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I, Jedi


Invids are mentioned, under control of "Admiral" Tavira [X-Wing RS Comic Book Masquerade story arc]


locations: K'vath system; Alakatha


starship: Stock fighter of the Invids — Tri-fighter, otherwise known as "clutches" in pilot-slang.


Wes, Hobbie, Gavin, Tycho, Ooryl and Corran appear to be the only Rogues confirmed to be left over from the X-Wing novels.


Ours was hardly the most remarkable of tales. Supplies that had been hoarded for years during times of political instability suddenly poured forth. People took refugees into their homes, which seems hardly unexpected, but a lot of the hosts were old Imperial families and the refugees were from the various non-human species in the galaxy. The battering Coruscant had taken at the hands of Imperial warlords had broken down the last walls of resistance. Suffering formed a common bond that began to erode xenophobia on both sides.

Aftermath and political situation after Coruscant's devastation depicted in the Dark Empire series.

location: Manarai mountains (on Coruscant)

General Cracken's information about Leonia Tavira is consistent with what the old Rogue Squadron faced in the Masquerade comics story arc.


"...With her ship intact, we can't begin to prey on the fleet unless we devote sufficient forces to be able to repel an ambush. You were at K'vath. We had a Mon Cal Cruiser and two Star Destroyers there to take down a bulk cruiser and eighteen Tri-fighters."

Tycho leaned... "The fact is, though, sir, we were not ambushed at K'vath."


"...she initiates contact, not the other way around. None of the Invid pirates know where she hides her ship or when she will show up. Only those individuals recruited to crew on the Invidious learn those secrets, but that avenue of access is one-way only. Once you are invited to the Invidious, you do not leave it."


"Most of the debris [from Death Star I] would have fallen into the gas giant, I would suspect, but some must have impacted here."

Qwi Xux puts to rest any of the original Death Star debris causing nuclear winter effects. There simply isn't enough debris on Yavin IV.


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