to the cellular level. that's why they can't be detected. I think in some ways they mimic intelligence as well. They become of the same substance as their hosts, even as they're drawing the life out of them and into themselves. And the big ones, the captain droochs, can draw life out of the victims through the smaller ones, without themselves attaching to their hosts. That's when they get dangerous. ... The more life they drink — their victims' or each other's — the more intelligent they become. Bigger, and more capable of mutability. ..."

Biology of the drochs. Relationship between Dzym and smaller drochs.


".. Dzym is a hormonally altered, mutated, and vastly overgrown two-hundred-and-fifty-year-old droch."

The nature of Dzym.


... where an Ithorian in the white coat of a physician lay dead over her console ...

character: Ithorian medic, dead at Cybloc XII.


"Whaddaya mean, you can't get a response from Cybloc Twelve? ... There should be a half-dozen cruisers in port there ..."
"The Courane and the Fireater, both out of Cybloc, both reported in as of three hours ago ..."

Names of two New Republic gunships stationed at Cybloc XII. It is later shown (p.275) that they are a model manufactured by CEC.


It had been a nightmarish flight to the Durren orbital base. By the time the Millenium Falcon had cleared the dense and stormy atmosphere of Exodo II, the advancing fleet had been close enough to pick them up on sensors. ... While Lando ... had dodged and veered through the gas clouds of Odos and the nearby fringes of the Spangled Veil Nebula, ...

locations: Exodo II; Odos; Spangled Veil Nebula.


Chewbacca had growled and snarled a retort that they had gotten them with that last shot: That black chunk rapidly disappearing into the dust clouds was their rear starboard stabiliser.

Label of a visible external component of the Millenium Falcon.


The morning Luke had brought the image tank that Han and Leia had found in the crypts of Belsavis, Callista had showed them all how to call shapes in it, how she had learned to use such a thing as a tool to strengthen her command over the Force.

device: image tank, a Jedi training instrument.


Dark pillars ascended to the striated green-and-gold glass of the vaults. Shadows chased on another across the dull gold intircacy of the floor.
Palpatine's audience hall. ... the perfumes and incense and subtle hurlothrumbic gas which the Emperor had flooded his court hall, ...

She walked further. The fear that came over her she attributed to the gas. Her father had warned her about it, the first time she'd had an audience with the Emperor, when she was a youngster. "Don't be afraid," Bail Organa had murmured as he opened the door for her. "It's just a trick he's playing on you, to make you think he's more dangerous than he is."

Leia remembers details of one of the Emperor's throne rooms.


"I knew Vader. I saw him tagging after Palpatine every time I went to Court. Believe me, I'll never accept that he was my father."
"Then you'll always be the slave to his shadow."
It was Leia who looked away first. Her nightmares came back to her, the shape and face of her fears. She recalled the rage that came over her, the need to prove herself other than Anakin Skywalker's daughter. She had taken and used his weapon, the Noghri, for her safety and that of her children and to repair the damage that he had done them; but she flinched from the thought of standing up and saying, I am Lord Vader's daughter.
"I don't know what it would mean," she said slowly, groping for words, "if I accepted it. If I made him a part of me, the way Luke has."
"You mean for others? ... Those who would ask what his daughter was doing ruling the Council?"
"Maybe," said Leia. "Mostly for myself. And for my children. It will take time." The thought of it revolted her, furious anger succeeded by the heat of tears in her throat.
"No one is asking you to do it tomorrow. But if you know what parts of him are inside you, you can know what to build a wall around and what to take into yourself. Because you cannot afford not to be strong, ..."

Leia's evolving attitude to her father. Eventual reconciliation and acceptence?


"Distress on Cybloc XII. Distress on Cybloc XII. Please send an evacuation team. Please send an evacuation team."
The Yeb language had few technical terms, and it was necessary to patch together a linguistic equivalent form: "Several conglomerates are urged strongly but respectfully to coordinate activities to prevent the drowning of another conglomerate that is not a threat to any of them, nor will be in the immediate or distant future to them or their children."

Peculiar characteristics of the Yeb language.


... he saw before him in the actinic glare of its landing lights the black ship that stood there, an Imperial Fleet Seinar IPV System Patrol Craft, like a sleek-shelled crab, lowering its boarding ramp.

renegade Imperial patrol ship.


"I seem to have been given inaccurate data. According to my most recent information, Imperial Admiral Daala should be dead."
Daala said softly, "I am."

Admiral Daala returns.


Three star destroyers. Half a dozen carracks. Two interdictors.

And the swarms that didn't even register on the readout, the silent, deadly clouds of CCIR space needles, waiting to cut them to pieces the minute they came out of hyperspace.

Composition of Admiral Larm's forces surrounding Nam Chorios.


"Seti Ashgad was one of the top hyperdrive engineers of the Old Republic. The original Z-95s were his design!"
"His design?" Luke stared at her blankly. "They were making Z-95s fifty years ago!"
"Seti Ashgad is the original Seti Ashgad!" said Leia. "Dzym's been keeping him alive all these years."

Seti Ashgad's history, identity.


"Once Tarkin and I together could have ruled the Empire," she continued slowly. "Looking back on it, I can't even remember why. All I seek, now, is a place to live out the rest of my life where I will not be disturbed. I thought I had found such a place in Pedducis Chorios, a world in a neutral sector, with amenable local authorities, beyond the interference of those ham-fisted, brainless, contentious madmen who are engaged in the final throes of tearing to pieces what was once the finest system of government this galaxy has ever known. I want no more of it, or of them."

Daala raves in her shattered delusions of grandeur. She declares her contempt for the remaining former-Imperial warlords, and her determination to retire in Meridian sector.


"This is Grand Admiral Larm, of the Antemeridian sector Imperial Fleet. In the name of Moff Getelles, I am empowered to greet you personally."

It appears as if Admiral Larm has assumed the lofty title of Grand Admiral since the fall of Palpatine and the disintegration of the Imperial Navy's central authority.


...the whole thing was a ploy originated by Gnifmak Dymurra, CEO of Loronar Corporation, as a means of obtaining hypercomplex polarised crystals from their only known source on Nam Chorios, for the manufacture of both synthdroids and CCIR Needles.

character: Gnifmak Dymurra.

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