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Han Solo at Stars' End

(page numbering according to the collected volume STAR WARS: The Han Solo Adventures)

The Corporate Sector was one wisp off one branch at the end of one arm of the galaxy, but wisp contained tens of thousands of star systems, and not one native, intelligent species was to be found anywhere.

Location and extent of the Corporate Sector. This may be typical of the size of galactic sectors in general.


[The Corporate Sector Authority's] wealth and influence eclipsed that of all but the richest Imperial Regions ...

Status of the Corporate Sector in relation to other regions of the galaxy.


The fighters were primarily for interceptor service — or rather, Han corrected himself, had been a generation ago. They were early production snubships; Z-95 Headhunters; compact, twin-engined swing-wing craft.

The Z-95 Headhunter craft are introduced.


Moving up hard astern the barge was a dreadnought, one of the military's old Invincible Class capital ships — over two kilometres long, bristling with gun turrets, missile tubes, tractor-beam projectors, and deflector shields, armoured like a protosteel mountain. The dreadnought hailed them with the demand that the barge halt, and at the same time identified herself: the Shannador's Revenge.

Describes the Invincible-class dreadnought. Capital ships of size greater than the usual mile-long star destroyer are commonplace and have been commonplace for a long time. circles.

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